Watch: Rioters ransack, destroy, torch Target stores. Company to close or reduce hours at 100+ locations.


SACRAMENTO, CA – Mega retail corporation Target has decided to temporarily close or restrict hours in over 100 of its locations.

This decision comes after looters appear to focus on their stores in many of the riots taking place across the nation.

Initially, over 170 stores were closed after they noticed the trend, but some have been allowed to reopen.

According to the Target website, as of Sunday morning, Target would be closing or reducing hours in 46 stores in California, two in Colorado, two in Georgia, seven in Illinois, one in Michigan, one in New York, eight in Oregon, three in Pennsylvania, and three in Texas.

The six stores that will remain closed until further notice are:

  • Broadway Oakland, CA
  • Buckhead South Atlanta, GA
  • South Loop Chicago, IL
  • Lake Street Minneapolis, MN 
  • Uptown Minneapolis, MN
  • Washington Square W Philadelphia, PA

Many have shown little sympathy for the major retailer and focused on smaller businesses and the long-term damage these riots will have on them.

Target’s official statement read:

“We are heartbroken by the death of George Floyd and the pain it is causing communities across the country. You can read a message from Target CEO Brian Cornell here and read more about our Minneapolis-St. Paul community efforts here.

“The safety of our team and guests is our top priority. At this time, we are making the decision to adjust store hours or close stores temporarily.

We recognize the important role we play in helping our communities shop for the food, medicine and other essentials they need.

We apologize for the inconvenience and will reopen our stores on their normally scheduled hours as soon as it is safe to do so.”

The store located on Lake Street in Minneapolis, the first and most severely looted and damaged, is set to reopen after it’s rebuilt in late 2020.

Target also said:

“We’re providing community support and prioritizing the rebuilding of our Lake Street store, which is near where George Floyd was killed.

We have teams working to provide basic first aid supplies, water and essentials through partnerships with local nonprofits.

We appreciate members of the community and our team who have assisted in cleaning in and around that location. We are now boarding the store up until we can survey the location and begin recovery efforts.

“Team members are receiving direct communications updates from leaders regarding any store impact where they work.

Additionally, team members impacted by store closures will be paid for up to 14 days of scheduled hours during store closures, including COVID-19 premium pay. They will also be able to work at other nearby Target locations.”

Target is based in Minneapolis. The corporation has nearly 1,900 stores in the US, including many smaller stores in city centers.

In other news regarding a different type of target, police are being attacked across the nation in the name of George Floyd, a man who died while in police custody.

Law Enforcement Today recently brought you a story about brick piles being staged in cities around the country, indicating the riots are planned.

Here’s that story again.

There is a lot of weird stuff going on with these “protests” turned riots in cities across the country.

There are many who were thinking that these riots have Antifa written all over them and that appears to be getting confirmed that these riots were planned, orchestrated events.

All that was needed was a spark, which was the unfortunate incident involving George Floyd in Minneapolis.

Breitbart is reporting that in Dallas, people who were in a position to observe the protests (riots) that took place in that city noted that there were multiple piles of bricks in areas of the city where there was no construction underway.

One of those areas was said to be near the Dallas County Courthouse.

“The Dallas protest was a lot of things,” said National Urban League Young Professionals Communications Chairman Reuben Lael in a Facebook post on Saturday. “But I was very disappointed to see this RANDOM stack of bricks in front of the courthouse. #setup.

Someone else in the video noted that there wasn’t any type of construction going on anywhere in the immediate vicinity where the bricks were piled up. “There ain’t no damn construction around here,” the voice said. “You’re just gonna set a pallet of bricks right there.”

Why the bricks were placed at that location, or who put them there was not able to be determined.

A Twitter user reported another random pile of bricks located on the outskirts of downtown Dallas.

A woman on Titter who identified herself as a 911 dispatcher in the city noted that the protests started out peaceful, however once it got dark outside, protesters stared throwing rocks and bricks at officer and deputies.

According to Dallas Police Chief Renee Hall, she said that she was nearly hit be bricks during the protest, according to CBS-DFW.


“Everything was peaceful,” Hall said. “Then all of a sudden, bricks started hailing (in), hitting out squad cars, hitting our officers…and then I nearly got hit with a brick.”

“So, once they are under attack from bricks and bottles of water, here comes the disruption,” Hall said. “We are an organization that constantly upholds peaceful protest, but we will not be the target. We will not be the target.”

Not only in Dallas, but in other cities across the country, bricks have become the weapon of choice for rioting thugs to use against law enforcement officers.

