Police attacked by protesters for “illegally strip searching” a woman. Now the video is out and shows the truth.


SHELBY TOWNSHIP, MI – An out-of-state Black Lives Matter protester who was arrested and placed inside a police SUV was caught on the vehicle’s internal video lying about being strip-searched in public. (Video below)

Jessica Nadeau, 26, of Minnesota, claimed that Shelby Township Police had publicly strip-searched her when she was taken into custody after an Oct. 24 scuffle between protesters and police at 23 Mile and Van Dyke, leaving her in nothing but her underwear, Fox 2 reported.

Police attacked by protesters for "illegally strip searching" a woman. Now the video is out and shows the truth.
Mugshot of Jessica Nadeau, who stripped herself inside a police vehicle.

However, that claim was quickly proven false when the Shelby Township Police Department released a statement and offered to show footage to the media:

“On Saturday October 24th, 2020 at about 2PM a protest was coordinated at the southeastern corner of 23 Mile Rd and Van Dyke. At about 4PM some of these protestors entered eastbound 23 Mile Road and blocked traffic after being advised not to.

“Arrests were made after numerous orders were given to get out of the roadway. One of the arrestees escaped her flex cuffs in the rear of a patrol car and stripped her clothes off. Social media has made false reports stating that the police strip searched her.

“This accusation is completely false and patrol vehicle video footage captured the incident. This footage is available to the media and it is requested to Contact the office of Deputy Chief Mark Coil.

“Today, the arrestees were arraigned and charged by the Macomb County Prosecutors’ Office. Their information is listed below. All other arrestees were previously released pending future arraignment.

“This incident is still under investigation.  Additional charges are expected pending suspect identification.”

Shelby Township Police Deputy Chief Mark Coil said the video needed no narration:

“The video speaks for itself. The video is completely transparent. This is the detriment of social media postings; often you have inaccuracies.

“This is the problem with social media news. I would like to leave real news to real newscasters.”

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Chief Coil cautioned people against rushing to judgment, Fox 2 reported.

“Most people don’t understand the totality of the circumstance, they don’t have the totality of the facts, and they make their own opinion.

“And when you make your own opinion on false information or improper information, you make bad judgments.”

Detroit Will Breathe organized the anti-police demonstration and had blocked roads and refused repeated police commands to disperse.

Police made 10 arrests during the melee, but ended up releasing five of the protesters at the scene, the Detroit Free Press reported.

The other protesters arrested were Michigan residents and include Tristan Taylor, 37,  David Mitchell, 39, Samantha Phillips, 31, and James Deninger, 33, according to Shelby Township Police Department.

Police attacked by protesters for "illegally strip searching" a woman. Now the video is out and shows the truth.
Tristan Taylor

The video of the backseat of the patrol SUV showed that Nadeau was fully clothed in handcuffs when she slipped out of her plastic handcuffs and began removing her clothing.

Police attacked by protesters for "illegally strip searching" a woman. Now the video is out and shows the truth.
David Mitchell

While stripping herself, Nadeau panted and said, “I’m dying.”

Police attacked by protesters for "illegally strip searching" a woman. Now the video is out and shows the truth.
Samantha Phillips

The video showed she pulled her belt out of her pants and then removed her shoes, pants and shirt, leaving her bra and panties on.

Police attacked by protesters for "illegally strip searching" a woman. Now the video is out and shows the truth.
James Deininger

When an officer approached her in the vehicle, Nadeau is heard saying:

“There, now you don’t need to search me, I’ll make it easier on you.”

Then the video shows Nadeau lifting up her bra and pressing her bare breasts against the window of the patrol car to give everyone outside a full view.

Video continued showing that Nadeau banged on the window and officers opened up the back door of the police car, and she then said:

“Now it’s easier to search me. Now you can search all of it.”

When word was falsely put out that Nadeau had been stripped down in public, activists immediately responded with outrage on social media and called for justice for her.

On Oct. 26, @MarieAtLaw accused the Shelby Township police in a tweet of being racist, although the arrestee is white, and seemed to suggest that police releasing the video, which exonerated them, was akin to pornography:

“F–k the police. But f–k the racist Shelby Township Michigan Police specifically. Beat up marchers, strip search a female protestor, and then offer to release the video to the media. Despicable.”


Sammie Lewis, one of the protest organizers and apparently a woke legal analyst who hadn’t seen the police video, told Fox 2 that police had broken the law:

“They ended up stripping a protester down, which is illegal to do in front of other people.”

Nakia Wallace from Detroit Will Breathe sent Fox 2 a statement, which read in part:

“The woman was clearly in some form of mental distress and should have been given professional help rather than having her naked body displayed in the middle of Van Dyke.”

Nadeau was booked into the county jail in Mount Clemens and charged with assaulting, resisting and obstructing a police officer, felonies that carry up to a two-year sentence prison sentence, the Detroit Free Press reported.

She was also charged with a misdemeanor of disturbing the peace, which carries up to a 90-day jail sentence.

Nadeau was later released on a $5,000 bond, the Detroit Free Press reported.

On Sept. 21, we reported about an arrested man in New Orleans who had concealed a pistol in his anus. It was discovered while he was at the jail. Here is that story:

A .25 caliber Titan pistol has a 2.5-inch barrel and measures 4.375 inches long. It is also approximately 3 inches tall. Fully loaded, the 7+1 pistol weighs a little more than 1 pound. 

While looking for the dimensions, I read a review about the tiny pistol. 

“You can definitely hide this thing away in a pocket holster, or anywhere else a tiny gun will fit.”

Man being admitted to jail busted after concealed handgun found 'concealed in his rear end'
Youtube Screenshot

A 24-year-old Louisiana man must have read that same review. He was arrested just after Christmas of 2019 for a slew of charges. Once at the jail, he was searched. Jail staff discovered that Justin Savoie had hidden his pistol in his anus. 

We will pause to let you wrap your mind around what you just read. 

According to the New York Post:

“Cops said they discovered Savoie possessed an additional handgun, marijuana and drug paraphernalia during an initial search. Multiple other firearms were discovered in his truck at the scene, the report said.

“But as Savoie was being strip searched after his arrest, police reportedly found the additional surprise weapon ‘concealed in his rear end.’”

Last week, Savoie pleaded guilty to the weapons charge and was handed a five-year suspended prison sentence by a District Court decision. He received three years probation and an order to serve 90 days in the Lafourche Parish jail. 

It may be cliché, but, you just can’t make this stuff up. 

It was fortunate that this story turned out the way it did. Far too often, we see these types of scenario lead to potentially deadly conclusions.

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