Watch: Activists terrorize people in Washington, burn flags, disrupt diners in wake of police shooting of armed man


VANCOUVER, WA – From the evening of October 30th to the early morning hours of October 31st, chaos descended upon the streets of Vancouver, Washington that were reportedly inspired by a police-involved shooting that took place on October 29th.

The chaos continued Saturday evening following a huge riot clearing out in the city to the south of Vancouver, which is Portland, Oregon. After Portland Police were able to disperse most of the crowd around 8pm, a large group made their way over the bridge into Vancouver.

What one has come to expect from riots perpetrated by BLM and Antifa-like radicals were in full effect, as locals were harassed and terrorized, businesses and store fronts were vandalized, people were assaulted and those daring to show pro-American sentiments were targeted.

While the details are not yet fully fleshed out regarding the police shooting days earlier, sources point to the Vancouver riots having inspired by the death of 21-year-old Kevin Peterson Jr.

What has been released by officials thus far is that the 21-year-old male that was a subject of the joint city-county Drug Task Force investigation that had ran from police when chased on the evening of October 29th.

Officials say that the subject, who was identified by Peterson’s father and not by investigators, was suspected of selling narcotics out of a motel parking lot and fled on foot when officers gave chase. Peterson was alleged to have produced a handgun, which caused the officers to back away from the suspect.

A short time later, Peterson was said to have been encountered by three Clark County Sheriff’s deputies who were said to have opened fire on Peterson, killing him. Clark County Sheriff Chuck Atkins alleged that the suspect opened fire on the deputies, thus prompting the return fire that resulted in a fatal outcome for the suspect.

Obviously, the investigation is still in the preliminary stages and has been referred to the Southwest Washington Independent Investigation Team and the Camas Police Department so as to avoid perceived bias during the investigation.

But Vancouver, Washington happens to be a mere 12 miles from Portland, Oregon – and reportedly that Portland brand of chaos managed to breach state lines to cause havoc in the streets.

Video surfaced of a man in a truck in Vancouver, being blocked and harassed by rioters in the streets. The crowd descended upon his vehicle, targeting him do to him having a hoisted American flag on the back of his truck.

The miscreants, after having verbally accosted the individual, stole the flag from the man’s truck, only to set it on fire later – all of which was captured on video.

Additional reports coming in from the evening of the 30th say that a residential home was targeted and vandalized due to having Pro-Trump signage on the exterior. Video captured from outside the home showcases an individual working to tear down the fending of the home, while chants of “fuck Donald Trump” can be heard in the background.

In other videos captured during the riots, the sounds of glass shattering can be heard while others proclaim that they “didn’t see shit,” an obvious nod to the rioters among them participating in vandalism.

A purported Antifa individual was also captured on video having stolen a gun from someone during the riot as well, taunting the person from whom he stole the weapon from.

In another video captured, a group of masked-up individuals can be seen surrounding a man that is on the ground – with the people standing around him kicking him while he’s down. Luckily, a group came to the victim’s aid, but tensions were high against those simply trying to help the attacked person being brutalized.

At some point during the evening, a vehicle was getting surrounded by some of the rioters – which it appears the driver of the vehicle sprayed likely a chemical irritant from out his window. The rioters continued to lodge an assault on the vehicle as it attempted to leave the area.

Shortly down the road, the vehicle was then forcibly stopped by another truck – and a standoff between the vehicles ensued for a brief period. Then, after rioters noticed that the driver had a gun, a couple of gunshots rung off. As of now, there have been no reported injuries from the specific incident.

Elsewhere within the city, a couple of individuals were standing guard outside of a local bail bonds business while armed.

Videos from that area shows the rioters antagonizing the people standing armed outside of the business, attempting to mock them for carrying weapons in anticipation of trouble stemming from the riots.

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While it seems that the riots in Vancouver were inspired by what appears on the surface to be a justified police shooting, the Washington city also played host to another violent assault of a black Trump supporter who organized a free speech rally. 

Here’s that previous report. 


VANCOUVER, WA – On Sunday, October 25, a rally was held in Vancouver that served multiple purposes: To stand up for the First Amendment and to show support for the police.

In Esther Short Park, a community park in downtown Vancouver that’s also across the street from City Hall, people gathered to hear several speeches.

One of the biggest speakers was Joey Gibson of the group Patriot Prayer. Gibson spoke on the importance of this rally and the reason it came about, more on that later.

Vancouver, WA

Another headline speaker was Philip Anderson, who, as Law Enforcement Today has previously reported, had his teeth knocked out by a far left activist (who has since been identified as 35-year-old Black Lives Matter activist Adroa Anderson, no relation to Philip) at a rally in San Francisco.

Anderson is black and is in charge of the group Team Save America. Ironically, he was protesting Twitter for censoring the story on Hunter Biden’s emails; he, himself, has now been censored on Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram.

What’s more is that a GoFundMe account was set up to help Anderson fix his knocked out front teeth, which was also taken down.

Anderson said he hasn’t been able to get an answer from any platform as to why his accounts are being suspended or banned.

Anderson, assuming the suspect in the case was affiliated with Antifa, made a video to Joe Biden and posted the following:

“I have a question for you, Joe Biden. Do you still think Antifa is just an idea? This is what the ‘idea’ you’re talking about, Antifa… this is what they did to me. I’m in the hospital right now. So answer me this, Joe Biden, is Antifa still just an idea?”

