Parent: Washington democrats are trying to force my 5-year-old to learn details about sex, and that’s not ok


My 5-year old daughter does not need to know what a clitoris is.

She doesn’t need to know what her vaginal hole is, or what it’s made for.

If she asks me about her female parts, I answer in an age-appropriate way.  She doesn’t need to know what masturbation is, and she certainly doesn’t need to be taught how to do it.

Even saying these words in reference to my 5-year old, sweet, innocent little gift from God makes me sick.  But, unfortunately, they need to be said to adults before my state makes it mandatory for all public school children to receive this information starting in kindergarten.

When I left California, it was bittersweet.  Ok, it was mostly bitter at the time.  But it didn’t take long to realize that being laid off and forced to relocate to Washington State was a blessing in disguise. 

California is a waste of space and while I miss my family and friends and my sports teams, the whole state can secede and become its own liberal utopia, filled with criminals and poop for all I care.

Washington State, I found, was much pleasanter in general.  People are nicer for the most part.  People are less stressed.  Traffic sucks less. 

I can take a deep breath here and not head to the ER afterwards for smog poisoning.  I can buy and shoot my guns without people crying about it (mostly).

My husband and I were adamant that we would live in a good school district for our kids.  We built a home and paid almost double what we could have spent on land to make sure we were in the boundaries of the best schools.  We live in a town with California-comparable taxes, but a lot of that money goes to the schools so it was worth it for us.

Until we learned about Comprehensive Sex Education (CSE) and the fact that our laid-back, mostly traditional-valued town might soon be forced to push words and lessons that arguably shouldn’t even be taught in middle school onto our kindergartners. 

Democrats introduced a CSE bill last year during the legislative session that died in the House before getting voted on.  They re-introduced it this year, and if it passes, says the bill:

“Beginning in the 2022-23 school year, comprehensive sexual health education must be provided to all public-school students that are not receiving comprehensive sexual health education.” 

I’ve heard/read so many parents saying:

“Sex ed is important,” “What’s the big deal?” and “I had sex ed in 5th grade and I turned out fine.”

The big deal is that yes, sex ed is important, and yes most of us had sex ed topics introduced to us in 5th grade.  But our sex ed is NOT Comprehensive Sex Education.  It’s so much more; it’s so much worse.

CSE curricula is designed to “change gender and sexual societal norms,” which, translated, really means to brainwash and sexualize our innocent young children. 

The curriculum is accompanied by pictures and videos that are essentially cartoon pornography (no, I’m not exaggerating- look it up!). 

It pushes the current societal rhetoric about gender, gender fluidness, gender binary, the existence of 759 different genders or whatever the current number is, etc. 

It teaches children that they can “express their sexuality” or go through hormonal sex changes or get an abortion at a young age, without having to talk to a parent about any of it.

This is just a quick glimpse at all they’re attempting to push on our children.  There is so, so much more.

A large number of parents are failing their children because they’re not researching exactly what CSE means.  They’re not looking into what these bills mean for their children.  They aren’t seeing the literally pornographic pictures offered to their children in the classroom.

State Superintendent of Public Instruction Chris Reykdal requested the bill.  The Washington State Education Committee Bill Analysis states:

“Every public school that offers sexual health education must assure that sexual health education is medically and scientifically accurate, age-appropriate, and appropriate for students regardless of gender, race, disability status, or sexual orientation.”

And there it is.

Sexual orientation- that’s the reason our children are having their innocence ripped away from them. 

We must be inclusive of those with gender dysphoria, and therefore every child must be thrust into the social justice warrior mindset at 5-years-old, confused beyond his (or her or they’s) maturity level, so that the 0.0035% of gender dysphoric or 0.3% of transgendered population feels included in the public school’s sexual health system.

I’m all for legitimately age appropriate education on one’s body.  Basic human anatomy is important for children to know, as is human reproduction.

Beyond that, as far as sex education goes, schools can shut the hell up.  These are MY children.  I will be the one responsible for teaching them, well, everything else about it.

“Oh, but some kids’ parents don’t talk to them about this kind of stuff,” is one argument I’ve heard. 

