The American people know who supports law and order and who does not (spoiler alert: it isn’t Democrats)


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Suddenly less than two months before the midterm elections, Democrats are now claiming they are the party of law and order, despite ample evidence to the contrary. Also, given the fact that only a year or two back liberals were calling to defund the police (or in the case of Ilhan Omar, dismantle the police), it is hard to buy what they are trying to sell.

The result of the attack by liberal Democrats on the police has been two fold—first, a lot of cops have had enough and chosen to either retire or quit outright—and second, with less police to patrol the streets as well as some officers having the mindset that they shouldn’t risk their lives for people who don’t give a crap, crime has exploded.

Clearly, anyone with eyes wide open knows that when it comes to protecting citizens and getting our streets under control, Democrats are the wrong people for the job. That isn’t our opinion…that’s the opinion being expressed by a lot of people.

According to Trending Politics, in a recent call-in to C-SPAN, a black gentleman called in to answer the question, “Who should be trusted to help on the issue of crime and law and order, Democrats or Republicans?” The caller pulled no punches.

He told the host that he lived in a Democrat-run city and was crystal clear—Democrats cannot be trusted to solve the crime problem.

That much should be clear because it was soft-on-crime, light-on-criminals, attack the police policies which were pushed by Democrats, from Kamala Harris to Joe Biden and through Congress in the persons of Omar, Nancy Pelosi, Maxine Waters and many, many others.

The Blaze reported:

“Last month, during an open forum on the ‘Washington Journal,’ a black man who had lived in New York for decades called into the show to tell ‘the truth’ about Democrat-run cities.”

“’I believe the Republicans are better. Why? As a New Yorker that lived in New York from Mayor Koch through Mayor Bloomberg, Democrats and particularly these days, in all honesty as a black man telling the truth, Democratic mayors that is black, whether they male or female; Democratic police commissioners that’s black, male or female…Democratic cities, they’re run into the ground,’ the caller went on to say.

“The caller then said that leftist leaders are ‘soft on crime’ because they don’t ‘put the hammer down.’”

He then moved on to say that Republicans “are hard on crime” while being “way more supportive of the police.”

This gentleman is right there on the streets of New York, and sees what is going on in his community. People like this are afraid of what is happening in this country, and are well aware of the abject failure of Democrats to get crime under control and ensure it is controlled going forward.

The caller continued:

“In my opinion, nationally, city by city, crime-wise, you might want Republicans as your mayors, as your police commissioners whether they’re white or black, whether they [are] male or female because they’re more inclined to take crime more seriously and be more inclined to protect and support the victims of crime.”

And this caller wasn’t alone. Earlier in  the program, a caller who still lived in New York told the host that the Republican party definitely maintains the “moral high ground” where it concerns doing something about the violent crime problem.

“In this particular case, the Republican Party has the moral high ground. I say that because recently, you watched, in my opinion, Democratic support for the burning and looting of our cities—calling them ‘peaceful protests,’ destroying monuments and everything,” the caller said.

The difference between Republicans and Democrats is that Republicans always support law enforcement, in particular the men and women on the front lines on a day-to-day basis dealing with out of control crime. Yes, they have criticized federal law enforcement agencies that have been weaponized by the Biden administration against his political enemies, but that criticism is more than justified given the politicization of the bureau.

Democrats only defend police when it is politically advantageous, such as their transparent “support” of the US Capitol Police, only months after federal police were referred to as “Nazis,” “stormtroopers” and the “Gestapo” by Democratic members of Congress.

Where Democrats railed for months about “overzealous” police officers whom they accused of beating and murdering innocent people, their support for the Capitol police officer who gunned down unarmed Ashli Babbitt on January 6 was not only hypocritical, it was sickening. All because of whom she supported in the 2020 election.

Republicans remain steadfast in their support of the rank-and-file police, understanding the importance of law and order and the fact that police have once again turned into targets for the bad guys.

In addition, Republicans believe if people commit crimes, they must be punished, understanding that in  many cases, the promise of prompt punishment acts as a deterrent. For sure not all the time, but if someone thinks they may actually end up in jail for their crimes, they may think twice.

The fact Democrats are now trying to claim they support the police is easily debunked, since there are numerous videos of them doing anything but that.

The American people know exactly who has their back and who does not when it comes to ensuring they are protected from crime. Those folks have an “R” after their name, not a “D.”

For a previous piece about the Democrats’ “pivot” on defunding the police, we invite you to:


The following editorial is written by a retired Chief of Police and current staff writer for Law Enforcement Today.

