“F–k Ann Coulter!”: Angry masked protestors arrested at California university


University of California, Berkeley police arrested several masked Anitfa protestors Wednesday night. The university is again in the spotlight after hundreds of protestors showed up outside a public speaking engagement on the campus featuring conservative author Ann Coulter.


UC Berkley police informed local Fox 2 news station that, “covering faces is a violation of campus protest policy.” That news station reported that seven individuals were arrested for violating that policy Wednesday night.

Police officers outfitted in full riot gear were put in place outside the entrance to the campuses Wheeler Hall building. The officers, as well as fixed barricades, were there in anticipation of the protester’s arrival.

As Fox News reported this morning, this is the latest episode of “cancel culture” on [our] nation’s college campuses.” As explained by The Highlander News,

“Cancel culture has become the new way of mass vocalizing the dissatisfaction that comes from a celebrity’s actions. Canceling a person is essentially boycotting that person.”

UC Berkeley is quickly becoming the epicenter for these types of protests.

Coulter was invited by the Berkley College Republicans to give a speech titled, “Adios America”, which is the portion of the title of a book that she published in 2015 called, “¡Adios, America!: The Left’s Plan to Turn Our Country Into a Third World Hellhole.”


Coulter, along with a multitude of attendees needed to be escorted into and out of the building by police in order to attend the event. Those that wanted to see Coulter’s speech purchased a $45 ticket in order to do so. Protestors created human chains, stopping individuals from gaining access to the building.


Protestors can be heard in several videos screaming,

“F*ck Ann Coulter! F*ck Ann Coulter!”

Coulter, to her credit, was not swayed by the harassment and attempted intimidation. 


In several videos that have become available on Twitter, individuals attempting to get into the speaking engagement were harassed, screamed at, and physically blocked from doing so by protestors that lined the outside of the building.


One video posted by conservative writer Andy Ngo which shows a female ticket holder being yelled at and then having her ticket stolen by what appears to be a protester. Shortly followed after by the jeering crowd screaming and laughing at the individual.


It appears though, that the protestors feel as if they are the victims in this situation. According to Newsweek the Refuse Fascism protest organizer Atlas Winfrey, stated that two protestors were inside the event, and he feels that one of those students was unfairly targeted for speaking out inside that event.

The student, Brandy Youssif, who is enrolled at Berkeley City College, is currently still in police custody with her bail set at $60,000.

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"F--k Ann Coulter!": Angry masked protestors arrested at California university


Winfrey stated this about what he feels is the unfair treatment of Youssif,

“She had never done anything like this before, but she knows in her heart that Ann Coulter is a racist, that she’s a Nazi and that if she doesn’t act, the whole situation is only going to get worse.” He also went on to state, “”The demand that was thunderously roaring was ‘Trump/Pence out now.’ That was overwhelmingly what the crowd was saying.”



Although it is unclear at this time what charges Youssif is currently facing, Winfrey told Newsweek that he believed assault charges were among them. Winfrey also explained that Youssif is being accused of ‘assaulting police officers during her arrest.”

Winfrey stated that he does not believe that Youssif assaulted police, and that his organization Refuse Fascism “has been calling on supporters to “flood” the police department and Berkeley City Jail’s phone lines with calls to demand Youssif’s release.”


Winfrey has also stated, that Refuse Fascism was also “anticipating further protests on Thursday to call for Youssif’s release, as well as for schools like UC Berkeley to stop hosting conservative commentators and politicians on campus.”

This is not the first time Coulter or other conservatives have had to endure this type of hostility at the UC Berkley Campus.

According to USA Today, “A 2017 lawsuit accused the university of discriminating against conservative speakers after a scheduled appearance by Coulter didn’t take place in the wake of violence around a scheduled talk by another right-wing speaker, Milo Yiannopoulos.” However, it is also reported that, “UC Berkeley has called the lawsuit’s accusation unsubstantiated.”


One thing that seems to have been made clear by UC Berkley is, they will allow a culture of intimidation, harassment and violence to flourish on their campus, all under the guise of “free speech”. However, it only seems to allow for the outward “free speech” of those that support a left-wing agenda. All those of a conservative mindset must endure this type of harassment and intimidation, and it doesn’t appear the University will be doing anything to stop it.


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