Video emerges showing Minneapolis gun-wielding felon who was shot by police calling to murder cops, launch war


MINNEAPOLIS, MN – Winston Boogie Smith, the 32-year-old man who was fatally shot on June 3rd by members of a U.S. Marshals task force, took to Instagram back in April to promote committing acts of violence while attending protests.

The concerning videos proclaimed that there was “war” needing to be fought, where Smith told his viewers to “bring your guns to the protests,” among other worrisome proclamations. 

The police-involved shooting of Smith has caused the riots and protests in the days that followed the incident where authorities were reportedly trying to arrest him for an active felony warrants related to weapons charges. 

Officials say that Smith fired a gun at authorities while inside of his vehicle at approximately 2:00 p.m. on June 3rd in Minneapolis. Members of the U.S. Marshals Fugitive Task Force had reportedly returned fire on Smith, fatally striking the suspect. 

A statement from the Minnesota Department of Public Safety Bureau of Criminal Apprehension noted the following about the incident: 

“Evidence at the scene indicates that the man fired his weapon from inside the vehicle. BCA crime scene personnel recovered a handgun as well as spent cartridge cases from inside the driver’s compartment.”

Smith was apparently wanted out of neighboring Ramsey County for failing to appear for his May 19th sentencing hearing after he reportedly pleaded guilty to felony firearm possession. 

Court records also show that Smith was convicted of felony aggravated robbery back in 2017. Outside of said conviction, Smith was previously convicted of driving without a license. 

He also carried a previous arrest for allegedly stealing 20 packs of cigarettes, a charge that was never prosecuted. 

While a majority of his social media uploads on Instagram were run-of-the-mill photos and some comedy skits, a handful of videos that Smith uploaded on April 13th and 14th sheds light on his disdain for police. 

In two videos uploaded on April 13th, Smith proclaimed that protesters should no longer remain peaceful: 

“All this protesting shit. Like, you all are still coming with your hands up? Saying y’all surrender? Begging for y’all freedom? Asking for justice? Is y’all serious? Like, are you all serious, that’s the plan?

“Mother fuckers have been kill y’all for years. Hey, I ride with my shit, yo. When they come to me, that’s not the plan yo.

“Y’all got to figure out a new plan, y’all need a new leader that’s going to tell y’all the plan – and it ain’t waking up asking for justice. It ain’t asking for nothing. Something is wrong with y’all. I’m coming to the protest, I’m bringing the same shit they’re bringing. That’s what you need.”


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In a second video posted on April 13th, Smith continues from where he left off on the previous rant, saying: 

“This is the plan. Share this so that everybody can hear it, cause whoever is at these protests in Minnesota – with all these killers – y’all are not saying the right shit. Y’all are telling mother fuckers to come with their hands up and peacefully assemble.

“For what? Nah, fuck that, fuck that. Fuck you, fuck them – fuck anyone who is peaceful right now.”

Smith references how Martin Luther King’s marches were somehow ineffective, since he feels as though there are extrajudicial killings being committed by police with impunity. 

“They’re still shooting y’all down, they must want a war. So go get your gasoline at the gas station. Stop going to the protests, go to the gas station and get some gasoline. Go get some dish soap, if you’re scared and you don’t got no gun – you don’t need no gun.

“Go get some dish soap. Go get some glue. Go get some honey, some shit…some bleach and shit that you can fucking throw at these fucks, while the men do what we gotta do.”


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A post shared by Winston Boogie Smith (@wincemeboi_)

The same theme carries on from there in another video from April 14th, where Smith openly advocated for violence against law enforcement. In his April 14th video, he told viewers to tactfully mobilize against police in instances where they’re simply trying to pull someone over: 

“If you see a cop, one cop following one n*gga -the whole city, flood that cop. Take him down. Why are y’all letting him get a pass? You saying fuck y’all, fuck cops. Y’all got to get it right yo, spread out, have your shit ready and hit these mother fuckers from the tops of these buildings. From everywhere. There’s more of us than them.”


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A post shared by Winston Boogie Smith (@wincemeboi_)

The U.S. Marshals and the state BCA are leading the investigation into the incident, with assistance from the Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco and Firearms.

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LET Unity

Law Enforcement Today recently reported on the riots that occurred within the city after the fatal shooting of Smith. 

Here’s that previous report. 


MINNEAPOLIS, MN– Following the in-custody death of George Floyd in May of 2020, riots erupted across the country and lasted throughout the summer and into the early Fall.

Since then, many have used every police involved shooting as another excuse to loot local stores and destroy the streets around them, regardless of the circumstances of the incident. 

Minneapolis, Minnesota was one of the cities largely affected by the chaos, as it was the location where the incident involving George Floyd took place. 

Now, on Thursday night, June 3rd, rioters took to the streets again under the cloak of “justice”, following the police involved shooting of a convicted felon. 

According to reports, around 2:10 p.m. CT, a U.S. Marshal Service (USMS) task force made up of local law enforcement officers were trying to arrest a person wanted on a state arrest warrant for possession of a firearm by a felon, according to a USMS statement. Law enforcement sources told FOX 9 this person was a murder suspect.

The U.S. Marshal Service stated that, the person, now identified by his friends on social media as 32-year-old Winston “Boogie” Smith, was in a parked car in a parking garage in Minneapolis’ Uptown section.

Smith reportedly did not follow the commands given to him by the officers, and took out a handgun. In response, members of the taskforce fired shots and Smith died at the scene.

Following the news of the shooting, a large mob of Black Lives Matter “activists” began gathering near the parking garage located in the 1400 block of Lake street. These activists for “justice” began looting a nearby Target, Walgreens, CVS and more, smashing windows and stealing whatever they could get their hands on. 

According to one person on Twitter, an individual was knocked unconscious and suffered a head injury during the chaos at the Target. 

In addition to looting, a large dumpster fire was also lit in the street. According to Fox9, by 9:30 p.m. law enforcement providing security had left the area. Around 10:10 p.m. the dumpster was lit on fire at the intersection of Lake Street and Girard Avenue South.

KSTP-TV reporter Ben Henry was at the scene and posted video on Twitter, saying that the dumpster eventually melted into a “puddle of fire”.

The rioters were reportedly not going to allow the fire to extinguish however, and began adding other items such as garbage cans in an effort to keep it burning. 

Fox9 reported that around midnight, Minneapolis police officers returned to the area and formed a line and used flash bangs to move the remaining group of people down Lake Street several blocks. 

Police were reportedly moving from business to business in an effort to deter looting, as protesters still remained on the streets past 2 a.m. CT. 

Photos posted on Twitter by The Citizen Reporter show that the vandals also graffitied local businesses with anti-police phrases like “Kill cops”, “No trial for them,” and “MPLS still hates cops”.

While some may claim that these “protesters” took to the streets in order to demand justice for Smith, one protester, who was contributing to the lit dumpster fire, admitted to a news anchor that he did not even know the victims name.

He said:

“I’m not gonna lie, I forgot his name”

Once the reporter informed him, he took the microphone and kept repeating Smith’s name, with common Black Lives Matter catch phrases such as “say his name”. 

He then said that “they” are going to fight for “him”, just like they fought for George Floyd. The “him” he admittedly was not even aware of five second prior, further proving that these “protesters’” main purpose is just to destroy and loot for the fun of it, and because they can. 


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