USA- The dystopian novel “1984,” written by George Orwell was truly a prophetic piece of literature. We are currently seeing portions of that book play out in real life.

Let’s explain a bit about the book before we get into the most recent example of truth being stranger than fiction, in this case the latest assertion by Democrats that it is Republicans—not they—who are defunding the police. More on that shortly.

In his book, Orwell talked about a government, not unlike what we currently have, which engages in a couple different forms of mind control:

Newspeak which was invented by the government in the novel to suppress the ability to develop treasonous (or anti-government, if you will) ideas by the people, and;

Doublethink, a product of newspeak in which one believes two contradictory statements to be true at the same time or saying one thing and meaning another.

In 1984, examples include something called the Ministry of Truth, which erases history and disseminates lies. The Ministry of Peace creates war, and the Ministry of Love has a place where there is torture. In other words, there are a lot of euphemisms and contradictions.

Those two philosophies outlined in 1984 have morphed into a single word called doublespeak. The Canada Free Press refers to it as “the language of opposites. Up is down and down is up.”

The outlet defines the two this way:

“Newspeak is a method of controlling thought through language—it is the language of fake news. Doublethink is when a person accepts two mutually contradictory thoughts as correct without being aware or troubled by the glaring contradiction between them.”

They define doublespeak as language that “deliberately obscures, distorts, disguises, or reverses the meaning of words to manipulate public opinion.”

That brings us to the defund the police narrative. Over the past year, we have clearly heard Democrats—not Republicans continually calling to defund the police.

Ocasio-Cortez, Pressley, Omar, Tlaib—the list goes on. A simple Internet search finds dozens of examples of Democrats demanding defunding of the police.

Some have not only demanded police be defunded but have also asked for them to be disbanded.

Polls have come out that show “defund the police” is wildly unpopular across nearly all demographics—whites, blacks, Hispanics, Asians—and we know that the only thing Democrats are concerned about is pandering and the next election.

So all of a sudden, in the past week or so, Democrats have suddenly discovered that it is they, not Republicans who support the police.

Their logic? Buried inside the so-called American Rescue Plan was money for cities and towns to do with as they pleased. There was no specific earmark for law enforcement.

And none of the cities and states who received the funding said they would earmark funds toward law enforcement.

Republicans knew that the money designated for states and cities in primarily blue areas was being used to pay off massive debt incurred by public employee pensions.

And they decided that having the fiscally responsible portion of the United States on the hook for blue states blowing their financial resources on a load of garbage while ignoring their pension obligations wasn’t going to fly. So they voted no.

Democrats have suddenly seized on that fact to make the unbelievably absurd claim that by virtue of voting no, the Republicans have therefore decided to defund the police.

And of course, the Praetorian Guard media has jumped right on board with the Democrats as would be expected.

According to the Media Research Center (MRC), this past week, left-wing MSNBC hack Stephanie Ruhle had DNC Chairman Jaime Harrison on her program. She repeated the same line of BS spouted by White House Propaganda Minister Jen Psaki, who got up at the podium last week and made the same absurd claim about Republicans defunding police.

When Psaki was pressed by Fox News’ Peter Doocy to name one Republican who specifically said they wanted to defund the police, she of course could not name one.

Ruhle became panicked when talking about the New York City mayor’s race, where former NYPD officer Eric Adams was leading the Democratic primary (although now that’s been called into question by more election malfeasance).

Ruhle is worried that the Democrat’s “messaging on crime and law enforcement” is not resonating with voters. Adams is (obviously) against defunding the police.

“He said that the Democrat party needs to pay attention to New York or you’re going to be in trouble. How do you have a big tent party without turning off voters that you need to win?” she whined.

This is when Harrison joined the conga line of Democrats with short memories, making the same ludicrous argument that Republicans supported defunding the police because they voted no on the Biden boondoggle.

“The Republican Party likes to talk a lot. Right now they are talking about defunding the police. But who really is defunding the police? In the American Rescue Plan, Stephanie, we have $350 billion to go to our cities and many of those cities under the authority of President Biden are using those resources to fund their police departments. And guess what, not one Republican—not one Republican voted for it,” Harrison said. 

Ruhle tripped over her tongue to quickly agree with Harrison, then rotated to worrying how Democrats would ever convince Americans to believe that when Democrats said defund the police, they didn’t really mean defund the police.

Doublespeak, got it? Defunding the police, Ruhle said means “enhance and empower law enforcement.”

“I’m with you. But how are you going to convince the American people of that? Right? You have Republicans that are not supporting a commission on this insurrection which is all about law and order.