And that’s very sad for those kids.  But that’s not my fault.  It’s not my kids’ faults.  You don’t get to push your agenda on my kids because some other parents aren’t doing their jobs.

This stuff is crazy controversial, and both sides feel pretty darn strongly about it.  My little town has less than 5,000 people in it.  That’s so small, you can barely drive down the street without seeing someone you know or at least know of. 

I love it, and like I said before, a big part of why we moved to this specific area was for the schools.  We also chose it, though, because usually small towns like this harness the traditional values we hold, like emphasis on church, community, importance of God and family, stuff like that.

A woman I recently met (online met, that is) posted something in our little community moms’ Facebook group about comprehensive sex education.  She was VERY cordial about it and prefaced the post with how she hoped it was appropriate to post something that had a political undertone on the moms’ page. 

She asked for people to read about the comprehensive sex education bill and then contact our House Representatives to ask them to vote against it.

My goodness, you would have thought that she called for the public execution of all gay people based on the comments she got! 

Parents read a couple of lines from an ad for the bill and saw all the buzz words that seem lovely, such as “inclusive” and “education,” and they jumped to the conclusion that CSE is a wonderful thing and anyone that opposes it is homophobic, transphobic, sex-education-phobic, prudish, etc.

But many don’t actually take the time to read what is being shoved down our children’s throats and pushed into their tiny immature brains.  They think the topics are only teaching biology.  They think they’re only teaching to “respect regarding gender expression.” 

While these moms are screaming at people that they need to be kind and respectful and teach their kids to be the same, they’re completely belittling anyone who disagrees with them, or even people who don’t have a fully formed opinion on the topic.  And then when someone calls them out on that fact (that someone may have been me), they POUNCE. 

One mom in my community mom’s group said she respected all differences but she didn’t want it taught to her child at school.  In response, one major “Bully Mom” (I hate to use the overplayed word “bully,” but I might get in trouble for using the other “b” word that comes to mind) called her delusional and told her she need therapy to “course correct,” just because the mom didn’t agree with the need to teach 5-year-old children how to have anal sex.

In Bully Mom’s very next comment, she said:

“Teaching kindness and respect in the schools should not be controversial.”

So what Bully Mom, and all these other far leftists, mean is that we all need to be loving, tolerant, respectful, and kind, but only to people with one set of beliefs.

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Mark Miloscia is a former state senator and the current Executive Director of Family Policy Institute of Washington. 

He has boldly spoken out against CSE.  After the bill’s introduction last year, he said:

“For goodness sakes, is there any respect for our folks who are Christian or who disagree with the agenda of the LBGTQ community?  For some reason, parents are completely ignored in this debate.

And do the schools work for Planned Parenthood, or do they work for parents? Planned Parenthood and LBGTQ community want us to be concerned about their views, but what about us? This bill says that it’s inclusive, but it’s not inclusive of all the folks that I know of.”

Oh, did I forget to mention in this writing that CSE and all the curricula that falls underneath it is written, planned, and sponsored by Planned Parenthood?

Miloscia continued:

“Most religions — and science agrees — that lifelong, monogamous marriage that prioritizes marriage, family children is better for a person, is better for their children, is better for their family.” 

You can’t go into a school and talk about God because that’s offensive and non-inclusive.  But go ahead and say whatever you want against God and a person’s religion because that’s just fine.  Well, as long as the religion you’re speaking out against is Christianity.  Anything else would be religionist.

Parents, get involved.  READ what CSE and all its curricula actually entails.  Write to legislatures.  Talk to your schools.  Talk to you children.  Join helpful groups that keep you informed, like Informed Parents of Washington (insert your own state). 

“This is the parent’s role to teach values,” Miloscia said.  “The school district shouldn’t be teaching consent, when to have sex or not have sex. My goodness, there’s a huge gulf between the values of many folks in this country and across the planet on that particular question, and to think Planned Parenthood should be teaching our children their views on this is…”

Let me finish that thought for you, Miloscia.  It is…absolutely freakin absurd and can not be tolerated. 

That’s what it is.

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