SAN FRANCISCO – A video has been released that shows an angry mob—with cell phone videos running—surrounding an officer after the foot pursuit and shooting of an armed suspect.

San Francisco police held a town hall meeting Thursday regarding the OIS that injured a suspect in San Francisco’s North Beach neighborhood last Saturday night, reported KTVU.

Police identified the suspect as Oliver Barcenas, 28. Video shows that he ran from officers who had stopped him and a group of other men about having open alcohol containers on Grant Avenue near Vallejo Street.

Police say as he was running, Barcenas took off his jacket and pulled out a .45 caliber Glock with an extended magazine and laser sight.

According to police, one officer shot Barcenas in the back twice and he fell on the ground.

Barcenas survived the shooting and is in the hospital recovering.

angry mob

Oliver Barcenas, 28, is recovering from the shooting. He was arrested on suspicion of delaying an officer, carrying a concealed firearm, exhibiting a firearm and being a convicted felon in possession of a firearm. (SFPD)

The video (shown below) shows a crowd gathering around what appears to be a chaotic scene. After the officer opens fire on the sidewalk and the suspect goes down, one officer can be heard repeatedly shouting, “Call a 408!” Another officer at the scene says, “I can’t my radio broke!” after the first officer’s repeated requests.

The officer who fired the shots radios for a medic.

That’s when a crowd gathers, many bystanders start to take video of the altercation with their phones as police instruct them to back up.

“What did you do! F— you!” the enraged group is heard shouting at the officer as they surround him and check on the man collapsed at his feet.

One person appears to stop taking video momentarily to check the shooting victim’s pulse. Another man in a gray hooded sweatshirt swats at police as others yell profanities at them.

A number of officers back the crowd of people up. Another officer, who appears to be a supervisor, arrived at the scene and starts gathering information and calms the officer who fired shots.

“He had a firearm. I don’t know where it is,” the officer who shot explains to the other officer. “We need to find that gun!” He continues to say, “Yeah, like a Tec-9. There’s a gun somewhere here.”

Paramedics took Barcenas to San Francisco General Hospital, where he is still being treated. Hospital officials have not released Barcenas’ condition.

The names of the officers involved will be released “consistent with SFPD policy” police said.

Barcenas was arrested on suspicion of delaying an officer, carrying a concealed firearm, exhibiting a firearm and being a convicted felon in possession of a firearm.

SFPD have obtained additional video of the incident from two nearby businesses. Police have interviewed multiple witnesses and both the involved officer and his partner have been interviewed as well.

This is the second time Barcenas has been shot by police. Back in 2012, current assistant Police Chief Toney Chaplin, wounded him after Barcenas reportedly pulled an assault pistol on officers.

The Police Officers Union says Barcenas is a known gang member and never should have been released after that first incident.

There are multiple units, including the District Attorney’s office involved in the investigation.