Watch: Lone female officer takes down man armed with knife: “I will f-ing slice your f-ing throat.”


PHOENIX, AZ – Video evidence has surfaced regarding an officer involved shooting that took place in Phoenix, Arizona where an allegedly armed suspect threatens a female police officer with a knife repeatedly. The suspect gets shot after rushing the officer.

The shooting was said to have taken place on 43rd Avenue and Union Hills in Phoenix’s northern portion of the city, at approximately 7:45 p.m. on June 14th.

Police were alerted about a male suspect that was armed with a knife threatening to kill people outside of the Asiana Market.

One officer responded to the call, where she confronted the armed man. Video was captured by a nearby witness who was inside of their vehicle.

*Graphic language warning*

During the confrontation between the lone officer and the suspect, you can hear the suspect repeatedly threatening the officer with the knife. While the officer is issuing verbal commands for the suspect the drop the knife, the man can be heard saying:

“Shoot me. I will kill you. I’ll kill you, you stupid little bitch – I will fucking slice your fucking throat.”

While ignoring the numerous commands issued by the officer present, the suspect continues to try closing the physical gap between himself and the officer. It eventually gets to the point where the officer is having to continuously move away from the suspect that is approaching at a quickened pace.

After the suspect begins to continue moving toward the officer, the officer responds with what appears to be a single shot, in which the suspect goes to the ground.

As of now, neither the suspect nor the officer has been identified, but it’s been reported that the suspect remains hospitalized after the shooting.

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Andy Anderson, a former assistant police chief in Phoenix, commented on the content within the video, noting the following:

“One of the things we train with at the academy is how dangerous an individual is with a knife. They have what they call a 15-foot rule because an individual with a knife can cover that 15 feet in the blink of an eye.”

Based upon the circumstances, Anderson believes that the shooting was irrevocably justified:

“She was trying very hard to create distance with this individual. She was trying very hard to get this individual to listen to her and calm down, but when he advanced on her in the method that he did, she ran out of options.”

Britt London, who serves as the president of the Phoenix Law Enforcement Association, was concerned at the fact that only one officer was present during such a call:

“People are talking about defunding the police department. That’s what happens when you defund the police department. You have one officer. This situation may have been able to have been handled differently if there were more officers.”

Sentiments expressed online regarding the officer’s response to the armed assailant seem to generally concur that the officer wasn’t left with any other choice but to respond with gunfire.

One Twitter user responded to the video, stating the following:

“This is why we defend, not defund, our great police! I’m thankful to live in a city where men and women like this protect the community every day. An absolute hero!”

But, even when there’s a clear case of what can be cited as a reasonable application of lethal force, there are always going to be some among the peanut gallery that clamor about pepper spray and tasers.

Once again, providing further evidence that no matter how justified police are in their exercising of force, there are some so adamantly against police protecting their lives and others that they’ll complain whenever an officer needs to employ lethal force.


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