OGDEN, Utah – Two Ogden police officers engaged in deadly combat outside the Ogden City Municipal building Friday night with a man wanted for holding an ex-girlfriend hostage. The officers survived while the felonious suspect was killed.

Police identified the decedent in the shooting Saturday as Richard Galvan, 37, reported Fox 13 Salt Lake City.

Ogden City Police Department released video Saturday that very clearly shows Galvan being approached by police, turning from them at one point, then pulling a .45-caliber handgun from his waist and firing shots at officers.

Ogden police officers

Richard Galvan, 37, was shot and killed Friday night after engaging police in gunfire. (Ogden City Police Department)

“During the exchange of gunfire, the suspect was struck in the head by a round,” Chief Steven Watt, Ogden City Police, told Fox 13.

Law enforcement officers were notified of Galvan’s whereabouts by a woman who said she had been threatened and held hostage for an entire day in her own home by Galvan.

“Investigation review says the female victim met the suspect through social media contacts and then the suspect had moved to the Utah area in October 2017,” Watt said.

Watt stated that the woman and Galvan started a relationship when he moved to Utah. Recently, the woman ended the relationship. As a result, Galvan didn’t take the separation very well.

“The female victim had recently told the suspect to stay away from her and he had made a threatening statement and yesterday, Nov. 30, she woke to find him in her home and spent the greater the part of the day at home. He then forced her to accompany him from the house and to drive him around in her vehicle,” Watt said.

Police said surveillance footage showed that Galvan left the vehicle, allowing the woman to take the car and drive eastbound on 28th and Washington Blvd. in Ogden. From there she was able to signal police by flashing her headlights at them.

“She provided the officer the suspect’s name, description and also stated that he was armed with a pistol,” Watt said.

During the deadly encounter, multiple shots were fired between the suspect and officers, according to officials. Fortunately, there were no additional persons in the area during the gun battle.

“Galvan was wanted by the El Paso County Sheriff’s office in Texas for aggravated assault with a deadly weapon,” Watt said. “Galvan had an additional felony and misdemeanor crimes and history. Tattoos and historical data identify Galvan as the Southside and 18th Street gang”

Per normal protocol the officers have been placed on administrative leave as internal affairs investigates the OIS.