SAN DIEGO – The video in this incident is worth a caption contest. Police chased down the suspect after he reportedly hit another man in the head with a rock. During his surrender the man’s pants became stuck on a fence as seen in the video by ABC News.

The victim was standing near an apartment complex in San Diego Monday when the suspect hit him in the head with a rock, according to police. When the suspect fled, officers, to include a police K9, pursued him.

GovXBut the man failed in his effort to escape. After getting cornered by police, he surrendered.

Police told him to hop the fence toward them during the apprehension. However, while scaling the fence his pants became impaled. Suddenly he found himself stuck as he was temporarily suspended in midair.

One officer was able to help the man free himself, but his pants were sacrificed in the process. The arrestee potentially faces a charge of assault with a deadly weapon.

The unnamed suspect did not know the victim.

ABC News Video

Caption Contest

If you were to write a headline for this story, what would it be? We’ll get the ball rolling:

  • Hung out to dry
  • Impaled pants pursuit
  • Caught by the seat of his pants

What is your suggestion?