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“At that point, I actually wasn’t really thinking, I was just doing my job.”


Those were the words told to reporters after Utah Highway Patrol Trooper Ruben Correa miraculously saved a driver from being struck by a speeding train with only a second to spare.

And it was all caught on video. 

A report from KSL news said that the Utah trooper was in the middle of conducting a traffic stop on the I-15 highway in Farmington early Wednesday morning when he heard a call for help come in over the radio.

The dispatcher alerted law enforcement units in the area to a UTA train crossing — where a vehicle was stuck on the tracks.

And a train was on its way with no way of stopping.


Best train dodge since the movie ‘Stand By Me’? (Utah Highway Patrol)

Trooper Correa’s dash cam shows him pulling off to the side of the road. Brake lights can be seen from where the SUV was stuck on the FrontRunner tracks. Correa doesn’t waste a moment.

He immediately springs up from his squad car and begins sprinting toward the stranded vehicle, climbing his way through a wire fence to get to the driver.

But when he gets to the car, the driver is unresponsive. He screams to try and alert them to the impending danger, but nothing seems to work.

A light from the train begins to show from the left side of the frame. You can hear the train whistle blaring as it races closer, giving Correa just moments to react.

“Let’s get out of here!” the trooper can be heard yelling at the driver, who was still sitting in the driver’s seat of the SUV. “We’ve got a train coming!” he screams.

The scene is like something out of a movie. Trooper Correa rips the door of the vehicle open as the locomotive bares down on them. 

Less than a second after he pulls the driver from the car, the train plows into the vehicle, delivering a crushing blow and pushing the SUV down the tracks like a toy.

Incredibly, Correa managed to pull the driver and dive out of the way right before the hit, undoubtedly saving their life.

The train finally comes to a stop as the Utah trooper calls in the accident.

“Come on!” Correa yells as he tries to get the driver to a safer location. 

The man appears to be stunned, attempting to figure out what he had just survived.

“What happened?” he asks Correa.

The video makes one thing explicitly clear: if the highway patrol trooper had arrived just a few seconds later, he would’ve been too late to save the man’s life.

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The driver, who remains unidentified, is now safely at home with his family. Investigators say that he had experienced a medical issue directly before the crash, leading him to drive off the road and become stranded on the tracks.

Correa said he didn’t think, just acted.

“At that point, I actually wasn’t really thinking, I was just doing my job,” he said in a press conference on Wednesday. “That was a lot closer than what I would have liked.”

But it’s all part of the job, he said.

“I’m still trying to process everything that happened,” Correa said. “I’m just very grateful that I was able to get him out and he’s alive and he’s back with his family now.”

Check out the incredible save in the dash cam video released by the Utah Highway Patrol.


That might have been the best train dodge since Stand By Me.



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