MISSOURI – A Missouri state senator has demonstrated she wasn’t sorry after all when she wrote, “I hope Trump is assassinated.” Although she deleted her thought from Facebook and apologized, she is at it again. The senator posted a new message on Twitter Thursday comparing President Trump to Adolf Hitler.

State Sen. Maria Chappelle-Nadal posted a meme that shows Trump taking off a shirt. By the time the shirt is removed, Hitler’s face is revealed in place of Trump’s.

The meme parodies a much-criticized Dove body wash ad that shows a black woman removing her brown shirt to reveal a white woman underneath in a light-colored shirt. Dove apologized for the ad, which many social media users called racist, reported Fox News.

Chappelle-Nadal told The Associated Press that she shared the meme because she was upset by Trump’s tweets early Thursday suggesting Puerto Rico must take on more responsibility for its recovery from Hurricane Maria. The senator, who is black and whose mother is from Puerto Rico, said she still has not heard from some of her other relatives on the island.

“So this is very personal to me,” she declared.

However, she insisted that she is “not repeating the mistake I made two months ago” when she wrote on her personal Facebook page regarding her desire to see Trump assassinated.

“I still have a First Amendment right, and I still have a family I need to fight for,” Chappelle-Nadal told the AP.

Indeed she has a first amendment right, but the immature, juvenile prank should be beneath the stature of a state senator, regardless of political ideology.

It wasn’t immediately clear Thursday if her tweet of the Trump meme will cause backlash similar to the kind sparked by her August assassination post, which she deleted and apologized for amid calls for her to resign.

As a result of her words, the state Senate formally reprimanded her in September in a bipartisan 28-2 vote that also renewed a call for her to relinquish her seat.

Chappelle-Nadal said she posted her Facebook comment out of frustration over Trump’s response to a white nationalist rally in Charlottesville, Virginia, in August. The senator from University City was a frequent protester in Ferguson after the fatal police shooting of Michael Brown in 2014.

Two Republican state representatives from suburban St. Louis criticized Chappelle-Nadal’s latest social media post in tweets of their own Thursday. Rep. Phil Christofanelli of St. Peters called her post “shameful” and Rep. Jean Evans of Manchester wrote that Chappelle-Nadal “continues her disgusting attacks on our President.”

Gov. Eric Greitens and Lt. Gov. Mike Parson, also Republicans, didn’t immediately respond to messages from Fox seeking comment. Parson was among the most vocal critics of Chappelle-Nadal after the assassination post.

(Photo: Wikipedia/KOMU News)