In San Francisco, a Twitter user reported that multiple piles of “pre-stacked bricks” outside of businesses in the city. Another user reported people breaking bricks down into “throwable sizes.”

Meanwhile in Fayetteville, North Carolina, another user reported a pile of bricks in an area where there was no construction occurring. “Some random ass bricks, bro; ain’t no construction.”

Down the road in Raleigh, a news editor at a self-described “progressive newspaper” said that she was “devastated” that bricks were launched through her window while she was inside the building on Saturday night.

“I’m devastated. We are a progressive newspaper. Last night I was inside when the first brick was thrown #Raleigh.”

Likewise, in the Manhattan borough of New York, @NewsNTD reporter Kevin Hogan posted a video on a tweet, which showed protesters breaking into a construction cache to steal bricks. “Yo, we got bricks. We got bricks!” the rioters were heard shouting as they tore down barricades.

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Colorado woman uses red flag law against officer who shot and killed her knife-wielding son

Meantime, four and one-half hours southwest, Breitbart reported that armed Texans had positioned themselves at the Alamo Cenotaph Saturday afternoon after the monument was vandalized sometime Friday night. They went there in advance of Saturday night “protests” in San Antonio.

The San Antonio Express-News reported that the monument was defaced with “downward-facing arrows placed next to the statements ‘white supremacy,’ ‘profit over people,’ and ‘the Alamo.’”

The Cenotaph is considered sacred ground for Texans because it memorializes those who died fighting at the Alamo.

“Well, it’s all pretty simple. If you’re mad that George Floyd got murdered, well good. So am I,” said David Ahmad with Open Carry Texas in a video on Facebook.

“If you want to respond to that by burning Target, or a drug store, or looting a liquor store, or destroying the Alamo, you can kiss both sides of my ass. We’re going to put a stop to you.”

He was very clear that some of those there would use “any means necessary” to put a stop to it.


“So just do it right. Protest the man’s death because it should be protested. Things need to change. This bullshit’s got to stop.”

Ahmad warned protesters not to use the Floyd death as an excuse to “tear up the Alamo or tear up a restaurant,” or as an excuse to burn or steal.

A group called “This is Texas Freedom Force,” which describes itself as “Protectors Of All Things Texas” had warned that the “Brown Berets and Black Lives Matter” were going to be rallying at a park near the Alamo.


The group posted on Facebook:

“Given the incident that took place Thursday night (Cenotaph Vandalized) and the fact that PD (police department) did not protect that site, it is up to Texans to watch over our most valuable historical monument and ensure its safety.”

Another man, who described himself as a “Second Amendment advocate” said he was there to protect the Cenotaph. He is a pastor and college instructor.


“They are showing up her to do what they have been doing for a long time. For months. And that’s protecting this place. For years for that matter.” He then spoke the names of Walter Scott of South Carolina, Ahmaud Arbery in Georgia and George Floyd in Minneapolis.

“To make sure that 184 years ago when our true patriots were fighting to protect the Alamo, that I too can stand and let them know that it’s worth fighting for.”

In response to the “white supremacy” graffiti, he said, “It’s saddening because they obviously don’t know the history of what has taken place.”

“That was not just for white people. Or Hispanics. It was for Americans. That was the point whereby we still call the ‘rally cry.’ That rally cry is ‘Remember the Alamo.’ That rally cry is something that has affected me as an African American, as a black man in America, because that rally cry led toward the freedom for all of us.”

There was no violence reported at the Alamo or in the immediate vicinity. The San Antonio Express-News reported that police officers had arrived at the Alamo Plaza in riot and protective gear. They had zip ties and batons in their possession, with a few carrying riot shields.

Of course, not everyone was down with the cause. One person found it “interesting that the police are protecting the ARMED protesters…But yes, let’s still deny white privilege.”

Apparently “Belle” doesn’t know the difference between “armed protesters” who were actually trying to defend liberty and people who are committing anarchy.

That came later. What started out as a peaceful protest denigrated after nightfall, when the usual array of rioters came out of the woodwork and started problems in the city.

Breitbart Texas later spoke with Brandon Burkhart of This is Texas Freedom Force after the Alamo Plaza was shut down by police. He stated that his people had to form a line in front of Alamo Chapel to keep rioters from breaching the barriers.

“Things kept escalating and it got to the point where they asked the Alamo Rangers to call the riot police.”

There was no additional damage done to the Cenotaph, and no damage done to the Alamo itself. Burkhart said they would continue to “have their eyes on the Alamo.”

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