Team Save America
Compliments of Leah Anaya

Despite the missing teeth, Anderson is still out there fighting for the First Amendment rights of all citizens, not just citizens who agree with what he has to say.

Below is a video by Gibson, mentioned above, who outlines the gross violations of the people of Vancouver’s First Amendment rights by Jonathan Young (more on him below).

Here’s the background of the event and why Gibson and many others were there to support the First Amendment and the police.

A woman named Kelly Carroll owns a pet grooming business in Vancouver. In June, Carroll found a safe way to operate her business, even though Governor Jay Inslee had placed the entire state on lockdown, save for “essential businesses.”

Carroll had people drop their dog off outside, brought the dogs inside herself, brought the dogs back out to their owner to pick up when she was finished, and was the only person in the building.

That wasn’t enough.

Carroll was criminally charged for opening her business. As could be expected, many patriots, including Joey Gibson, came to her aid and decided to fight for her. He and a group called the People’s Rights of Washington led a group of supporters to protest for Carroll’s charges to be dropped.

City workers were all working from home, including the City Attorneys, Kevin McClure and Jonathan Young. McClure was in charge of the case and protests began at his house. He lived outside city limits in Clark County.

Jonathan Young claimed that he didn’t want McClure to have to “deal with” the protests, but his true reasoning for taking over the case came out quickly when he called the police to report a protest outside of his house in June.

Young, reportedly, decided to take over the case because the City had “stricter” laws than the county code, and would therefore be more enforceable.

He wanted the protesters supporting Carroll arrested.

The crime Young alleged the protesters of was Intimidating a Public Servant.

Sergeant Pat Moore works with the Vancouver Police department and for the past three years has been monitoring events in Vancouver and it’s neighbor city of Portland, Oregon. In the last four months, he’s been in charge of observing and assessing 30-40 events, ranging from Back the Blue rallies to Black Lives Matter marches.

He was largely able to report that the events went off peacefully, as long as counter protestors stayed away.

Sgt. Moore responded to Young’s house and spoke with him and his wife, Ariel, for two hours regarding the event taking place on the street. Sgt. Moore was diligent during this time, developing a safety plan for the couple should they need one.

Young said that the organizers of the event should be placed under arrest, but Sgt. Moore advised him that he didn’t have probable cause to arrest anyone.

Young insisted that the citizens in the street exercising their First Amendment rights were placed under arrest.

Sgt. Moore had two options here:

  1. He could lie. Young has the power to make his life difficult if the Sgt. doesn’t do what Young says. He could mess with his reputation and career.
  2. He could tell the truth. Yes, it would upset the City Attorney, but telling the truth is something that Sgt. Moore swore on oath to do, to uphold the Constitution. 

Sgt. Moore chose option number two. He told the truth and didn’t make any false arrests.

This didn’t sit well with Young, and, two months after the event, he decided to file a complaint against Sgt. Moore, despite the fact that the Clark County Prosecutor’s Office agreed with the Sergeant that the elements of the crime Intimidating a Public Servant were not met.

Additionally, Young made statements that Sgt. Moore was not “supportive” enough of the groups Black Lives Matter and Antifa.

This chain of events shows that Young wants nothing more than to arrest and silence those who go against the domestic terrorism of groups like BLM and Antifa. He wants to destroy Sgt. Moore’s 26 years of honorable service to the Vancouver Police Department in order to push his agenda, and hundreds of people showed up to Esther Short Park on Sunday to let their politicians know that they won’t allow it.

Those people in the park were there to support the Constitution, specifically the First Amendment, and to support Sergeant Pat Moore. For all the talk of “defunding” the police and all the anti-police rhetoric, it’s ironic that the City Attorney is upset that an officer told the truth and didn’t allow himself to be bullied into lying.  

Gibson, who has been abused on social media and by mainstream media mercilessly for being a member of Patriot Prayer, a conservative freedom activist group that encourages patriots to “take the church to the streets,” praised Sgt. Moore for his honesty. 

According to the Patriot Prayer website:

“Gibson has organized dozens of marches and rallies in support of free speechgun rightsmedical freedom, and sanctuary counties for the constitution.”  

He is often spoken of by MSM and social media trolls as hateful, yet his speech at the rally spoke of nothing but love and Jesus.

patriot prayer
Compliments of Leah Anaya

Many speakers noted the fact that the conservative group of people in America is often referred to as “the silent majority.” They also pointed out that it’s time for the silent majority to stop being silent. To stand up. To fight (non violently, as was pointed out multiple times) for their rights and their country.

Hundreds of attendees agreed.

They won’t allow their First Amendment right to protest to be trampled, while BLM and Antifa are allowed to roam the streets, destroying and looting however they see fit.

They won’t allow their police to be used as pawns in this horrid political game.

The charges against Kelly Carroll were dropped. No one was criminally charged (as of the time of this writing) from any of the demonstrations in support of Carroll.

And yet, Young is continuing to push and attempt to defame and discipline an officer in good standing. Attorney Angus Lee told The Columbian newspaper that the complaint was retaliatory against Sgt. Moore, whose offense was telling the truth.

Rallies like this one in Vancouver remind citizens that while our rights are spelled out in the United States Constitution, it’s up to us to stand up and make sure that we don’t lose them.


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