Wanted: Thugs violently attack innocent Asian man on subway in police-defunded NYC, called him ‘Asian pig’


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New York City, NY: A new case of hate crime against an Asian male and his female companion occurred yet again in the increasingly violent New York City subway system. An Asian couple received an unprovoked attack from a trio of thugs, two women and a make, who suddenly called the Asian pair using racist remarks. Reports indicate one of the thugs called the Asian male an ‘Asian pig.

It’s a shame for New York since the city is long known as one of the most culturally diverse metropolitans in the US. Now it’s becoming a hub for racist activity, especially against the Asian community.

The crime occurred on the subway car traveling from the Grand Central Station to Times Square.

Wanted: Thugs violently attack innocent Asian man on subway in police-defunded NYC, called him 'Asian pig'
Wanted for hate crime against an Asian man.

Hate Crime

The 42-year-old Asian man, with his 41- year-old female companion, were already on board when the suspects got into the subway car. The trio of suspects demanded that the Asian couple give up their seats to the. But the couple stood their ground and ignored the bully thugs.

The couple refused to give up their seats and did not respond to the provocation. However, things turned bad when one of the trio assaulted the man for not giving his seat and the remaining two continued to instigate and further escalate the incident. Several witnesses claimed they spewed out hate remarks and called the Asian couple “Asian pigs” while assaulting them.

However, the witnesses couldn’t tell if it was the female or the male who started the assault. And it was also unfortunate how the witnesses in the subway were too stunned to take any immediate action.

The assault stopped once the train reached the Times Square station. All three suspects fled the scene as soon as the train stopped and could not be immediately identified. Police released stills and video screenshots from the witnesses to help with the investigation.

The stills show suspects were likely younger, perhaps in their twenties or thirties.

This racially-motived altercation in the subway caused the Asian man to receive at least several stitches on his head. He also sustained injuries in other body parts. The report didn’t mention if the female companion was also injured. But both victims refused medical attention at the station.

Wanted: Thugs violently attack innocent Asian man on subway in police-defunded NYC, called him 'Asian pig'

New York City Subway Problems

There has been in spike in New York City crime since the controversial bail reforms have been instituted- especially in the subway system. This clear rise in subway crime has been acknowledged by both NYPD leadership, the Mayor’s Officer and all the way up to the Governor’s officer.

Mayor Adams and Governor Hochul have recently announced plans to beef up NYPD and NY Transit Police presence in the subway system to address and curb the rise in violent encounters like this recent case. However, both Adams and Hochul fell short of mentioning the need for adjustments to the bail reforms or the problems many New Yorkers have voiced in the last few years.

Crime and bail reform has been a hot topic for New Yorkers and was a focul point during the governor’s debate. Then governor candidate Lee Zeldin targeted his debate towards the crime problem in New York City. When he challenged Gov. Hochul on her inaction to address the crime problem in NYC, she responded with:

“I do know why that [crime] is so important to you.”

NY Gov. Hochul to Zeldin on skyrocketing crime: "I don't know why that's so important to you"
Zeldin and Hochul go toe to toe on crime issues, Hochul put her foot in her mouth. Image screenshot from Fox News YouTube channel

Ask the innocent Asian man who received stitches for merely being on the subway if crime is an important topic.

But New Yorkers voted for Gov. Hochul. Apparently they believe that crime is not yet bad enough for change. The only question that remains is, how many more bodies have to be stacked and how many more lacerations need to be stitched before they begin to vote the politicians out of office?

Only time will tell.

For anyone in the NYC area: Anyone with information on the suspects should contact the NYPD immediately. This case is currently under the hate-crime task force in the NYPD CrimeStopper.

They also welcomed information from anyone who witnessed any hate crime or unprovoked attack due to racism. The NYPD opened two lines for the reports, one in English and Spanish. The hotlines are  1-800-577-TIPS (8477) for English and 1-888-57-PISTA (74782) for Spanish. They also receive tips and information through the website at https://crimestoppers.nypdonline.org or @NYPDTips on Twitter.

It is time to put a stop to any racially-motived hate crimes.

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Wanted: Thugs violently attack innocent Asian man on subway in police-defunded NYC, called him 'Asian pig'


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