Watch: Officer shot by alleged cop killer gets up, fires back and takes out the murderer


ALBUQUERQUE, NM – Newly released bodycam footage related to the February 4th incident where New Mexico State Police Officer Darian Jarrott was killed shows the moments when Las Cruces Police Officer Adrian De La Garza was non-fatally shot by the suspect and was able to get up and return fire after being hit.

As we have previously reported here at Law Enforcement Today, authorities say that Omar Felix Cueva fatally shot Officer Darian Jarrott following a traffic stop on February 4th, which later resulted in authorities from various agencies pursuing the suspect along the I-10.

While the disturbing footage related to the murder of Officer Jarrott has been widely viewed, the footage from the bodycam worn by Officer De La Garza was recently released, which showed the moments where he was non-fatally injured and returned fire.

Officer De La Garza in the footage can be seen inside of his cruiser where he was reportedly attempting to perform a pit maneuver while pursuing the suspect.

The Las Cruces Police officer can then be seen exiting his cruiser and attempting to engage the suspect.

Officer De La Garza immediately comes under fire, and his shot by the suspect.

Only down for a brief moment, Officer De La Garza gets right back up and re-engages the suspect, opening fire on Cueva after moving past his parked cruiser.

Cueva was reportedly killed during the shootout seen in the released footage.

Shortly after opening fire on the suspect, Officer De La Garza begins to back away from the downed suspect as numerous other officers come to his aid.

The officers assisting the wounded officer begin to strip him of his gear so as to treat the wound, at which point Officer De La Garza’s body-worn camera is dropped on the ground while this is ongoing.

As previously reported, Officer De La Garza was airlifted to an area hospital where he was treated for non-life threatening injuries.

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As mentioned earlier, this newly released video relates to the incident where New Mexico State Police Officer Darian Jarrott was gunned down  in February of this year. 

Here’s our previous reporting on the critical incident that resulted in Officer Jarrott losing his life. 


ALBUQUERQUE, NM – Officials have released details of the tragic and violent murder of New Mexico State Police Officer Darian Jarrott. The fatal shooting in February exemplifies the dangers police face every time they don the uniform.

On February 4, Officer Jarrott conducted a traffic stop on a white Chevrolet pickup truck on Interstate 10 eastbound, near mile marker 102 just east of Deming, New Mexico. Operating the vehicle was 39-year-old Omar Felix Cueva.  

Officer Jarrott stopped the vehicle because its tinting was too dark, according to authorities. The officer was assisting members of the United States Homeland Security Investigations when he stopped the vehicle.

Cueva was the subject of an ongoing narcotics investigation and was en route to Las Cruces to participate in a drug deal at the time of the stop.

Video captured the events of the traffic stop, both from a dash camera the officer’s lapel camera.  

Jarrott walked up to the passenger side of the truck and asked Cueva to exit the vehicle. He asked Cueva to bring his license, registration, and insurance cards. Officer Jarrott noticed a rifle inside the truck and asked Cueva to give him the rifle for his own safety once he gets out of the truck.

Video shows the two men begin to walk to the rear of the truck on opposite sides of the vehicle. Cueva can be seen holding an AR-15 style rifle in one hand and some type of walkie-talkie or police scanner in the other.

As they reach the end of the truck’s cab, Cueva raises the rifle and opens fire, shooting the unsuspecting officer at least once. Officer Jarrott ducked behind the truck and fell on his back, reaching for his gun.

Cueva moves around the truck and shoots Officer Jarrott several more times. Cueva then walks up to the helpless officer and fires one more round into the back of his head.

After killing the young officer, Cueva jumped in the truck and fled down the highway.

Two Homeland Security agents arrived on the scene and notified New Mexico dispatch that an officer was down. One agent can be heard on the video saying, “he’s dead.”

As Cueva fled eastbound on I-10, he engaged in gunfire exchanges with New Mexico State Police and local police. Las Cruces Officer Adrian De La Garza was able to end the pursuit with a Pursuit Intervention Technique maneuver near mile marker 140.

Cueva exited the truck armed with a firearm and fired multiple rounds at officers. Officers returned fire, striking Cueva multiple times.

Officer De La Garza was struck by gunfire and airlifted to a trauma center where he was treated and released.

Cueva was pronounced dead at the scene.

New Mexico State Police Chief Robert Thornton said:

“We appreciate the public’s support during this difficult time. We will honor Officer Jarrott’s sacrifice by continuing to serve and protect the citizens of New Mexico.”

Officer Jarrott, 28,  served with the New Mexico State Police for five and a half years. He is survived by his wife and three children. His wife was expecting a fourth child at the time of the shooting.

The young officer was laid to rest on Friday, February 12 at Shakespeare Cemetery in Lordsburg during a private burial.


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