“Don’t give up! Shoot both of them!”

Those were the words of ‘encouragement’ yelled across the street to a man who was running from the NYPD after just shooting an officer. Bystanders filmed as officers and the suspect engaged in a deadly shootout.

“Shoot them cops! “Shoot n—a, shoot the cops! F–k ’em!”

Members of the public have become so anti-police that instead of just the usual protests, the online posts on social media, the attempt to belittle and humiliate officers in public… they’re literally rooting for murder in the streets.


The man can be heard over and over telling the suspect to shoot the police and kill them. “Hope one of y’all dies. You killed my brother, you stupid bi—-s.”


The exchange was caught on video during a tense standoff in Washington Heights, New York on Thursday. Police had responded to a call of a man firing a gun wildly into the air.

When the officer Justin Vartanian arrived at the scene, he tried to take the suspect into custody, but he fled. The New York Post reported that the suspect was a member of the Trinitarios gang, a notoriously dangerous group.

During the pursuit, the gang member, identified as Luis Leizado, repeatedly turned and fired at responding officers.

“[The suspect] runs with a gun in his hands, and an officer pursues on foot leading to a parking garage on Broadway,” Commissioner James O’Neill said in a briefing on Thursday.

Officer Justin Vartarian took out the suspect in a parking lot. (New York Post)


Once they got to the garage, the final shootout began.

“The suspect then runs to the rear of the parking lot and takes the position behind the last parked car. Our officer takes cover behind a vehicle three cars away. The suspect then fires three rounds. The police officer was struck in the right armpit. The wounded officer fires back one time.”

That round reportedly hit the suspect in the chest. Other units came to the aid of Vartanian and he was transported for medical attention. He is expected to make a full recovery. The exchange of gunfire was caught on surveillance video. 


The suspect was transported to New York-Presbyterian hospital with a gunshot wound to the chest. He was pronounced dead.

“We saw today from the video we observed a very, very dangerous situation unfold, and our officers handled it with extraordinary professionalism and courage,” said Mayor Bill de Blasio.