Video: Woman tracks down alleged car thief, drags him out of barbershop by his dreads


DETROIT, MI – A Detroit woman handed out her own justice after she tracked down the man who allegedly stole her car and dragged him outside by his dreads.

Video captured Karma arriving as Bianca Chambers dragged 19-year-old Michael Tolbert out of a barbershop on July 14.

Chambers’ white Mercedes was stolen last week. For two days, she tracked it around the city with the help of social media and her own determination.

She located the car four different times in the city and called Detroit police. However, before the police could arrive, the car was gone.

On Wednesday, she again located the car parked outside a barbershop at Greenfield and Grand River, at a strip mall where she ironically owned a business. Chambers decided this time the car would not drive away.


Chambers slashed all four tires on the Mercedes so that it could not drive away. She then went inside the barbershop looking for the man she had previously seen inside her car.

The angry car owner located the man inside the barbershop and asked him if he owned the Mercedes outside. He denied he owned the car, and things escalated rapidly.

Chambers recalled the moment:

“I feel like he just needed an old-fashioned a– whooping because you’re going to stop stealing people’s cars. It was just the last straw. I refuse to let this man joyride another day in my car. You will never steal from me again.

“You’re just the dumbest criminal, that’s all. You’re joyriding in my car like nobody was going to see.”

Chambers grabbed hold of the man by his dreads and dragged the stunned man outside. Assisted by other customers, she detained the man until police arrived. The satisfied car owner commented afterward:

“I’m sorry to say but I don’t regret anything. I feel like I did my job. I did what I was supposed to do.”

Tolbert was charged with receiving and concealing stolen property of $20,000 00 or more.

Chambers, while understandable, may not have been the best choice. Although she was not charged, Tolbert could have pressed charges against Chambers for assault.

But sometimes karma comes knocking from unexpected places, and this time it was Bianca Chambers.

With many cities defunding or calling for the defunding of police, more instances of citizens taking the law into their own hands can be expected.

Detroit officials have struggled over rising crime and calls to defund the Detroit Police Department. In April, Detroit council member Raquel Castañeda-López proposed an amendment that would have cut the Detroit police budget by 12%, reducing it by $39 million.

The proposal failed to pass, and there are now plans to increase the police budget.

Gov. Gretchen Whitmer said last year that she supports the spirit behind the notion of defunding police, but later changed her tune:

“I don’t believe police should be defunded, (but) what I hear from all of my friends who are part of this moment and who are leading on the front lines is we have a real need for greater investment in communities.”

Amid blue states across the country defunding police departments, crime has skyrocketed in places like New York, Portland, Chicago, and Los Angeles.

The International Association of Chiefs of Police attacked the idea of defunding:

“This is a misguided, shortsighted approach to achieving the change that we all seek. All that defunding and shifting resources away from the police will accomplish is to further reduce the ability of police leaders to enact the positive change that is required.”

Detroit Police Chief James Craig agreed:

“I think investing in social programs, whether it’s programs for our youth, programs that take police officers away from nonviolent issues involving the mentally ill, that makes sense. But you don’t take it away from police.”

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Detroit police chief calls Democrats’ ‘self-serving’ anti-police rhetoric ‘reckless and disgusting’

April 23, 2021


DETROIT, MI – Detroit’s police chief James Craig did not hold back his disdain for Democratic politicians like Rep. Maxine Waters (D-CA) and Rep. Rashida Tlaib (D-MI) for their anti-police rhetoric, calling their words and actions “reckless and disgusting.”

During an interview on Fox Business on Sunday, Chief Craig was asked what he thought of Rep. Waters getting a police escort to Minneapolis to tell protesters to get more confrontational with police. He answered:

“I can say two words, reckless and disgusting. I spent the lion’s share of my career in Los Angeles. Oh, I know Representative Maxine Waters. I remember Rodney King. While we don’t support the tragedy involved in Rodney King, she was out smoking flames then. She is doing it now.

