VIDEO: Officer accidentally shoots partner in back


LAFAYETTE, Ind. – A Lafayette police officer was accidentally shot in the back by her partner last week reported Fox 59. We are happy to report that she has been released from the hospital.

In an update posted to Instagram on Tuesday, the department said its thankful Officer Lane Butler is recovering and “can’t wait to see her back on the streets when she is fully healed.”

Police say Butler and two other officers were responding to an apartment to search for a suspect with a warrant when the accidental shooting occurred.

While officers cleared the apartment, police say Officer Kurt Sink instructed Officer Lane Butler to keep an eye on a large caged dog. Officer Aaron Wright then entered the apartment third and the moment he approached the dog cage, the dog reportedly knocked down the cage door, according to Fox 59.

Police say Wright quickly reached for the cage, then turned and accidentally fired a single shot, which hit Butler.

All three officers at the scene were wearing body cameras. After watching videos of the incident, a review board determined it was accidental, not an act of negligence.

Warning: The video below shows the moment Officer Lane Butler was shot. Viewer discretion is advised.

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