Caught on camera: Gunman on back of scooter opens fire on playground in police-defunded NYC


NEW YORK CITY, NY – Police in New York City are currently looking for two suspects involved in a drive-by shooting carried out earlier in March, where the rear passenger of a scooter can be seen shooting at a Bronx playground in broad daylight. 

According to NYPD officials, the shooting occurred at approximately 5:30 p.m. on March 12th at the Magenta Playground in the Allerton section of the Bronx. 

As seen in the video, the two suspects are riding on a scooter, when the back passenger begins to fire off several rounds at the playground as they’re riding by. 

Luckily, no injuries were reported from the incident. However, some vehicles nearby were damaged as a result of the gunfire. Both suspects seen in the video are adorning hooded sweatshirts and face coverings, making it difficult to get a good look at the suspects’ faces. 

The NYPD are reaching out to the public for tips that can lead investigators to the identities of the two suspects.

Anyone with information on this incident or the suspects involved are urged to call Crime Stoppers at 800-577-TIPS or message @NYPDTips directly on Twitter. 

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In other recent reports regarding crimes caught on camera, Law Enforcement Today shared a report earlier in March showcasing a New York City Homeless Services officer being attacked and knocked unconscious. 

Here’s that previous report. 


NEW YORK CITY- A New York City Homeless Services officer is recovering after getting knocked unconscious last week inside a shelter in the Harlem section of the city, the New York Post reports.

The incident was caught on video obtained by the Post.

The footage was taken inside the Parkview Inn on West 100th Street and shows the officer, a peace officer assigned to the city Department of Homeless Services, confronting the man in a hallway.

Shortly afterward, the officer is seen trying to calm the suspect, however the man suddenly grabs the officer’s mask and pulls it off his face and starts punching him, the video shows.

Caught on camera: NYC Homeless Services Officer violently attacked, beaten unconscious and jaw broken
Homeless Services officer tries to calm suspect before incident- YouTube screenshot
Caught on camera: NYC Homeless Services Officer violently attacked, beaten unconscious and jaw broken
Suspect grabs officers mask before striking him-YouTube screenshot

The officer took a few steps before collapsing in the hallway.

A second officer yells at the attacker to stay down while holding a pepper spray canister as the man retreats into a room, the footage showed.

Caught on camera: NYC Homeless Services Officer violently attacked, beaten unconscious and jaw broken
Homeless Services Officer collapses on floor-YouTube screenshot

The suspect then comes back into the hallway clutching some clothing and fled. 

He remains at large, law enforcement sources said.

The officer, who suffered a broken jaw which has been wired shut, will be out of work for at least six weeks.

He is only able to eat and drink through a straw, sources said.

The Post reached out to the injured officer Sunday, however he declined to comment on the incident.

The paper also reached out to the New York City Police Department where details of the incident were confirmed. The NYPD replied in an emailed statement saying, “There are no arrests, and the investigation is ongoing.”

One law enforcement source lashed out at the Department of Homeless Services and questioned whether they were taking steps to help in tracking down the attacker.

“The urgency to do something is not there,” the source, who spoke on the condition of anonymity said.

“That could have been anyone,” he said of the injured officer. “It could have been another client or staff member, and had it been someone else, the urgency would have been way more. But because it’s a [DHS peace] officer, the ones whose job it is to keep peace in the shelter, we’re just passed aside.”

Sources and police told The Post that the suspect had been involved in a dispute with a shelter worker prior to the attack on the officer last Friday.

The Post noted the facility has been the site of a number of problems, with the paper previously reporting in a 2019 report that oversight at the facility was sparse and in fact it had its own in-house heroin dealer.

At that time, a resident of the facility, a 66-year-old man said:

“I do not feel safe here at all. It’s horrible. That’s why people prefer to live on the streets.”

Yet another resident, a 26-year-old female survivor of domestic violence said:

“There needs to be some kind of control here because it’s unsafe for all of us.”

The same report said that according to data obtained by The Post, 95 residents—nearly half of the 192 clients at the Parkview at that time—were considered “at risk” of being a danger either to others or themselves, as of the end of September 2019.


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