The vote is in . . .

A couple weeks ago I wrote an article about my friend Ammie Kessem and her run for Illinois House District 19 Representative. She was even interviewed on Law Enforcement Today radio. The results are in and Ammie did not win. She lost to the incumbent.

If you missed my previous article Ammie is an active Chicago police sergeant, a loving wife, and devoted mother to two daughters and one son. She worked her fingers to the bone, devoting every spare moment to her campaign. Imagine the toll this has taken on her.

She was out, going door to door, introducing herself to everyone and getting to know her neighbors with every spare moment. She talked with them and listened to their concerns.

right thing

This area of the state is very Democrat in its ways. Most of the 19th District is in Chicago, where machine politics has always been the norm. The Democrats run the machine. At the state level, Mike Madigan runs the Democrat machine and runs state capital. Ammie’s opponent is strongly entrenched in Madigan’s Democrat machine.

There were more than 50 Illinois Representative races that were uncontested and went to the incumbent Democrat. Ammie ran in one of the few contested races and gave a great showing for herself.


Sgt. Ammie Kessem made LEOs proud. (Photo via Robert Weisskopf)

I sent a message to Ammie this morning. I wanted to tell her that no matter the outcome her friends and neighbors are proud of her. Additionally, the LEO community is proud of her. She is a shining example of the nation’s police officers.

Thank you, Ammie, for all your hard work. You won our hearts.

Stay safe everyone, run low and zigzag.

– Robert Weisskopf (Lt. ret.)