The War on Police Nationwide


The War on Police

Two police officers were relaxing in a restaurant enjoying their lunch, probably discussing family issues or politics when with shattered glass, both lives were instantly ended. Seconds later, only the face of a cop killer reflected in the remains of the glass window.

Minimal news coverage gave their family’s little sympathy while news stories swarmed the local networks and newspapers about two black men not being allowed to use a washroom at a local coffee house.

In 2017, from January 1st to May 13th, 28 police officers nationwide were killed by handguns. In that same 130-day window in 2018, that number has risen to 28 already killed by handgun, according to NLEOMF.

There is a war on police officers and its being waged by radical minority groups with moral, legal and financial support from far left activists. Many of these activists are leftovers from the radical 60’s; one of who visited the Obama White House over sixty times in eight years.

This war initiated in the White House the day President Obama spoke those infamous words “the police acted stupidly.” He was referring to a sergeant of police requesting identification from a black man who was attempting to gain entry into a house without the use of a key. The individual stated he lived there but forgot his key and was asked to show identification verifying that. As a result, he viewed this request as racist because the officer was white and he was black.

President Obama did not know that requesting identification in this type of scenario was protocol; he dismissed it as racist posturing. That was the “shot heard around the country,” and thus the war on police began.

President Obama had a seminal moment when he could have chosen to lead the nation, but instead chose to inspire a very small group of radical activists who have to run with the anti-police narrative.

At President Obama’s inauguration celebration in Chicago, a young black woman ran up to a uniformed Chicago police officer and slapped him across the face while exclaiming, “We’re in power now bitch. What are you gonna do about it?”

These acts were deemed unimportant at the time, but they would prove to be a national harbinger of the impending war on police.

This anti-police rhetoric is a direct cause of police administration acquiescing to political considerations. The media assists in this war on police by repeatedly ignoring the daily heroics of police officers and focusing strictly on errors in training or other negatives associated with split second decisions. Furthermore, they continue with adverse stories and often misconstrue facts into a false narrative that perpetuates the attack on police.

Chicago Police. (Photo courtesy Antoinette Alcazar)

Chicago police officers are routinely harassed and attacked on the streets while carrying out their responsibilities and are disciplined when they protect themselves either through speech or legal physical actions.

The leadership of the Chicago Police Department is devoid of experienced leaders and inhabited by political cronies. Facts mean nothing. The truth is an antiquated idea. Morals, ethics and honesty are words without meanings. These leaders are absorbed with their rising futures, rather than “bosses” of old, who chose to do the right thing because it was the right thing to do.

Our local newspapers are blind to any positive police news. Very seldom will you read a heartwarming story about a police officer saving a person’s life. They tend to print exaggerated and embellished stories about what the activists perceive as police over-reaction or police misconduct.

Seven police squad cars were damaged while the officers were inside a ceremony honoring 70 Chicago police officers for their individual bravery and selfless sacrifices in the line of duty. That story showed up in small blogs for a day, while the earlier coffee shop story was repeated for six or seven days. This proves the news media’s agenda and causes hesitation when officers respond to a ambiguous crime in progress.

A 21-year old suburban man was attacked and beaten by a mob of 30 people on the Gold Coast near the lakefront. The victim was beaten severely enough to be hospitalized, yet no police responded to his family’s numerous calls for a police report over a four day period. This was not news worthy because of the location and persons involved.

Father Michael Plfeger of Chicago wants the governor of Illinois charged with a hate crime because he wants to reinstitute capital punishment for those who kill police officers. Plfeger maintains that capital punishment is racists because a large percentage of those committing and being convicted of these heinous murders are not white.

To add a little gasoline to the fire, the city of Chicago is allowing a coalition of 10 community groups to sit in judgement of Chicago police officers for any perceived wrongdoing.

These groups include Black Lives Matter, the Chicago Urban League, the NAACP, and the Woman’s All Points Bulletin group who demands all police officers be removed from every public school. The coalition is demanding that officers not use Tasers on children, elderly, or others in “apparent medical distress.” This would incorporate all resisters on drugs.

The criminalization of society as well as the handcuffing of police will continue with the support of politicians and activists. And, I’m sorry to say, I don’t see things getting better anytime soon.

To all my police brothers and sisters out there, lock and load and protect one another.

As always, stay safe.

Larry Casey, sergeant (ret.), Chicago Police Department, Criminal Justice Professor, Wilbur Wright College. You can view his website StoriesofaChicagoPoliceOfficer for more information and review his book by the same name.

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