Virginia House of Delegates member riots, gets pepper sprayed, threatens State Police funding


Manassas, Virginia – Virginia House of Delegates member decided to attack police Saturday night – in more ways than one.

And when it backfired… he threatened to use his position to cut their funding.

This is why countless people are calling for him to be not just removed from office… but also arrested.

Lee J. Carter was shot on video during the protests in Virginia antagonizing police, threatening their budget (which he says he controls), getting physically confrontational, and then complaining that he got pushed down and eventually peppered sprayed.

The House of Delegates member says to police on a line formation the following:

“When I get back down to Richmond, the head of your agency will be answering these questions. So, what is the public safety reason for advancing into this crowd?”

There are actually quite a few reasons police were present and advancing on crowds in Manassas.

According to news sources that followed the events in Manassas on May 30th, one officer was struck in the head with a brick and another officer was struck with a rock.

Furthermore, police were dispatched because the protest had morphed into an unlawful assembly, according to the Prince William County Police.

That didn’t stop Carter from flexing his authority in one captured video, where he can be heard saying:

“I’m a member of the general assembly, I run the state police’s budget. They’re gonna fucking regret it.”

During one of the other videos captured, Carter can be seen standing with his arms positioned behind his back and refusing to move while police are advancing on a crowd of demonstrators in an effort to gain control and direct the crowd’s movement.

When Carter refuses to move while positioning himself directly in front of the advancing police force, he gets essentially knocked over.

When Carter stands back up after basically being tipped over, he screams at the line of officers, saying:

“You must have lost your God-damned mind!”

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There’s a huge difference between protesting, which is peacefully assembling and voicing opinions, and what Assemblyman Carter was doing though.

When police are dispatched to direct a crowd’s movement during a demonstration, it is not the time to physically obstruct police from doing so.

It gets better though; Carter intentionally seeks out another police line formation and decides to do it all again. But this time, he can be seen actually shoving police as their line is advancing.

Virginia House of Delegates member riots, gets pepper sprayed, threatens State Police funding

As officers were saying “get back” while Carter was positioning himself as an obstacle from the police’s formed line, he begins to start leaning and shoving against the officers moving forward.

Virginia House of Delegates member riots, gets pepper sprayed, threatens State Police funding

One officer is seen using his shield to push Carter back, and then another officer in the line administers what is likely pepper spray against Carter. After getting a healthy stream of the pepper spray, Carter says:

“Ahhh! Now you have sprayed CS… or OC – on a member of the General Assembly.”

The way Carter shouted his remarks had a very “do you know who I am?” kind of ring to it.

Here’s the issue once again – it doesn’t matter who you are when it comes to these kinds of interactions with police.

You could be “Joe Citizen”, a member of the General Assembly, or Judge Judy; you still can’t shove a police officer.

Other demonstrators gathered around Carter and doused him with milk, which ironically made him look like the clown he was acting like while interacting with police officers.

Virginia House of Delegates member riots, gets pepper sprayed, threatens State Police funding

Carter has been on Twitter playing victim to the situation since the interaction with police. Posing for pictures while holding a flash bang canister that was likely used during the crowd control instances.

He claims that he was hit with flash bangs twice during the protests, but there’s no proof of that incident floating around aside from him posing with a deployed canister online after the protests.

While he may have been hit twice with a flash bang, he also could have just as easily picked one up off of the ground.

This is hardly the manner in which elected officials should be acting.

Carter was endorsed by the Democratic Socialists of America (DSA), of which he is a member.

According to Wikipedia, Carter, who has been married and divorced three times, has previously dealt with police involvement and an emergency protective order in his home life.

In October 2018, Carter admitted to previously making “homophobic, transphobic, sometimes sexist or racially insensitive” comments online as a teenager.


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