Watch: Female police officer violently assaulted by male suspect in West Virginia


Charleston, West Virginia – Body cam footage from a disturbance call that went south quick was recently released by the Charleston Police Department, which showcased a female police officer getting violently assaulted by a male suspect on July 22nd.

When the footage was released, Deputy Chief Scott Dempsey felt it was important to demonstrate to the public what police officers “go through on a day-to-day basis”.

Police received a 911 call during the early morning of July 22nd about a man, later identified as 31-year-old Anthony Gamble, throwing rocks at a Greyhound bus parked at the station on Reynolds Street. Patrol Officer McCoy, who had been with the CPD for a few months, was first to arrive on the scene and confront Gamble.

Officer McCoy simply ordered Gamble to remove himself from the area upon arrival:

“Hey, why are you throwing stuff at (the bus)? You need to go somewhere; you need to go somewhere.”

Gamble, as seen on the video, didn’t take kindly to being asked to leave – and opted to threaten to strike Officer McCoy with the very rocks he was using to throw at the Greyhound bus:

“You want me to (slap) you with a rock?”

A physical altercation ensued, and Gamble can be seen mounting the officer after she was taken to the ground – striking her several times in the process. During this, you can hear Officer McCoy screaming for assistance.

Backup arrived, luckily in under two minutes reportedly, due to the police station being nearby and shift change about to transpire. Officers that arrived were able to subdue Gamble, and despite the assault on Officer McCoy, no one was seriously harmed in the altercation.

Deputy Chief Dempsey spoke about the video footage released from the July 22nd incident:

“I think it’s important to see what our officers go through on a day-to-day basis, this situation is a little more aggressive than what we encounter. Even not in today’s world, anytime in a Police officer’s world you have to deal with people like this unfortunately.”

The deputy chief described the response by officers when alerted about the situation as being tended to “flawlessly”:

“The Chief and I, as well as the Mayor’s office, are very proud of our officers in the way they handled the situation, they showed great restraint when it comes to these types of situations and I thought they handled the situation flawlessly.”

As for Gamble, he was booked into the South Central Regional Jail under charges of attempting to disarm an officer, malicious assault of a police officer and obstructing an officer.

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In Arizona, police in Phoenix, recently released the body cam footage of an officer-involved shooting of a 24-year-old female suspect who shot at and nearly struck police after lying about being in possession of a firearm.

The incident reportedly happened during the morning hours of July 8th, near the area of the I-17 and Peoria Avenue.

A 911 call came in from a man saying that he had to kick out his roommate because she “was becoming crazy,” and when police arrived on the scene, they encountered 24-year-old Jovanna Kelsey McCreary.

Woman opens fire on police - gets shot. Here's the body cam footage (before the protests begin).
Jovanna Kelsey McCreary – Phoenix Police

The 911 caller had informed police that the “crazy” roommate had fired a gun after being kicked out.

McCreary, who was identified as the kicked-out roommate, had a brief interaction with officers claiming that another female had fired a weapon inside of the apartment. Police continued to interview the woman, and noted that among her personal effects she had some bullets.

This led officers asking McCreary as to whether she had a gun on her person – to which she said she did not. Officers also found drugs in the bag that she had with her, and after the brief interaction, one of the officers attempted to apply handcuffs to McCreary.

And that is when the gun came into play.

One of the officers can be heard saying:

“Don’t be stupid.”

A firearm can be heard going off. Police say it was McCreary’s which she had concealed in her waistband. Two officers returned fire on the suspect, where she was reportedly hit twice.

McCreary was initially in critical condition when transported to the hospital on July 8th, but was taken into custody after she was discharged. The suspect was arrested under charges of aggravated assault on a police officer, resisting arrest, and drug possession.

The Phoenix Police Department are currently investigating the shooting at this time. No officers were injured during the interaction with the suspect. 


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