But Republicans have co-opted this idea that defund the police means wiping out police forces when what it really does is enhance and empower law enforcement. But you and I both know that that message is not translating correctly across a lot of American homes.” [emphasis added]

Ahh. So because Republicans aren’t buying into the Democrat hysteria that an unarmed group of people who basically committed trespass was an insurrection, suddenly they don’t support law and order? Got it.

Harrison then went on to babble about how the plans of Biden and the Democrats was “working,” how they were going to use planes flying over beaches and ice cream trucks talking about shots and all that good stuff.

They think that as Americans are paying an extra dollar plus per gallon for gas and the price of everything they buy is climbing, they can somehow convince the American people that their leftist policies are working.

Hopefully, they’re going into the high-crime areas of New York, Chicago, St. Louis, Los Angeles, San Francisco and dozens of other high-crime Democrat cities, where police HAVE been defunded by Democrats and where crime is spiraling out of control and try to spread their BS there.

Maybe they can convince people who have buried their babies and children that their defund the police mantra doesn’t mean defund the police. Up is down, down is up. Doublespeak—the Democrats are experts at it.

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Law Enforcement Today has reported extensively on Democrat rhetoric about defunding the police. In case you missed it, we invite you to:


WASHINGTON, DC- This week, Democrats, including White House Press Secretary Jen Psaki have laughably made the argument that despite overwhelming evidence to the contrary, it is Republicans—not Democrats—who are pushing to defund the police.

This assertion came about as statistics have shown a record increase in all crimes, but especially violent crimes in Democrat-run cities. Democrats are clearly trying to deflect blame away from them.

Breitbart reports that the fantasy of Republican-advocated defund the police started on Sunday, when Biden advisor Cedric Richmond attempted to pin the blame for the defund the police mantra on Republicans while appearing on Fox News Sunday with Chris Wallace.

“Let’s talk about who defunded the police. When we were in Congress last year trying to pass a rescue plan—I’m sorry not the rescue plan but an emergency relief plan for cities that were cash-strapped and laying off police and firefighters—it was the Republicans who objected to it.

And in fact, they didn’t get funding until the American Rescue Plan, which our plan allowed state and local governments to replenish their police departments and do the other things that are needed.

“So look, Republicans are very good at staying on talking points of who says defund the police, but the truth is, they defunded the police, we funded crime intervention, and a whole bunch of other things.”

Ironically, last year appearing on CBS News’ Face the Nation, Richmond said the “defund the police” mantra cost Democrats seats in November’s election.

Richmond should probably get his story straight.

This is of course absurd on its face. There are innumerable documented cases where Democrats talked about “defunding” or “reimagining” the police.

Also, the reason Republicans voted against the American Rescue Plan was the fact that the money directed to cities was being used to plug enormous deficits brought on by the cities through reckless spending.

Some of them, such as Chicago and Los Angeles had huge deficits due to unfunded pension obligations for public employee pensions.

One thing about Democrats is you know when they have received their talking points or marching orders because you hear it from the conga line of politicians and the mainstream media.

Such is the case with the sudden realization that it was the Republicans, not Democrats who have been parroting “defund the police” for over a year.

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In a White House press conference on Monday, Fox News’ Peter Doocy asked Psaki about Richmond’s comments and whether she agreed with his assessment:

“Well, the president did mention that the American Rescue Plan, the state and local funding, something that was supported by the president, a lot of Democrats who supported and voted for the bill, could help ensure local cops were kept on the beat in communities across the country.

As you know, [it] didn’t receive a single Republican vote. That funding has been used to keep cops on the beat.”

A fact check easily found the comments by both Richmond and Psaki were lies.

“Although the White House did use the talking point that broad grants to localities could be used to help police departments and first responders, the American Rescue Plan did not include specific funding to hire more police officers,” Breitbart News said.

What’s more, the facts are clear, that being that Democrats have been leading the charge in defunding the police for over a year and that has led to a significant increase in crime in America’s largest cities—all run by Democrats.

