More and more, you hear there’s a war on police in this country.  You may think that’s silly, there’s no war.  You think it’s merely the mass media’s attempt to increase their ad revenue and further the wedge that’s being driven between police and society. Well, here are a few things to consider.

As far back as 2016, there was a meeting between three Chicago street gangs to plot the assassination of police officers. The rise police shootings with multiple officers shot from Dallas to Philadelphia and across the country, the news headlines daily tell of shootings with multiple officers shot.  Thank heaven we have such good medical trauma centers, or the results would be even more horrific.

Philly shooter surrenders

The suspect that allegedly shot six officers in Philadelphia surrenders. (Screenshot – YouTube)


Here in Chicago, we have a Cook County State’s Attorney’s office that regularly refuses to charge arrestees with the appropriate felony charges.  To compound matters we have courts with judges releasing violent felons on low or personal recognizance bonds, proving to the public which side they are not on — the side of law and order. 

Across the country, politicians work hard to make police forces less and less effective and police work more dangerous.  One legislator has proposed a law requiring police to first ask the suspect with a gun to please not shoot them before they can shoot.  Other lawmakers consider taking away guns from officers completely. 

Federal bill: Cops will have to ask suspects not to kill them before shooting


To further encourage criminals, many of our elected politicians blatantly refuse to assist federal law enforcement agencies in a clear-cut violation of their oath of office. 

Five years after the fact, one of the current Democrats running for President stated that a white police officer murdered Michael Brown.  This was proven to be a lawful and justified shooting of violent felon. She only speaks now to encourage the head-on confrontation with the police. 

This type of leadership has encouraged violent attacks against our officers.  In NYC, police have had crowds drench them with buckets of water, roving violent mobs in Brooklyn and God knows what else.  In Philadelphia, after the recent shooting of six officers, the citizens harassed and laughed at responding officers, endangering those officers as well as the citizens of the community.  Officers attempting to enforce a drug warrant were ambushed. 

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These actions have been endorsed or encouraged by public leaders from the religious pulpit and legislative dais.  This message has been further spun and corrupted by biased news reporting in an unscrupulous manner to increase their ad revenues.  Hollywood B-list celebrities parrot this divisive rant to allow themselves more time in the spotlight.

The sad part is there is no checks and balance. 

Well, there is one.

The public must step up and say NO to the politicians by not voting for them.  They must say no to the media by boycotting products advertised on their forums.  They must say no by letting their religious leaders know they will no longer support a church that espouses divisive and inflammatory rhetoric. 


You don’t have to be a police officer to know to follow the money trail.  Who stands to gain by turning a large part of society against the police?   First, clearly, it is the criminals.  Second, it is the business and individuals who profit from promoting anarchy, and third the politicians who are not in power right now.

We literally have politicians running for elected office on a pro-crime platform.   They would never say that’s what it is… but listen to what they are saying; it is exactly their message.

The goal of these people is to abolish the police.  Most people might think that is crazy, no way that would ever happen.  Google the phrase “Abolish the Police’ and you will find 11.6 million responses.  Clearly, some people have considered it and have developed plans. 

Collusion? Complaint Says Sanders Violated Federal Election Laws By Hiring Non-American Campaign Advisers

Bernie Sanders’ new plan to revamp the criminal justice system condemns members of law enforcement and pushes to release half the prison population. (Flickr)


I don’t have an answer to this problem.  Too many of our citizens are asleep at the wheel and are allowing this to happen by not recognizing what is going on. 

I just read a question that asked that since the criminal justice system is broken, should we abolish the police?  I thought that would be the same as saying the city sewage treatment center isn’t working properly so let’s rip out our toilets.  It makes no sense to me but that is the message coming from the media, politicians and the pulpit. 

Remember – your responses are always welcome.  I try to respond to all of them on this forum, Facebook, and any other forum it gets shared to. 

Whatever happens, stay safe. Run low and zigzag.

Robert Weisskopf

(Lt. CPD ret.)

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