Watch: Detroit workers block windows, bar observers from watching absentee ballot counting


DETROIT, MI – If the 2020 election season has proven anything, it’s that there’s a prevalent trust issue ongoing between voters and those responsible with tallying the votes.

In Detroit on the evening of November 4th, this notion was further cemented when reportedly conservative voters converged where the absentee ballots were being counted, only to find talliers covering up the windows of the building so no one could see inside.

Detroit had opted to utilize the TCF Center to get absentee ballots counted, which is where the crowd of conservatives had gathered outside of the building.

The overall optics of the entire display aren’t favorable to either party involved – as the arrival of the conservative voters betrays that voters don’t trust that ballots are being tabulated properly.

And with poll workers literally covering up windows within the building can cause onlookers to internally ask themselves “why do they have to hide?

Fox News correspondent Matt Finn shared some details regarding the taping up of the windows at the Detroit TCF Center, writing the following on Twitter:

“Some of the windows remain blocked off. I asked a few people who taped them up and why, no clear answer. A few poll challengers / workers tell us they feel there wasn’t a fair number of repubs and dems in this room.”

In a follow up tweet, Finn shared that an attorney for the City of Detroit informed him that the taping up of the windows was meant to address concerns over the “people outside”:

“An attorney for the city of Detroit, Lawrence Garcia, tells me he ordered some of the windows be covered because some of the workers nearest the windows felt concerned with people outside potentially filming them or ballots. Not all the windows were blocked.”

Once again, these are generally bad optics for all involved, as the protesters will get painted as some sort of lunatic group of people and those concealing the windows will be painted as swindlers.

Additional video surfaced, showing the group outside of the building engaging in chants such as “stop the vote”.

It’s unclear exactly how many people had gathered outside of the TCF Center, but it appears to have been at least a few dozen individuals. In taking a break from the cadenced “stop the vote” chants from earlier, the group had then opted to start chanting “stop the count”.

Instances of some people either aggressively tapping or smacking the windows was also caught on video, but nothing rose to the level of any damage befalling the actual windows themselves.

The election, the voting process, the tallying – no one is seemingly trusting of another when it pertains to this election. As a result, this is what is playing out in various areas across the country.

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Looking at Florida, there was a recent case of the state governor having his address changed in the voter database. 

However, police were able to arrest a suspect in that case. 


TALLAHASSEE, FL – The Governor for the State of Florida went to the polls intended to cast his vote in the election and learned that someone had changed his address in the voter database. 

Of course, the person who did this did not think it through as the Governor was able to have the case looked into immediately and an arrest made very quickly.

Republican Governor Ron DeSantis learned of the issue surrounding his voter registration as he went into the polling station to cast his vote.  The poll worker told him that his address had been changed from his real address to 2185 Pretty Lane in West Palm Beach, Florida. 

Of course, since the address was off for DeSantis, so was his authorized polling location, which meant that he would not be able to cast his vote at his normal station. Since he did not change the address himself, he contacted the Florida Department of Law Enforcement and had them look into the matter.

FDLE then went to work and began investigating by getting the logs which showed the date and time the address change came in for DeSantis.  Once they had that information, they were able to learn the IP address where the request originated from as well as the company that provides internet service.

For those that do not know, a computer’s IP address is basically tied to the physical address or person to which it is assigned.  This means that anything done on that IP address, if it has not been hidden by a VPN, is easily traceable.

Once that FDLE agents obtained the IP, they were able to easily get the user’s physical address.  Once this was done, they authored a search warrant for the residence on 19th Avenue SW in Naples.  When the warrant was approved by a judge, FDLE executed the warrant and made contact with the suspect, Anthony Steven Guevara.

When the agents from FDLE examined the computer in the home on 19th Avenue, they discovered that someone had been searching up “Florida my vote” and “Florida governor.”  They also located evidence which allegedly pointed to Guevara had accessed the website “” 

FDLE agents then interviewed Guevara who allegedly admitted to committing the crime.  In police reports, it said:

“Guevara stated after accessing the ‘Voter Information Lookup’ section on the ‘’ website, he entered Florida Governor Ron DeSantis’ first name, last name, and date of birth.”

FDLE allege that Guevara was able to locate DeSantis’ date of birth from Wikipedia.  With that information, he was able to change the Governor’s address to that of a YouTube poster.

Guevara allegedly told FDLE that he had also accessed several other persons voter information.  Such as Senator Rick Scott, Michael Jordan, and Lebron James.  He denied having changed anyone else’s voter information other than DeSantis.

Armed with this information, FDLE developed probable cause to believe that it was Guevara who had illegally changed DeSantis’ voter registration address.  FDLE arrested Guevara and charged him with a property crime as well as altering voter registration without consent. 

The Secretary of State for Florida Laurel M Lee released a statement on the investigation:

“Our systems are secure.  There has been no breach to the Florida Department of State’s systems.  The Florida Department of State wants every voter to have confidence in the integrity of our elections network.

“This incident was perpetrated using publicly accessible voter data, and there is no evidence to suggest that this change was made through the Florida Department of State. 

We commend the Florida Department of Law Enforcement on their swift action to bringing this malicious actor to justice.  The situation was corrected immediately and the voter was able to cast a ballot.

“We encourage voters to check their voter registration for accuracy.  Every eligible voter will have the ability to cast a ballot and every ballot will be counted.  We are working hard to ensure the safety and security of every voter.”


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