Here, in no particular order are the Democrat-run cities which have drastically gutted their police department budgets in the past year:

  • New York: Last June, Mayor Bill de Blasio slashed $1 billion from the NYPD budget, despite a spike in shootings and other violent crime in the wake of Floyd’s death in Minneapolis and the related violent riots which broke out in the aftermath.Recently, de Blasio redirected $92 million back to the NYPD to build a new precinct which was cut from last year’s budget. Between January 1 thru May 23 this year, there have been 531 shootings in the city, an increase from 295 during the same period last year, according to Breitbart.
  • Philadelphia: Last year, the “City of Brotherly Love” slashed $33 million from the police department; in response the city is now “on pace to have one of its deadliest years on record,” according to NBC10 Philadelphia.Philly is also home to Larry Krasner, one of the “progressive” neo-Marxist, soft-on-crime district attorneys who has turned the justice system in the city into a revolving door.
  • Washington, DC: Last June, the DC city council said they would cut $15 million from the police budget. In May, the Washington Post said homicides in the city increased 38 percent compared to the same time period in 2020.
  • Baltimore: Like it’s other Democrat-run counterparts, Baltimore cut $22 million from the police budget, according to the Baltimore Sun reporting last June, police commissioner Michael Harrison said he wanted to “see more boots on the ground,” and requested additional police department funding in light of the “surge in violent crime in cities across the country, as reported by The Hill.
  • Los Angeles: Last year, mayor Eric Garcetti oversaw a $150 million cut in the LAPD budget last year; this year he’s seeking to restore $50 million of that, according to Breitbart, amidst a spike in crime in that city.
  • Minneapolis: Last June 12, the Minneapolis city council voted unanimously to disband that city’s police department, as reported by Breitbart. Just over one year later, the city council voted to direct $5 million to pay for police overtime.
  • “MPD was down to 632 active officers through the end of May. That’s a 25 percent drop from 845 police in 2020. As of last week, 60 officers are on disability leave,” according to CBS Minnesota.“Deputy Chief Erick Fos told the committee that the number of gunshot victims has more than doubled from this point last year to this year, increasing from 116 to 259. Homicides have increased by 81 percent over the same time period.”
  • Seattle: The Seattle city council last August approved measures to reduce the police department by around 100 officers, either through layoffs or attrition.
  • Portland: Last June, city commissioners approved a cut of nearly $!6 million from the police budget. Appearing on NBC Nightly News this year, Daryl Turner, Executive Director of the Portland Police Association said that morale in the PPB is “as bad as it’s ever been,” even as the city is also seeing an explosion in violent crime.

Not only has Democrat-run cities’ support to “defund the police” been seen in how they are handling public safety funding, but also in their words:

  • Joe Biden supported “reallocating police resources” during his campaign
  • Kamala Harris said “I applaud Eric Garcetti” for defunding the LAPD, while saying “we have to reimagine public safety” as she discussed lowering police presence in communities
  • Biden’s Associate Attorney General, Vanita Gupta said local officials need to “decrease police budgets and the scope, role, and responsibility of police in our lives.”
  • Biden’s Secretary of Labor Marty Walsh, then mayor of Boston proposed a budget diverting funding from the Boston PD
  • Biden’s Assistant Attorney General and critical race theory proponent Kristen Clarke wrote an op-ed for Newsweek last year supporting efforts to “defund the police.”
  • Rep Val Demings (D-FL), ironically a former police officer called the decision of the Minneapolis City Council to “defund the police” “very thoughtful.”
  • House Speaker Nancy Pelosi (D-CA) and fellow House Democrats refused to criticize the Minneapolis City Council for defunding the police; Pelosi also referred to federal law enforcement officers assigned to protect the federal courthouse in Portland, Oregon as “stormtroopers.”
  • Maxine Waters (D-CA) told protestors to “get more confrontational” with police
  • Ilhan Omar (D-MN) called for dismantling the Minneapolis PD
  • Cori Bush (D-MO) called to defund the police after she was elected to Congress
  • House Majority Whip James Clyburn (D-SC) compared federal law enforcement to Nazi Gestapo

Those are but a few examples of Democrats’ hue and cry to defund the police. An attempt was made to find a Republican member of Congress calling to defund the police, but none was found.

Even in the midst of a clear explosion of crime across the US, Democrats refuse to recognize what is occurring; a number of Democrats are still calling to defund the police, many despite the fact that they have themselves spent tens of thousands of dollars on their own security.

In fact, some of them, including members of the “squad” voted present during a vote a few months back, which would have resulted in the defeat of a $2 billion cut in security for the Capitol. That included Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez (D-NY) and Rep. Ayanna Pressley (D-MA). Still they’re all for defunding the police for their voters.

Ocasio-Cortez continues calls to reallocate resources away from police and refers to concern over the current crime wave as “hysteria.”

Pressley meanwhile said she still supports defunding the police.

Meanwhile, the only member of the squad who (allegedly) has testosterone, Rep. Jamaal Bowman (D-NY) has demanded police be defunded even while requesting additional police protection for himself.

Unfortunately for Democrats, the internet is forever, and the truth is there for all to see. A majority of the American people know who supports the police and who does not. Democrats do not.

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