Watch police rescue baby during standoff with gun-toting father


LITTLE ROCK, Ark. – A police dashcam video captured the tense moment an Arkansas officer risked her life to save a one-year-old girl being held captive by her gun-toting father.

Footage of the Dec. 19 standoff recently released by the Little Rock Police Department shows Officer Brittany Godfrey reaching into the passenger side of an SUV to pull the child to safety. This occurred while several police officers had target acquisition on the driver, Farris Deloney.

gun-toting father
Little Rock Police Officers are seen in a dashcam video rescuing a child during a standoff in December. (Little Rock Police Department)

The 43-year-old reportedly fired a shot at a Walmart parking lot in the state’s capital before taking off with the toddler and leading police on a chase, reported Fox 19.

“We talked. I talked to him while I was trying to get her out and he said ‘I don’t want to hurt her, I don’t want to hurt you’,” Godfrey told the news agency following the incident. “It was all between him, it was all fighting his demons.”

Later on in the video, Godfrey and other officers are heard pleading to Deloney to step out to the vehicle without harming anyone.

“Your children need you,” one of the officers is heard saying.

“Olivia needs her daddy,” Godfrey adds. “They need a daddy to grow up with.”

Dashcam Capturing Tense Standoff

Deloney eventually walked out of the SUV with his hands up and surrendered. However, the gun-toting father now faces charges of kidnapping, aggravated assault and endangering the welfare of a minor. The child is reported to be in the custody of her mother.

Little Rock Police Assistant Chief Alice Fulk told Fox 19 that the department will likely use the footage to train future officers about the kinds of situations they may encounter.

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