Washington police officer stabbed in head and back before cops shoot, kill child rape suspect


CHEHALIS, WA – A suspect wanted for child rape was fatally shot by Centralia police officers after the man stabbed a police officer in the head and back, according to the Lewis County Sheriff’s Office (LCSO).

Authorities said that about 10:15 a.m. Friday, detectives from the Sheriff’s Department were trying to arrest a 32-year-old man for second-degree rape of a child. When they found the suspect on NE Adams Avenue, the suspect reportedly appeared to reach for a weapon.

One of the deputies shot at the suspect, who then fled on foot.

The Chehalis Police Department, Thurston County Sheriff’s Office, Mason County Sheriff’s Office, and the Washington State Patrol responded to assist, including a K9 unit which eventually located the suspect on Alfred Street in Chehalis around 12:15 p.m.

As officers from the Centralia Police Department tried to arrest the suspect, the man stabbed a police officer in the head and back, according to LCSO. Officials say the officer who was stabbed was taken to an area hospital for surgery and is in stable condition.


Other officers on scene shot the suspect. Despite life-saving efforts by officers, the suspect died at the scene. the Pierce County Sheriff’s Department tweeted Friday:

“Deputy Involved Shooting in Chehalis. Both Detectives are okay. When trying to apprehend the suspect, a Centralia Officer was stabbed, and another shooting occurred.

“The suspect is deceased. The Lewis County Sheriff’s Office is investigating both shootings.”

The Lewis County Sheriff’s Office is the primary investigating agency for the independent investigation. Anyone with information on the incident should contact the Lewis County Sheriff’s Office at (360) 748-9286.

The incident occurred just weeks after a Vancouver, Washington police officer was killed off-duty after being stabbed by a robbery suspect at his home and then accidentally shot by a responding sheriff’s deputy.

Vancouver police officer Donald Sahota, 52, collapsed on his porch as he was shot January 29, authorities said.

The tragic events began when the suspect fled a gas station robbery in Vancouver, near Portland. He fled in a stolen Mercedes and was pursued by police.

The suspect arrived at the off-duty officer’s residence banging on the door claiming he was in a car accident, according to authorities.

Officer Sahota’s wife called 911 and realized that the man at her door matched the description of a robbery suspect, authorities said. She remained on the phone and told dispatchers that her husband  was headed outside to confront the man and detain him for law enforcement.

The suspect struggled with Officer Sahota and stabbed him several times. According to court documents, the suspect managed to break away from the officer and ran into the residence, knocking over the officer’s wife.

Officer Sahota was able to stand up holding his gun to chase the suspect. A responding officer mistook the armed officer for the suspect and shot him with a patrol rifle. The officer collapsed on the porch and was later pronounced dead.

Officers only realized the mistake when the suspect, identified as Julio Cesar Segura, 20, walked onto the porch with his hands up and surrendered.

Troy Brightbill, chief criminal deputy of the Cowlitz County Sheriff’s Office and commander of the Lower Columbia Major Crimes Team, said the officer that fired the fatal shot has been placed on “critical incident leave.”

Vancouver Police Chief James McElvain said in a statement:

“My heart goes out to Officer Sahota’s family and friends and those of us in his VPD family as well.

“His death is a tragic loss, and he will be deeply missed by many.”

Washington police officer stabbed in head and back before cops shoot, kill child rape suspect

Man charged with armed robbery and murder of police officer – even though he didn’t pull the trigger

February 19, 2022


PORTLAND, OR – The man in custody for an armed robbery and murder in the death of an off-duty Vancouver police officer has had the criminal charges he was facing elevated to three counts of first-degree murder, amongst many others.

On January 30th, the suspect in the case, identified as Julio Cesar Segura, was charged with attempted first-degree murder, first-degree robbery, first-degree burglary, third-degree assault, possession of a stolen vehicle, and attempting to elude.

The charges stemmed from an armed robbery in which he fled from police and later stabbed an off-duty Vancouver Officer.

Those charges were elevated on February 15th to three counts of first-degree murder, one count of second-degree murder, one count of first-degree attempted murder, one count of first-degree attempted kidnapping, one count of first-degree burglary, and one count of first-degree robbery.

The incident started when Segura allegedly committed an armed robbery at a Chevron convenience store on January 29th.

After the robbery, he fled the scene in a stolen vehicle and then led police on a vehicle pursuit where speeds reached in excess of 100 mph.

Segura crashed the stolen car he was driving when he avoided a set of stop sticks and allegedly got out and fled on foot. He ended up at the home of off-duty Vancouver Police Officer Donald Sahota that he shared with his wife, Dawnese.

While at the home, Officer Sahota attempted to arrest Segura after he learned that he was being sought by the police. Segura allegedly struggled and the two began to fight, leading to him stabbing the officer several times with a folding knife.

During the fight, a gun fell to the ground and the two struggled for it.

At some point, Segura was able to break free from Officer Sahota and enter the home. Segura chased Dawnese and attempted to take her as a hostage.

While this was occurring, Officer Sahota picked himself up off of the ground, grabbed the gun, and proceeded to attempt to kick in the front door to rescue his wife.

As the officer was trying to get into his house, a deputy from the Clark County Sheriff’s Office arrived on the scene and mistook Officer Sahota for Segura.

Believing that the person he was seeing that was armed and trying to kick in a door was Segura, he believed that everyone’s life was in danger and opened fire, striking and killing the officer.

A few moments after the officer went to the ground, Dawnese was able to exit the garage toward the front of the home begging people to help her husband.

Shortly afterward, Segura exited and surrendered himself to officers. Segura was arrested and charged with several crimes and given a high bond.

Court documents indicate the first-degree murder charges stem from Segura committing a burglary in the first degree during the course of committing a crime which resulted in the death of the officer.

The second-degree murder charge was filed due to Officer Sahota being killed as Segura was allegedly trying to take Dawnese hostage.

The third first-degree murder charge was filed because Segura allegedly was placing Officer Sahota and his wife’s lives in danger while committing a felony which resulted in a death. The attempted first-degree murder charge stated Segura allegedly:

“Did an act which was a substantial step toward the commission of that crime.”

After the new charges were filed, Segura’s bond was set at $5 million, an amount that his defense attorney tried to argue should be lowered.

The attorney appeared in front of Clark County Judge Nancy Retsinas and argued that the bond should be reduced to $50,000 because of the assault charges.

Judge Retsinas denied the request, saying:

“It is not difficult for the court to determine there is a significant risk to the community in this case.”




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