Violent mob attacks Tampa police officers with glass bottles, two hit in head


TAMPA, FL – During the early morning hours of June 20th in Tampa, police say that a crowd that had gathered turned violent and resulted in a Tampa Police Department officer getting injured during the aggressive display when officers were trying to respond to a reported shooting.

At approximately 1:15 a.m. on June 20th, TPD officers were said to have been dispatched to the corner of 15th St. N. and 26th Ave. E. when calls came in regarding shots being fired with a possible victim being present.

However, when officers arrived, numerous people had reportedly blocked off all four portions of the intersection.

The group reportedly were trying to inhibit law enforcement personnel from entering the area, which reportedly led to some among the crowd turning violent. When officers were taking an individual into custody, the crowd began to surround police and threw glass bottles at the officers.

According to the TPD, several subjects present began to jump up and down on a patrol vehicle while officers were enacting the arrest. One of the officers was said to have sustained a head injury from a glass bottle striking the back of his head.

A second officer was reported as being injured by a glass bottle, suffering a cut on the left side of his head where the object was thrown.

The officer that suffered the laceration to the side of the head was treated at a local hospital and was later released, according to reports.

With regard to the shots fired call, police were unable to locate any possible victim.

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Attacks on police are becoming quite commonplace it seems. 

Officials in Virginia have just released new bodycam footage from an incident that happened in Richmond on June 15th where a Virginia State Police trooper was struck with a chunk of asphalt during the protests that took place that day.

The protests were said to have taken place just outside of the Richmond Police Headquarters on Grace Street, which began during the evening hours of the 14th and progressed during the earl morning hours of the 15th.

On a posting to Twitter, the Virginia State Police released the body cam footage of the trooper who was struck in the leg with the chunk of asphalt, as there were apparently calls to release the footage:

“Since demands have been raised on social media & by #RVA elected officials to “show it” – #VSP Sgt. being injured by protesters Monday @RichmondPolice HQ – here’s the Sgt’s body cam. He was taken to the hospital, treated & released, thankfully. Warning, video contains profanity.”

According to the Virginia State Police, there was another trooper that was struck in the head with some object during the protest that took place, but it was stated that the trooper’s helmet managed to absolve most of the potential injury that could have occurred.

The Virginia State Police also posted details of the riotous behavior that took place during the evening rife with violent demonstrations on Facebook. According to the post, officials stated that there was more to the aggressive acts than just chunks of asphalt thrown at troopers and police:

“Throwing chunks of asphalt weren’t rioters only violent tactics at the #RVA protests this week & the reason for the Unlawful Assembly declarations. #VSP & Richmond Police Department have been hit by urine-filled balloons. We’ve intercepted ball bearings & Molotov cocktails. Rioters launched their own smoke grenades – see how the purple smoke is BEHIND the LEOs. (Also, we don’t deploy pink/purple smoke).”

The post continued, noting that bad actors among the crowd were engaged in criminal acts that attempted to obscure officers’ and troopers’ lines of sight:

“The rioters intentionally blinded LEOs with laser pointers & strobe lights. And the white splotches on the pavement are from the glue thrown at #VSP shields to obscure the troopers’ line of sight.”

Needless to say, there are some that are still sympathetic to the crowd engaged in a violent, unlawful assembly (which was declared after miscreants among the crowd decided to engage in violence toward officers).

One Twitter user responded to the released body cam footage with the following:

“This happens after dozens are gassed without provocation, 200+ are violently arrested on curfew charges, and a cop runs his car through a crowd of protesters. Sorry the trooper got hit with a rock. Really sorry.”

Despite the smug responses littered among the posting by the Virginia State Police, another user responded to the aforementioned with a reasonable observation:

“There is a significant part of America. About 99% that doesn’t get maced or pepper sprayed. They also obey the law, don’t throw projectiles at police(felony), throw projectiles at cars(felony), and don’t gather in crowds that have caused significant damage to the city. Loser.”

While the display of reasonable speculation still exists among the discord online within social media, it does often find itself getting drowned out by the likes of personas that feel that there shouldn’t be consequences for illegal behaviors committed as long as those acts are aimed toward police personnel.


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