Watch: Deputy sheriff stabbed in the neck while chasing suspect


LITHIA, FL- Body camera video captured a Hillsborough County Sheriff’s Office deputy being stabbed in the neck while pursuing a suspect. 

Deputy Charles Williams was assisting personnel from a mental health facility administer an evaluation when the suspect fled the scene to avoid being admitted to the facility.

Williams was assisting Gracepoint, a local mental health facility, with an “involuntary mental health evaluation” prior to the attack. The evaluation was done on 21 year old Nicolas Furgason in the Fishhawk Ranch neighborhood in Lithia. A statement by the Hillsborough County Sheriff’s Office (HCSO) explains that Furgason was initiallycooperating with deputies” during the evaluation.

However, when Furgason learned he would be admitted to Gracepoint under the Florida Baker Act, things took a turn for the worst. HCSO stated that suspect fled from the home to avoid admission and ran into the nearby woods:

“After an hour of evaluation and upon learning he would be admitted to Gracepoint under Florida’s Baker Act, Furgason fled from the home on foot into a heavily wooded area.”

Deputy Williams pursued Furgason on foot while a second deputy followed in a patrol car. According to the HCSO Williams quickly caught up to the suspect and attempted to deescalate the situation and bring Furgason back to the mental health care personnel:

“After a brief pursuit, Deputy Williams came into contact with Furgason on a wooded trail and in an effort to calm him down, used de-escalation techniques.”

Williams asked if Furgason was scared and the suspect responded that he was. In an attempt to further calm the intense situation the deputy reassured Furgason that, although he ran, he was not in trouble. In the video Williams can be heard saying:

“You’re still not in trouble, but obviously I can’t trust you not to run anywhere, alright?” 

The deputy then grasped Furgason’s upper arm and pulled the suspect nearer to him. Williams attempted to handcuff Furgason saying:

“Come on. I’m going to put you in handcuffs for now.”

Furgason quickly pulled out a knife and stabbed the deputy in the neck before fleeing again. The HCSO says:

“Unknown to the deputy, Furgason had a knife on him. Furgason pulled the knife out and stabbed Deputy Williams in the neck before fleeing the area and ignoring verbal commands to stop.”

Miraculously, the deputy was not seriously injured. After the initial shock of being stabbed wore off Williams began chasing after Furgason and yelled to warn other officers:

“He’s got a knife.”

The sheriff’s office detailed that the Williams continued chasing the suspect until he was able to deploy his taser and apprehend the stabber:

“Deputy Williams continued his pursuit for another 100 yards before successfully deploying his taser and detaining Furgason. Deputy Williams was taken to the hospital.”

Thankfully, Deputy Williams survived and, after receiving treatment, was released from the hospital on Monday morning.

Sheriff Chad Chronister released

a statement on the stabbing commending Williams on his show of restraint:

“This is a prime example of the dangers deputies face while trying to serve and protect our community every day. Deputy Williams used an incredible amount of restraint after being stabbed in the neck by deploying less-lethal force on an individual who attempted to take his life. We are grateful that Deputy Williams was not more seriously injured and will make a full recovery, however, that does not make this incident any less severe. We will see to it that this individual is prosecuted to the fullest extent of the law for his actions.”

Furgason was apprehended by the HCSO and now faces charges of resisting an officer without violence, resisting an officer with violence, and attempted felony murder of a law enforcement officer.

Watch the full video here:

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Unfortunately, officers are injured on duty far too often. Read the story of another officer who was attacked in Florida here:

MARION COUNTY, FLORIDA – Florida, you never cease to amaze, and you never fail to disappoint on the weirdness factor.

While the bible references the act of flying in several verses throughout the scripture, I don’t think it means for The Bible ITSELF to be flying through the air.

Back on September 22, three deputies responded to a residential burglary call in a northwest suburb of Orlando.

Upon arriving at a residence in Summerfield, after a citizen reported a break in. The victim had called the police upon returning to his home and been burglarized and finding his door had been kicked open.

When they arrived, they were surprised to discover the suspect present at the scene, dressed almost down to his “birthday suit”.

Police: Florida man arrested after allegedly hitting deputy in face with a Bible - 'I condemn you'

There, in broad daylight, was 39-year old Robert Otis Hoskins. Stripped of all of his clothing but his underwear, he was running around the yard, yelling and screaming, almost incoherently as the deputies arrived.

Deputies say Hoskins had one of his hands behind his back, and the other one holding the Holy Bible above his head, shouting “I condemn you”, or something similar to that statement. 

According to arrest reports, it was then he threw the bible and hit one of the deputies in the face.

Whatever protective bubble the Holy Bible may have surrounded Hoskins in during his condemnation rant, it didn’t last very long once Hoskins no longer held it over his head.

As deputies attempted to place Hoskins under arrest for the alleged residential burglary, a brief but violent struggle ensued. 

According to the responding deputies, reported Hoskins continued to behave an aggressive manner and “ignored all commands to stop” that is when another deputy had to deploy a taser.  

Once the taser was deployed, the deputies were able to get Hoskins to comply with their orders and place him under arrest.

Police: Florida man arrested after allegedly hitting deputy in face with a Bible - 'I condemn you'

According to one Orlando news source, Hoskins was quoted as saying to the victim:

I (expletive) up man, I was mad.”

One deputy wrote in an arrest report that Hoskins had defecated on himself at the scene.  It was also noted that Hoskins did request to speak with a deputy, but if any other deputies came to ask him questions, Hoskins would stare off blankly into the distance and not respond to them.

While Hoskins was being questioned as to the reason he broke into the home, one deputy wrote in the report that Hoskins stated:

Because God told me to.”  

He also wrote in the arrest affidavit that Hoskins stated he “freed her” referring to the victim’s juvenile daughter.

The arrest affidavit states Hoskins had asked the victim to borrow some clothing earlier and the victim declined.  Hoskins decided to wait until the victim left to run some errands. He then kicked in the door and entered the home.

The victim’s wife stated in addition to the kicked-in door, there was a large amount of broken glass from a shattered window all over the floor, a mattress had been tossed on its side, and approximately $50 in clothing had been stolen from the home.

One witness at the scene told the arresting deputies, Hoskins was known to have a “drug problem” but did not go into further details on what types of drugs he may or may not have taken prior to this altercation between the neighbors.

Hoskins was booked into Marion County Jail and currently faces multiple charges, including battery on a deputy, burglary to an unoccupied dwelling, theft, criminal mischief-property damage and resisting an officer without violence.

He was later released on a $13,000 bond, there was no word on if he was able to keep the Holy Book or not.

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