Warriors, Servant, Leaders: Got some?

What does PTSD, Counter-terrorism, Human Trafficking and Leadership all have in common? They are all focused on changing and saving lives. Lives of those we swore to protect and serve and the lives of our own brothers and sisters behind the badge. What is being done about? A unique group of professionals have banded together and are launching the Warrior, Servant, Leader Conference in Denver, CO, October 22-25, 2018.

More active duty first responders, police and fire, are taking their own lives than are being killed in the line of duty.  This is not acceptable, on any level or for any reason.  We are a family and now, more than ever, we need to band together as family to impact this horrendous statistic.  One of the WSL training elements addresses this tragic aspect of our “job”.  Former cop Sean Riley and his team at Safe Call Now® provide education, healthy alternatives, resources and a complete continuum of care to save lives and put families back together.  Through a collaborative effort, Safe Call Now® has discovered when you provide an opportunity for an individual to get their life and family back, you get one great employee back out serving the public. Together we serve, together we live.   Learn more about this killer issue and what you can do to be part of the solution on Day 1 of the WSL Conference.

Terrorism is no longer an issue faced just in the Middle East or Europe.  Pick up the paper, watch the news, scroll through Facebook posts – terrorism is in our house.  And cops are often the object of the terrorist.  So are our communities, our churches and our institutions.  Is your agency prepared to be reactive or proactive?  Are your front line folks trained to spot the signs of terrorists on your city streets?  Do you have proven counter-terrorism strategies and tactics in place and do you train regularly to hone the skills to be effective and efficient?  What can you do? Day 2 of the WSL Conference takes a deeper look into these very questions and provides a wealth of answers.

The greatest threat to our communities, after drug trafficking, is human trafficking.  Human trafficking is second only to drug trafficking as a monetary criminal enterprise.  It is here.  It is in your community.  It is robbing our families of the innocence of growing up.  It is time we take the fight to the traffickers.  Lt. Col. Jeff Tiegs (ret) and his team at The Guardian Group are taking the fight to Human Trafficking. The Guardian Group is a team of former special operations military, law enforcement and intelligence community professionals, working to end sex trafficking in the United States.  Tiegs brings his dynamic and extensive career in Special Operations Group to the world of law enforcement and applies the skills and tactics of counter-terrorism to battling human trafficking.

Guardian Group provides specialized in-house tactical training and consulting, designed to empower Law Enforcement, DAs and Task Forces to combat trafficking. Guardian Group is a unique organization designed to train Law Enforcement and assist them with developing and implementing comprehensive counter trafficking strategies. This training has clear, measurable goals, integrates leadership with planning, fuses operations and intelligence, and is designed for application specific to the agency and their desired results.  Day 3 of the WSL Conference builds on the CT elements of Day 2 and applies them in hands on exercises on Day 3 Taking the Fight to Human Trafficking.

Police departments across all of the United States desire specialized leadership development training in order to improve morale, increase positive Police-Community relations and to create a legacy of excellence in policing services.

Here is the test for your agency and personnel: Are you doing the right things, at the right time, the right way and for the right reasons?  Are you doing the same things, the same way and getting the same ineffective results?  How are your hiring and retention rates going?  Where are you in agency morale and police-community relations?

What can you do to make a difference?  Leadership is influence.  It really is that simple. Compassion springs forth from passion.  Are your folks passionate about being people of influence? Passion breeds compassion – to see, feel and want to do something about the pain of others.  We call it protecting and serving.  Reignite the passion, see the spark of compassion to protect the least, the last and the lost in your community.  Be influencers and make a difference, starting today.

The three pronged Warrior-Servant-Leader program of PJ Welsh and Associates, LLC builds on Sun Tzu’s Art of War Principles, Mother Teresa’s servant mindset and John C. Maxwell’s leadership principles to create a comprehensive and measurable training program to bring the WSL Mindset to your agency personnel – at work, home and in the community. PJ Welsh and Associates, LLC provides Subject Matter Experts, immediately available, with a curriculum designed and already vetted by law enforcement to positively impact your agency Mission, Vision and Goals. Learn more on Day 4 of the WSL Conference.

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Pat Welsh, a Best Selling Author of “Warrior, Servant, Leader: Life Behind the Badge,” Speaker and Trainer, is a retired Major of the Dayton Police Department. A graduate of the FBINA and Police Executive Leadership College, Mr. Welsh is also a member of IACP. Mr. Welsh specializes in law enforcement training, strategic work session, keynote speaking and leadership development for civilian law enforcement and USAF Security Forces personnel. Visit https://www.pjwelshllc.com to learn more.