Watch: Black Lives Matter protesters harass outside more diners in what seems to be a growing trend


ANN ARBOR, MI – On November 8th, Black Lives Matter protesters were marching throughout Ann Arbor, having been caught on video harassing restaurant patrons that were dining out on tables staged outside of the eatery.

The protest in question was seemingly inspired by the sixth anniversary of the police-involved shooting of 40-year-old Aura Rosser, who was fatally shot by a police officer after she attempted to attack the officer with a knife on November 9th, 2014.

In a reasonable conclusion regarding the investigation of the 2014 police shooting, the officer was cleared by Washtenaw County Prosecutor Brian Mackie after having found the shooting to be in self-defense.

Apparently the recent rally/protest was organized by Ann Arbor resident Aine McGehee Marley, who described the police-shooting of Rosser back in 2014 as “horrifying” – despite the fact that Rosser was confirmed to have confronted officers responding to her home with a knife when her then-boyfriend called 911 over a domestic situation.

Lisa Jackson, chair of the city’s Independent Community Police Oversight Commission, has been trying to have a database created that would attach the names of police officers that have had any complaints lodged against them for misconduct.

Thus far, Jackson’s efforts in that endeavor have been unsuccessful, which Jackson alleges that locals in the black community are worried that “what happened to Aura could happen” to them.

However, the clamoring coming from those alleging that there was some sort of wrongdoing in the police shooting of Rosser six years earlier seem to be glossing over the fact that Rosser tried attacking an officer with a knife.

Protesters marching along the streets were chanting the likes of “black lives matter” and were also seen dancing long the stretch they were headed down while others chanted one of their patented hate chants that is changed with each department they’re terrorizing:

“How do you spell murder? AAPD.”

The previous chant is alleging that the Ann Arbor Police Department somehow “murdered” Rosser back in 2014.

When the protesters made their way over to where diners were outside seated, video captured a woman with a bullhorn chanting the likes of “no justice, no peace, come out of the restaurants and into the streets,” while people were just sitting down trying to enjoy a meal.

Another person caught on video when moseying by those dining outside while hoisting up a sign that read “ACAB”, which has become a slogan synonymous with the black lives matter crowd. All the while, the chants of “how do you spell murder: AAPD” can be heard in the background of the captured video.

When one of the diners had attempted to voice his disdain over the demonstration being put up by the BLM crowd – all while chanting “no justice, no peace, fuck these racist ass police” – one person from the crowd could be heard saying “sit down, grandpa.”

Reportedly several hundred people had amassed for the planned protest, with video showcasing there being a police presence to ensure that the demonstration didn’t encroach upon criminal conduct.

There are currently no reports stemming from the area that allege any sort of criminal complaints or arrests related to the protest.

While criticism can certainly be levied toward what inspired the protest – namely a six-year-old police shooting that was legally found to be self-defense – the overall protest was perhaps annoying to some, but not criminal in nature.

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LET Unity

This isn’t the first time we at Law Enforcement Today reported on BLM protesters harassing people simply out on the streets or dining for ridiculous or even unclear reasons. 

In late October, a similar scenario played out in Lake Oswego, Oregon. 

Here’s that previous report. 


LAKE OSWEGO, OR – Black Lives Matter hit the streets of the Lake Oswego neighborhood on October 25th, doing what they do best: harassing and annoying people that don’t say their beloved phrase.

While, thankfully, the area was spared of violence and property damage – the insufferable antics that often accompanies these kinds of protesters was in full swing that day.

Video that was captured during the demonstration shows some of the nonsense these young “activists” were engaged in, which pretty much was a display of them being generally annoying.

In one instance, you can see both a passerby and then later a woman being pestered to say “black lives matter,” which resulted in continued harassment when the protesters didn’t hear their beloved catch-phrase repeated.

Honestly, it’s unclear what the purpose of the demonstration was on October 25th, considering there’s really nothing controversial as of late that the area played host to.

In Lake Oswego there have been no recent controversial police shootings, no scandalous bodycam footage incidents, no reports of racially-motivated crimes – these protesters literally just got together to chant “black lives matter” and annoy people in a fairly tame area in Oregon.

Of course, you can’t have a BLM get together without having people from the crowd incoherently screaming at police, accusing them of escorting “racists” because they were tailing a truck hosting a Thin Blue Line flag.

Obviously, police were keeping a close eye on the truck in question to make sure that neither the protesters nor the person driving the truck did anything unlawful, since recent times have shown that the pro-police crowd and the BLM crowd often don’t gel well when in close proximity.

Apparently, the driver of the truck had a previous interaction with these protesters while they were actively blocking the streets as he was driving through the neighborhood.

While the typical insults were hurled toward the vehicle’s driver and passenger, i.e. “racist” and the ilk, things pretty much remained at exchanged words. Ironically, people that were engaging the driver of the truck were remarking on how protesters keep getting hit by cars.

Maybe that’s because there’s a strong correlation between standing in the road and getting hit by vehicles.

I mean, no one would be terribly surprised to hear someone’s hands kept getting burned if they learned that they had a tendency to play patty cake with their stove while it’s turned on.

In another clip from the protest, the group descended upon some random pedestrians with the wheelchair bound protester asking if locals were aware of Lake Oswego’s nickname being “Lake No Negro.”

The individual being questioned by the wheelchair bound man said he’d never even heard of the nickname/expression before.

Now, as silly as the nickname sounds, some historians claim that because of the areas low black population that the nickname came about.

Now, as to how commonly used that nickname is isn’t clear, considering that the city also has several other nicknames like “Lake Big Ego”, “Fake Oswego” and “Fake Lost Ego” according to Wikipedia.

But in every snippet from the protest that was captured, it was all the same tricks many have come to expect.

Lots of chanting things like “no cops, no KKK” rhetoric while conveniently (or intentionally) walking past police officers, getting upset over Trump flags and seemingly all doing so for the desire to be a public nuisance.

So, while nothing genuinely befitting of the term “criminal” transpired in Lake Oswego on October 25th, the protest just didn’t seem to be inspired by anything other than people wanting to live action role play as civil rights proponents in a rich neighborhood.

Of course, the difference between the authentic Civil Rights movement and this Lake Oswego display is that the movement from the 1960s was for the attaining of actual rights – and what went down in Lake Oswego on October 25th was a protest demanding people agree with them.


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