“So, between Waters and Rashida Tlaib, reckless and disgusting. It does nothing to t support… I’m just disgusted.”

Rep. Tlaib called for an end to policing in America following the police-involved shooting of Daunte Wright in Brooklyn Center, Minnesota during a traffic stop on April 11.

Despite investigators stating the shooting appeared accidental after the officer drew her firearm intending to draw her Taser, Tlaib wrote on her Twitter account:

“It wasn’t an accident. Policing in our country is inherently & intentionally racist. Daunte Wright was met with aggression & violence.

“I am done with those who condone government-funded murder. No more policing, incarceration, and militarization. It can’t be reformed.”

Rep. Waters stood in a crowd of protesters in Brooklyn Center Sunday and told them to “get more confrontational” if the former Minneapolis officer charged with the murder of George Floyd was not found guilty:

She made the comments following nights of violence and rioting in Brooklyn Center and Minneapolis, as well as protests and violence in other cities confronting police.

While violating a police-ordered curfew herself, she told the crowd not to obey the city curfews:

“A curfew means that ‘I want y’all to stop talking. I don’t agree with it.

“I came here for one reason, just to be here, to make sure that I let my thoughts be heard among all of those who have spent so much time on the streets. And so, I’m hopeful that the protests will continue.”

Chief Craig said he would like to see Rep. Tlaib, a fellow Michiganian, to step down because of her inflammatory comments:

“I’d love to see her resign; I’d throw her a goodbye party. Let her go. … Let me just say this, when you talk about abolishing police, incarceration, you talk about safe cities – what do you think the residents in Detroit want?

 “If I made comments on par with hers, they’d be calling for my resignation.”

Chief Craig said that although he agrees the George Floyd incident was murder,  law enforcement should not be characterized as a group because of it:

“I will not let someone like a Tlaib, or a Maxine Waters paint our profession with a broad brush. Are you aware of what the other US rep said as recent as yesterday? You know what she said in response to Brooklyn Center? … ‘Get more confrontational.’

“I was the first chief in the nation that came out and denounced the murderous cop who killed George Floy. We sup​p​ort free speech, we support social justice, but are we encouraging, we make reckless statements like that, to create criminal behavior?”​

The veteran police chief said that despite the rhetoric being spread by influential Democrats, the majority of black communities rely on and support law enforcement:

“In our majority African American community here in Detroit, the majority support the men and women who serve every single day, they support us.

And I think I can honestly say that for a lot of the communities of color and other places who rely on us to do an effective job.

“Now, I’m not supporting bad policing, not at all. We should hold bad police officers accountable. But when you have people in seats of influencing, you notice, Liz, I didn’t say seats of leadership.

Because I cannot attach leadership to individuals like Waters or Tlaib, that’s not leadership. Leadership is coming up with reasonable solutions, not knee-jerk reactions.”

Chief Craig said that the words and actions taken by people like Rep. Waters and Rep. Tlaib are not meant to serve the community, but to serve their own ambitions:

“We know this is really all about self-serving. This is self-serving and they are catering to a fringe group, and it’s shameful. It’s shameful for the people who live in these cities, who rely on policing every single day.

“Where is Rashida Tlaib or (Maxine) Waters on the individual who tried to assassinate our police officers last night at 3 o’clock in the morning here in the city of Detroit? Not a peep.”

The interview was briefly interrupted when host Liz McDonald told Chief Craig that House Minority Leader Kevin McCarthy (R-CA) announced he would introduce a resolution to censure Rep. Waters for her comments. The chief said he was pleased by the announcement:

“I think it’s wonderful. That’s what I said about Rashida Tlaib.”

The resolution failed to pass on a party-line vote.

Craig concluded the interview by reiterating his call for Rep. Tlaib to resign from the House:

“Like I said about Rashida Tlaib, I’d be the first person to call for her resignation and throw her a going-away party, she needs to be censured.”

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