The theory of Occam’s Razor and the principle of parsimony state in essence that the most direct and simplest hypothesis, the most direct conclusion or the simplest, most sensible, least complicated conclusion is most often true.  

As LEOs we know this. It is part of our investigative nature; walks like a duck, quacks like a duck, looks like a duck, it’s a duck!  That being said, why can’t we as a nation conclusively recognize the 800-pound gorilla in the room?  Why is there so much resistance to the facts?

Let’s look at those facts: Our border with Mexico is nowhere near adequately protected. Mexico is an economically depressed country as are many countries in South America. We, to the north are the proverbial “fatted cow.”  Mexico has its own government as does the United States. There are several Cartels warring in Mexico and the carnage is horrible. 

The Cartels have obscene amounts of money at their disposal from the drugs they sell to America. Moreover, the Cartels are fighting for overall control.  

drug fuel terrorism

(Courtesy DEA)

For decades, Mexicans have legally and illegally infiltrated the United States. The Cartel has corrupted the Mexican Government on all levels. These are all facts … and they are pretty much ignored by the Democratic Party running California.

Here are some more facts:  In the 70s and 80s, the Hell’s Angels were finding it difficult to obtain the precursors for making meth due to government crackdowns. So, in their infinite wisdom, they broke up the stages of their bathtub meth production and took it to Mexico where the needed precursors were readily available without government intervention. Things went well for the Hell’s Angels for a period, but soon the Cartels caught wind of their venture. Before long, the Hell’s Angels were out of business.  

The Cartel looked at the garbage meth being produced by the bathtub methods, and hired a Japanese Laboratory firm to examine the process and see what could be done to improve the process and profit margin.   

The result was the cleanest and finest meth ever produced, available in bulk and readily shippable to the United States. At the same time, the Japanese firm also produced another drug wonder for the Cartel; smoke-able heroin.  

The Chinese smoked opium in pipes for centuries, so why not heroin? It worked! As a result, the death rate for heroin overdose went through the roof in the San Diego area upon its release; especially among college students.  

Furthermore, the Cartel capitalized on this by forcing the sale of heroin to buyers of cocaine. If they wanted cocaine, they had to buy the heroin too.

accidentally overdosed

(Courtesy Sammisresearchers)

More facts: In the In the agricultural areas of Southern California, key farming positions were often held by Mexican Nationals as they could best coordinate the workers that would come in to harvest before moving on. Those running the agricultural operations ultimately gained the trust of the landowners and have been allowed control of the overall operation and use of vast acreages of land in areas such as Fresno, California.  

Those positions are still held by second and third family generations, now U. S. citizens. Many of the transient workers are now residents of California. They didn’t cut their ties with families back home in Mexico. As a result, I am sure it is unnecessary to further explain the interconnections between many Mexicans living in the United States and those still in Mexico. If you have any doubt, look at the number of money transfers being made to Mexico on weekends at any market that provides money transfers. 

Consequently, there are drug operations from production to distribution alive and well in the Fresno area of California. They are untouched and unencumbered while being protected by the laws of this country and a closely-knit Hispanic society in that area. 

Add to this, the Cartel is alive and well all during the period this was developing. The Cartel, not to pass up an economical opportunity, started approaching Mexican subjects in Mexico and the U. S. and incorporating them into the drug production, chemical and agricultural, under threat of harm to their families.

disarming campus cops


Of late, California politicians have moved towards open borders, sanctuary cities, and lowered penalties for crimes committed by illegal aliens. The media has all but ignored crimes committed by the mass influx of illegal aliens infiltrating California. The California government has allowed illegal aliens to obtain valid California driver’s licenses and largely ignored the voting practices by those not entitled to vote in America.  

Meantime, the Cartel has made major inroads into California strengthening the drug production and distribution greatly.

Why has this been allowed to happen? Why can’t the California politicians see the dangers of their acts? Why have pictures of key California politicians in the company of Cartel operatives surfaced lately on the Internet? How is it that so many California politicians have become far more affluent since gaining office, far beyond their standard salary for office? Could it be that the Cartel, with its almost unlimited financial backing is behind these questions? 

Then there are the caravans of illegal immigrants that have assaulted our southern border of late, unencumbered by the Mexican government as they walk through Mexico to get here. Many of which, I would point out, are carrying the flags of their country. Does it seem these people are coming to America to be Americans, or to get what they can get?

Meantime, the left is actively at work to divide our nation through a myriad of efforts. There are no efforts towards unifying our country by the left. Why? Simple; divide and conquer.  

It’s time to look at what is going on. It is time to identify those who are pushing this agenda. The specter of a Cartel political tie is discerning. But then, looking at the facts, the theory of Occam’s Razor and the principle of parsimony would make it clear to see. 

If we don’t collectively act, the chaos to follow will be devastating to us all. I’m starting with supporting the building of the wall. Ok, it’s a stopgap, not a total solution, but it will definitely help and is a step in the right direction. 


Southern U.S. border. Tijuana, Mexico is on the right. San Diego on the left. (Sgt. 1st Class Gordon Hyde)

You reap what you sow, and failing to address these issues or act upon them is a certain recipe for disaster if the present trends are any indication. If we do not act as a nation, I fear that we are sowing the wind, and we all will reap the whirlwind! 


Kevin Cotroneo has served 36 years in law enforcement, retiring from the California Highway Patrol and Mendocino County Sheriff’s – Coroner’s Office, retiring at the rank of sergeant from both.  During that time, he served in such capacities as Highway Interdiction, Officer Involved Shooting Team, Search & Rescue commander, and rangemaster.  He has been an instructor for DRE (Drug Recognition Expert), EMT (Emergency Medical Technician), Firearms, Officer Survival, and Community Awareness.

Kevin has kept abreast of the current training and trending events in law enforcement, meanwhile adding to his own training, expertise, and experience as a basis to present you the articles he writes. His goal is to expand awareness, improve survival capabilities, and share trending methods with brother and sister officers. There is always something new to learn and insight to be gained, he is constantly in pursuit of that knowledge. He currently works for the federal government.