Watch: Two police officers violently assaulted after asking large group in Washington D.C. to disperse


WASHINGTON D.C. – Looks like another incident was drummed up out of police being compelled to enforce mandates pertaining to social distancing and large gatherings. This time, it involves a suspect who allegedly assaulted officers after being asked to leave a basketball court.

The incident was caught on video by one of the onlookers present at the basketball court.

Police say that 30-year-old Clay Wendell attacked two police officers when confronted by authorities over a social gathering that exceeded 50 people at the basketball court within Randle Highlands Elementary School.

It’s unclear as to why authorities honed in on one particular person from the group, as the video of the incident showed a healthy blend of adults and children there spread out.

The video shows some kind of brief verbal exchange, where body language from the suspect showed that tempers were certainly on the rise and fast.

Suddenly, the suspect on the video appears to strike one of the officers present, and then a brief scuffle ensues where the two officers attempt to detain the suspect.

While the video does not show the officers detain the suspect involved, as the brief clip shows the suspect warding off the officers shortly and then begins to run, it was reported that Wendell was eventually detained.

No one was cited for violations related to social distancing or large gatherings in the video, reportedly. Wendell, on the other hand, has been charged with assault on a police officer, unlawful entry, resisting arrest and fugitive from justice.

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This isn’t the first time that we’ve seen arrests linked to assaults caught on video that stemmed from officers caught in the middle of social distancing enforcement.

One instance in Austin, Texas started out as assault charges, but recently escalated into more serious trouble for the accused. 

Sometimes, aspirations of being the “funny guy” among the crowd can result in some not-so-funny circumstances. Take for example, the 25-year-old who is facing charges after allegedly shoving a park ranger into some nearby water who was lecturing some youths about social distancing guidelines.

Apparently, this water-pranking suspect who was already dealing with charges of attempted assault on a public officer managed to snag some additional charges after allegedly making death threats toward his arresting officers.

They say that duct tape can fix anything, and it may have kept 25-year-old Brandon Hicks out of additional trouble if it were applied to his mouth on April 30th after he was arrested at Commons Ford Metropolitan Park in Austin, Texas.

video that was posted online points to why Hicks was initially arrested. In said video, a park ranger was giving a group of young adults the spiel of social distancing while in the park.

It’s understandable that most folks are tired of the “stay six feet apart” schtick at this point, but what happened next in the video was just a jerk-move. When the ranger was talking about the park guidelines, a male suspect can be seen shoving the ranger into a nearby body of water.

Authorities allege that said person shoving the ranger into the body of water was Hicks.

While Hicks was placed under arrest that same day, a second arrest affidavit cropped up on May 6th that alleges Hicks had quite the mouth and demeanor while in custody and in transit to the police station.

Police say that Hicks allegedly attempted to kick through the divider that separated him and officers while in the vehicle.

On top of Hicks’ attempts of alleged backseat karate, he was also allegedly noting a rather colorful disdain for police that led to these new charges.

During the 30-minute drive to the jail, police allege that Hicks made approximately 13 threats of violence against the officers transporting him. According to the affidavit, Hicks stated the following:

“Boy, I’ll put a bullet in your head.”

“I want you dead, honestly.”

“I want you dead. I hope the cartel puts a bullet in your head. I hope your family watches the news as they say ‘missing cop’ and I don’t care, I hope they pin it on me, cuz I’ll laugh in your face as you die laying in a ditch.”

Officers did note that Hicks was presumed to be under the influence of alcohol or drugs, or possibly both, during said transit. The aforementioned makes sense, since the original park ranger speech/water shoving incident stemmed from a group that was found to be unlawfully drinking at the park.

Whether or not these latest charges stick for the long-haul is anybody’s guess, when considering the totality of the circumstances. However, as it stands, now Hicks is facing two third-degree felony charges. One for attempted assault against the park ranger, and now one for retaliation.


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