Caught on camera: Would-be anarchist takes massive fall while trying to climb building to vandalize it


NEW YORK CITY, NY – A video captured outside of the Chase Bank building in Manhattan on April 2nd shows a peak example of just comeuppance, as a would-be vandal attempting to scale the building to vandalize the upper portions fell well over 10 feet – landing firmly on his side and back.

Apparently protesters have amassed throughout the streets of New York City, Washington, D.C., and various other places across the country to protest Enbridge’s Line 3 in Minnesota in recent weeks.

These protests that transpired are apparently an attempt to urge the Biden administration to pump the brakes on construction of Line 3 and the Dakota Access Pipeline.

For instance, students from Northwestern University in Illinois wound up occupying a Wells Fargo Bank lobby and started engaging in some kind of somber seeming humming/chanting that sounded so unenthusiastic that it edged on apathetic.

But one group that had gathered outside of a Chase Bank in Manhattan had bore witness to an emblematic depiction of karma for one protester trying to climb up a building wall in order to lay down some graffiti.  

In the video, the protester can be seen climbing up a stylistic wall that hosted ridges where he could grip with his hands and feet. As the man begins to shimmy up well over 10 feet in the air, he attempts to bring himself over to an adjacent elevated platform.

Yet, it seems that his grip on the adjacent platform was not as strong as he had assumed.

The protester fell well over 10 feet and landed on part of his back and side. Onlookers ran right over to help the man who’d just fallen, as the protester lets out a sort of defeated-sounding groan of pain.

Not long thereafter, one can see what appears to be black paint seeping out of the parcel on the man’s back.

A security guard on scene had urged bystanders to get back as EMS were on their way, although members of the local fire department did wind up responding.

It’s unclear at the time of this writing what the exact status is of the fallen protester.

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Protests against the Dakota Pipeline, and specifically Line 3, aren’t new by any stretch. Earlier in March, Law Enforcement Today covered another instance of such that occurred in Portland, Oregon. 

And, much like the falling-man incident, banks such as Chase and Wells Fargo wound up being targeted. 

Here’s that previous report. 


PORTLAND, OR – A protest that occurred in Portland on March 11th turned destructive, with miscreants within the crowd focusing their destructive ire against the Federal courthouse within the city. 

The protest that bore the common elements of being Antifa-inspired – hosting demonstrators adorning black-bloc, many carrying umbrellas, and engaging and general acts of vandalism – occurred on March 11th in Portland. 

According to online chatter preceding the protest, the protest was aiming to accomplish “Stop Line 3 – DA in solidarity with the Anishinaabe”. For those unaware of the common lingo within the inner circles that compose these protests, “DA” is a typical acronym that stands for “direct action”. 

As for the reference to the “Anishinaabe”, apparently the Anishinaabe refers to Native Americans that would’ve been previously situated in portions of the northern United States and parts of Canada as well. 

And the “Stop Line 3” is an obvious reference to the Line 3 oil pipeline, which has been a point of contention with extreme climate activists for some time

What’s come to be expected from these sorts of protests pretty much played out as usual – starting off with protesters marching, chanting, and harassing those they perceive to be complicit in pipeline-related endeavors. 

Employees at both a local Chase Bank and Wells Fargo endured varying degrees of harassment from those within the crowd.

Apparently there was some sort of heated interaction between demonstrators and a Chase Bank employee, with a gun allegedly getting produced – but no further incidents transpired related to the interaction thereafter. 

After members of the group took out their frustrations on various bank employees, the group moved on to the Federal courthouse to start harassing people within the building. 

Video from some of the interaction between courthouse employees and the hostile crowd initially started as some back-and-forth shouting.

However, things escalated into vandalism and assault, with one protester throwing some sort of liquid at a courthouse employee. 

Due to the increasingly destructive behaviors exhibited by the crowd, federal agents wound up lining the outside of the courthouse and eventually had to use crowd control munitions at times. 

Thereafter, there were attempts by federal agents to move the crowd away from the courthouse, which was initially successful – but only for a brief period, as the crowd had re-amassed out front again and upped the destructive ante. 

Once the agents had moved back into the building, one of the courthouse windows among the facade wound up getting shattered. 

After the window breaking incident, the group wound up dispersing that afternoon. 

But alas – the group wound up returning to the courthouse again that evening, after work crews had spent the remainder of the afternoon trying to fortify vulnerabilities to the courthouse exterior like boarding up windows. 

After various members from within the group that had reassembled outside of the courthouse and removed some of the plywood used to protect windows – additional windows were shattered, and then the flag burning commenced. 

These actions taken by the group of protesters once again prompted a response from federal agents, who used some crowd control munitions to keep the crowd at bay and deter additional acts of vandalism. 

Some additional fires were set by malefactors present, as well as the targeting of windows continued. Bad actors were said to have continued trying to throw various projectiles at federal agents as well. 

Federal agents wound up upgrading the use of force employed while attempting to push the protesters back away from the courthouse, using flashbangs in concurrence with other previously used non-lethal munitions. 

The federal agents then moved back to the courthouse front again, where they and protesters engaged in a sort of standoff. 

This sort of back-and-forth carried on throughout the evening, with some arrests occurring throughout the debacle. Local accounts from the destructive protest claim that at least four people were arrested. 

There was reportedly an attempt of an additional targeted arrest that proved unsuccessful by authorities after protesters allegedly intervened in some form to hinder the arrest. 

Things wound up calming down sometime thereafter, from local reports on the matter.

It’s unclear whether demonstrations of this caliber will continue to transpire outside of the courthouse – but the possibility of such is likely considering the notoriety of the are. 


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