MOORE, Okla. – A man was arrested Friday after leading dozens of police officers on a chase through the streets and fields of Moore, Oklahoma.

You can watch the full video of the vehicle pursuit below.

Multiple police departments were involved in the pursuit after the pickup truck was stolen, reported KFOR.

The chase started Friday morning and lasted for more than two hours.

Police followed the truck at high speeds through the metro area, according to KFOR. The suspect then drove into a field and avoided officers who tried to corral him. Moreover, at one point, the man got out of the truck and examined the license plate as well as the backend of the truck.

He was seen wearing baggy pants, a sleeveless shirt and a flat-billed hat.

The pursuit was momentarily suspended near Indian Hills Road and Penn Avenue, but the driver then took off again, KFOR reported.

Officials said they used stop sticks to try to end the chase, but the man drove around them. A high school was locked down due to the police activity.

When the man parked in a field, he appeared to be waiting for police officers to make a move. The pickup’s rear driver’s side tire was flat, but that didn’t stop the man from eluding multiple patrol cars during short bursts in the fields.

Law enforcement has not confirmed the name of the driver. However, family members have confirmed to KFOR that the suspect is Brenton Hager.

Here are some of the moments captured on chopper video courtesy of clickondetroit:

When police flushed the man out of the field he was parked in, he was forced to speed up and avoid two officers that approached him. He led them across a field at high speeds, and then turned suddenly in the other direction, kicking up a tunnel of dust.

At one point, the pickup truck appeared to be trapped while driving up onto the roadway and facing a ditch. Moreover, one of the officers used the police unit to spin the truck around. It came to rest facing the field once again, and the driver sped through a group of police SUVs and the chase continued.

However, after being hit and escaping from several patrol vehicles, the driver left that field, crossed a road and went into some thicker brush. The pickup truck eventually came to a stop, and an officer in a police pickup parked near him.

The officer got out with a patrol rifle drawn and pointed it through the window of the stolen truck from the passenger’s side. As he approached the front of the pickup truck, the driver quickly reversed and pulled away from the officer.

In his effort to elude officers, the suspect continued to reverse at a high speed through the field. He turned while going backwards and inadvertently went into the edge of a small pond and was stuck on an angle.

After putting himself in a precarious spot, the truck was apparently stuck. Unable to continue in the stolen vehicle, the man stepped out and into the shallow pond. He looked around at officers, who were closing in from the direction he came, and backed away.

The suspect fled through the middle of the pond and came out on the other side while officers flanked him around the edge. He stumbled up a short hill and ran along the pond, all the while struggling to keep his pants from falling down.

When he stumbled at the edge of the water on the other side of the pond, an officer caught up to him.

When an officer came up a few feet behind the man, who was no longer running, the officer effectively deployed the Taser. As a result, he fell like timber and was incapacitated. This allowed officers to approach and take him into custody.

Here is most of the pursuit courtesy of clickondetroit:

(Photo: Screenshot clickondetroit news video)

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