Watch: Protesters hurl racial slurs at black police officer in Los Angeles as he stands unfazed


LOS ANGELES, CA  Demonstrations and riots erupted across the country on the evening of Sept. 23, after a Kentucky grand jury declined to indict any of three police officers involved in the death of Breonna Taylor as a team was executing a search warrant on her apartment. 

Among the many videos surfacing of the predictable violence and civil unrest is one from Los Angeles showing a group of black protesters verbally berating a black police officer who stood unfazed by the insults hurled at him.

Two of the instigators hid behind masks, most likely to conceal their identity, while slinging racial slurs at the officer. In other videos from Los Angeles that evening, protesters are video recorded tearing away the barricades separating law enforcement from the angry crowd.

Another video displaying vandalism, a lone participant adorned in Antifa-style black bloc is seen upending one of the fences put up by officers. 

When documenting the protests and riots that spread across Los Angeles, independent journalist Tomas Morales noted the obvious double standard in relation to pandemic-related closures of businesses while excessive gatherings to protest go unchecked:

“Many businesses & churches remain closed due to COVID-19. House parties will have their water/power shut off. Meanwhile, protests are allowed weekly with at times hundreds of people. Why are protests allowed while LA is shutdown?”

Morales documented the graffiti spray painted on various buildings throughout the city, including such phrases as “kills more cops,” “fuck 12” and “more dead pigs.”

Multiple videos out of Louisville, Kentucky, the epicenter of the latest reason to riot, show much of the same type of violence and vandalism as seen in Los Angeles. 


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LOUISVILLE, KY  Videos have surfaced in the wake of the grand jury decision regarding the death of Breonna Taylor – and as expected, riotous behavior was caught on cameras throughout the city.

In one of these videos, the anti-police extremists attacked officers as they tried to extinguish fires started by the rioters. As they move in to put out the fires, the video shows officers being struck by projectiles hurled at them, knocking one officer to the ground. 

Disagreeing with a grand jury decision and protesting is one thing, but what transpired in Louisville on the evening of Sept. 23 was not a protest. It was a riot with attacks waged against police officers solely because they were police officers.

Rioters had gathered and set numerous fires at the Hall of Justice, which resulted in first responders risking their own safety to extinguish them.

When officers staged themselves to afford cover to those extinguishing the fire, they were met with a barrage of projectiles.

One officer can be seen getting knocked to the ground from the impact of one of the missiles. All the while, someone can be heard cheering in the background and saying, “Got one.”

Another video from a different angle shows some rioters actually trying to prevent other people from video recording the fires being set at the Hall of Justice. This is likely a tactic being employed to prevent malefactors from being caught in the proverbial act of committing arson or assaulting officers.

In other videos outside the building, people can be heard chanting, “Let the motherfucker burn” – a glimpse into the dangerous mindset fueling the terroristic acts plaguing Louisville.

One video of a fire elsewhere in the city has surfaced, but the location is unclear, although it appears to have been set in a brushy area.

Considering the massive fires that have scorched the West Coast recently, this demonstrates a blatant disregard for how dangerous brush fires are and how quickly they can spread. 

As mentioned earlier, the riots in Louisville are all linked to the grand jury’s decision to not charge any officer in the death of Breonna Taylor.

One officer, Brett Hankinson, was charged with three counts of wanton endangerment, for allegedly firing his weapon recklessly during the raid earlier this year on Taylor’s apartment.

Louisville Mayor Greg Fischer declared a state of emergency within the city prior to the announcement of the grand jury’s decision.

The mayor obviously knew that there was going to be trouble, given that the facts of the case did not support the murder charges against the officers being urged by agitators and celebrities. 

Keep in mind, Mayor Fischer announced roughly a week earlier that the city would settle a $12 million wrongful death lawsuit with Taylor’s family.

While a wrongful-death suit does make sense to a degree, laying down criminal charges against one, or rather any, of the officers for what happened during the March raid is a convoluted issue.

Namely because the officers had a right to be at and inside the residence since a warrant was signed off on, officers were fired upon first and the number of rounds fired by officers after being fired upon makes sense because there’s no way to tell if there’s one or multiple threats within the residence at the time.

Basically – it’s extremely hard to point a finger at one (or more) of the officers present at the time and lay blame for a situation as complex at the Taylor case.

Because the case is not as cut and dried as someone breaking into a home with the intent to kill another person – this is a case that involves exchanged gunfire initiated by an individual against police.

Clearly, the nuance is immaterial to the rioters in Louisville. At this point, bad actors within the city are intent on burning down the proverbial system by a very apparent, and literal, means.

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