Watch: Black Lives Matter protestors scream at people trying to enjoy dinner at restaurants


AUSTIN, TX– Now people can’t even enjoy dinner without being harassed.

Protestors showed up in Austin Texas to protest the shooting death of Garret Foster who was killed by Army Sergeant Daniel Perry in the last week of July. 

Law Enforcement officers were lined up along the streets to be ready in case the protest ended in a riot.  Eventually, officers were forced to move the crowd who defied orders to move and were blocking streets.  Protesters were herded off of the roadway by police utilizing horses

The basis for this protest stemmed from the shooting in which Perry’s lawyers claim was done in self-defense.  What is not disputed is that Foster approached Perry who was in his vehicle carrying a long gun (which is legal in Texas).  Perry’s lawyers contend that Foster raised the firearm at him which caused Perry to fire his gun which was in his vehicle. 

Protesters marched up and down streets near the University of Texas chanting “Hey Hey, Ho Ho, APD has got to go.”  Other chants and demands of defunding the police department are heard on different videos shot that night.

Some of the protesters veered off and began using a megaphone to intimidate and harass local businesses and restaurants in the area.  Others gathered around an area near where Foster was killed and refused to move. 

Officers ordered the protesters to clear the sidewalk and they refused. 

Officers moved in to disperse the crowd and took custody of at least two people, during the course of the detainment, officers were forced to deploy chemical agents.

Officers then turned their attention to another crowd which was blocking the streets and refusing to move.  After several orders were given to the crowd to disperse, officers on horseback moved in much to this dismay of the protesters who shouted and yelled at the officers actually enforcing the law. 

The protesters probably figured that the city of Austin would allow them to get their way as if they were in Portland, Seattle, or New York.  Apparently they did not do their research of the area properly and learned that neither Austin nor their law enforcement partners were going to allow that mayhem in their city. 

Journalist Andy Ngo tweeted:

“At the antifa gathering in Austin, Texas, militants refuse to disperse occupied streets.  Officers move in on horses and forcibly move the people out of the road.  They scream in anger.” 

There were several reports that protesters from Portland had been bused in specifically for this event.  While that may well be true, at last reporting the Austin Police Department advised there were no facts identified yet that would them to believe this was accurate. 

However, confidential sources from law enforcement in Austin have told Law Enforcement Today that they saw buses filled with armed people coming into the city.  They believe that some of these people are members of Antifa and are heavily armed. 

In all, the protests were mainly peaceful with few reported incidents of damage or physical interactions with the police.  Protesters claim that over 20 people were arrested but those number cannot be confirmed by Austin Police yet until they review all of the cases.

Although the Austin Police Department does not have accurate numbers to release as of yet regarding arrests, the Texas Department of Public Safety does.  They recently released that they had obtained arrest warrants for six people who are alleged of committing crimes during violent riots. 

According to KLTV, Syed Ali, Cassidy Nordstrom, Gabriel King, Bryan Becerril, Nickia Hunt, and Jordan Teal were all arrested for charges stemming from their participation on the initial riots at the end of May. 

A similar situation happened in Dallas, as we reported last month:

DALLAS, TX – This is what America is becoming, and even though right now it’s staying in the cities, it will soon be coming to a suburb near you.

The next time you hear a Democrat speak out against the violence currently spreading throughout our country, it will be the first time. Based on their lack of condemning the violence, it appears they’re just fine with the murder, assaults, looting and burning taking place in our country because they believe it serves a political end.

What happened in Dallas on Sunday night should be a warning to Americans. These anarchists are off the rails.

According to BizPac Review, on Sunday night, people were out at a Dallas restaurant enjoying dinner when a group believed to be Black Lives Matter protesters (our guess is a large portion were Antifa punks) descended on the restaurant and started creating chaos among patrons who had been enjoying dinner at outside tables.

The incident soon evolved into a riot, which damaged the restaurant and forced customers to flee for their safety. This is the America that is embraced by Joe Biden. As the presumptive Democratic presidential nominee, Biden has been silent about the anarchy that is ravaging our major American cities.

Not a word.

Ian Miles Cheong, journalist and managing editor at Human Events, said, “This is what Cultural Marxism looks like,” in a tweet, along with videos of the scene which were captured by Damani Felder.

The rioters (because clearly these people were there to cause mayhem, not protest anything) consisted mostly of white twenty-somethings who entered the outside patio carrying signs and yelling and carrying on, using profanity despite children being in the area as well.

Felder loaded a 12-minute video onto his Instagram page, lambasted the self-described Marxists for their obvious attempt to scream out for attention.

“They’re out here right now trying to act a fool,” said Felder, the founder of YouTube’s The Right Brothers while narrating the chaos, while the “chanting” turned into a riot as the mommies boys and girls started shouting at customers and staff after people began pushing back against the disturbance.

“Here it is, see?” Felder said. “They create the unrest and then they get upset when someone actually speaks for themselves. That’s the problem.”

Confrontations began between the troublemakers and people who were out quietly trying to enjoy dinner now that restaurants have opened after months of being closed due to the coronavirus. Dallas police soon arrived on the scene, and the mob turned on them, throwing objects and going inside the actual restaurant.

“These people can’t behave…this is Marxism, cultural Marxism to a T! They did not come out here to be heard, they come out to create a scene. You’ve got to realize what this really is and call it out for what it really is,” Felder said.

“Out here at this restaurant tonight, we had plenty of white people, plenty of black people, all out here having a good time,” as he panned his cell camera to show disbelieving patrons looking on at the mayhem. “And they came out here to create this scene, and now they’re acting like oppressed people.”

Of course, they are. Oppressed people often have $1,000 iPhones and $100 jeans while wearing $250 Nike Air Jordans. Very oppressed, clearly.

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Police finally had to resort to using tear gas in order to disperse the mob.

“They brought this on the entire establishment because they cannot fucking behave!” Felder said in the video. “And they can’t learn to express themselves like adults.”

Obviously they can’t. They have probably been coddled by mommy and daddy all their lives, while playing video games in the basement while eating Hot Pockets. Or, they spent four years in some liberal arts college majoring in left-handed puppetry and can’t find a job in the real world. On second thought, they don’t care about finding a job because they’re still living with mommy and daddy.

Felder blasted those who participated in the riot, calling the incident “purposeful” and said that the mainstream media would likely ignore “this sort of violent demonstration” perpetrated by supporters of Black Lives Matter. We should not discount the possibility that there were Antifa punks also involved in the fiasco.

“This is the anarchy they want, this is what they continue to do,” he said, while reporting that windows were being broken inside the restaurant.

“All they care about right now is creating this manufactured outrage, this chaos,” he said. “Their rationale is, ‘if we are upset, no one else can enjoy any peace whatsoever.’”

The scary part about this incident is that it didn’t occur in Portland or Seattle or some other bastion of left-wing wackos.

This was Dallas, in red Texas.

Felder continued his narration during the video, noting how the “cultural Marxist cowards” were running away as police moved in to disperse them.

“This is something more nefarious, more insidious than what it seems,” Felder said, while noting the hypocrisy of the protesters, who were predominantly white.

Felder, who is a vocal supporter of President Trump, gave a recap of his experience on Twitter while saying he would continue to expose exactly what Black Lives Matter represents.

“Black Lives Matter is morally bankrupt trash,” he tweeted. “I said what I said.”


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