Video: Biden refers to black senior advisor as “boy” in briefing – gets a pass from media and NAACP?


WASHINGTON, DC – While holding a virtual briefing regarding the Hurricane Ida relief efforts on August 30th, President Joe Biden referred to his senior advisor, who is black, as “boy” during the briefing – resulting in some scrutiny over the use of the term that has some controversial historical connotations.  

President Biden made the comments when introducing Cedric Richmond, a former congressman from Louisiana who later joined the Biden administration:

“I’m here with uh…with my senior adviser and uh…boy who knows Louisiana very, very well, man, and, and New Orleans, and uh…Cedric Richmond.”

As mentioned earlier, the term “boy” when used to reference a black male in America has a long and sordid history, which historian Ronald L. F. Davis notes in his paper “Racial Etiquette: The Racial Customs and Rules of Racial Behaviour in Jim Crow America”:

“Most southern white Americans who grew up prior to 1954 expected black Americans to conduct themselves according to well-understood rituals of behaviour…Blacks were expected to refer to white males in positions of authority as ‘Boss’ or ‘Cap’n’–a title of respect that replaced ‘Master’ or ‘Marster’ used in slave times.”

“All black men, on the other hand, were called by their first names or were referred to as ‘Boy,’ ‘Uncle,’ and ‘Old Man’ – regardless of their age.”

This isn’t the first time that President Biden came under fire for making reference to the term “boy”, as back on the campaign trail in June of 2019, he recalled his time while working alongside supporters of racial segregation like the Senator James O. Eastland of Mississippi.

Then-presidential candidate Biden said he “was in a caucus with James O. Eastland,” and boasted about how he “never called me ‘boy’,” but that Eastland “always called me ‘son’.”

Biden treating that interaction as a fond memory set of a storm of criticism, with then-presidential candidate Cory Booker saying the following about the matter:

“You don’t joke about calling black men ‘boys.’ Men like James O. Eastland used words like that, and the racist policies that accompanied them, to perpetuate white supremacy and strip black Americans of our very humanity.”

“Vice President Biden’s relationships with proud segregationists are not the model for how we make America a safer and more inclusive place for black people, and for everyone.”

Senator Booker then took to Twitter on June 19th, 2019, sharing a historic image of the “I Am A Man” protest from 1968, an obvious reference to Biden’s comments made one day earlier.

As stated, Biden has a history with comments that just don’t sit well with many when he speaks about black Americans. Back in 2007, he described then- fellow presidential candidate Barack Obama as the following:

“I mean, you got the first mainstream African-American who is articulate and bright and clean and a nice-looking guy. I mean, that’s a storybook, man.”

Obama responded to Biden’s framing that he was “the first mainstream African-American who is articulate,” calling it “historically inaccurate”:

“African-American presidential candidates like Jesse Jackson, Shirley Chisholm, Carol Moseley Braun and Al Sharpton gave a voice to many important issues through their campaigns, and no one would call them inarticulate.”

GOP national spokesperson Paris Dennard was particularly incensed by President Biden referring to Cedric Richmond as a “boy” during the briefing earlier in August, writing the following on Twitter:

“Cedric Richmond is a 47 year old man. While Ja’Ron Smith was 38 years old when he was in a similar role for President Trump I can assure he was not called a ‘boy’ by President Trump.  Joe Biden just continues to insult Black men openly and in public because he doesn’t care.”

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Here it comes: Gun control groups pressure Biden to create firearm control office to bypass Senate

(Originally published August 29th, 2021)

According to reports, gun control groups and advocates are actively trying to convince President Joe Biden to create a sort of White House-level gun control office after reports suggest that ATF nominee David Chipman may not get confirmed by the Senate.

By creating a White House-level office dedicated to gun control, President Biden would be able to dictate whomever he please to run the endeavor without needing confirmation from the Senate.

Politico recently reported that four gun control advocacy groups sent a letter to President Biden on August 25th, complaining that his administration is falling “significantly short of the promises you yourself made while running for the presidency” when it relates to instituting gun control.

The four groups were comprised of Guns Down, March For Our Lives, Newtown Action Alliance and Survivors Empowered.

The letter referenced how President Biden claimed that he would “bring Democrats and Republicans together in the United States Congress to pass big things, to deal with big issues” such as getting the Senate to pass stricter gun control laws.

However, the groups feel as though President Biden is falling short in that realm, and are also apparently upset that key checks and balances like the filibuster still exist:

“Yet we have not seen you publicly pressure key Senators to support bipartisan House-passed legislation that would strengthen our nation’s background check system and you have not advocated for the repeal of the filibuster, an archaic tool that creates a major impediment to legislative reform.”

The letter went on to cite that over 28,000 Americans have died as a result of “gun violence” in 2021.

That figure claimed in the letter comes from the source known as Gun Violence Archive, which same source also noted that nearly 16,000 of those who died from “gun violence” died by committing suicide.

Point aside, the letter from the groups called for the following from President Biden:

  1. Establish an Office of Gun Violence Prevention in order to streamline the government’s efforts to reduce violence, recognize gun violence as a national security crisis and a public health and prevention priority, and establish a long-term sustained effort to reduce gun deaths.
  2. Unveil a comprehensive strategy and proactive plan for pursuing your legislative agenda on gun reform in a way that creates a viable pathway for securing passage of these critical initiatives while supporters of reform still hold a narrow majority in the Senate, eliminating the filibuster if necessary.
  3. Use the presidential bully pulpit to talk to Americans about the risks and dangers of firearm ownership within the home and in our communities while also highlighting successful community efforts and legislative reforms that have saved lives across the nation.

In layman’s terms, this is what the groups are really asking for – minus the word salad:

  • Create an ATF-lite essentially, one that can exist and be led by someone not requiring Senate confirmation who is likely anti-Second Amendment and can effectively stimulate anti-gun sentiments with the general public
  • End the filibuster while Democrats still have a majority in the Senate, so any anti-gun legislation proposed can be passed
  • Have President Biden address the public and convince people they shouldn’t own guns anyway

It’s certainly a bold ask, as the groups attached to this letter are blatantly requesting that Democrats not only have a monopoly on gun legislation, but to adopt a hardline position of legislating away at gun rights while also urging the public to relinquish said rights through persuasion via the bully pulpit.

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Surprising fact check: Even the Associated Press is calling out Biden’s lies about Trump’s deal with Taliban

(Originally published August 30th, 2021)

WASHINGTON, DC- “The buck stops here!” That’s what Joe Biden says…while in the next breath, he blames former President Trump for his incompetence.

For someone who has overturned every policy implemented by the former president, Biden now finds it convenient to try to blame Trump for his ineptitude in handling the withdrawal from Afghanistan.

At a press briefing after the airport at Kabul, Afghanistan was attacked by ISIS terrorists, resulting in thirteen American service members losing their lives, along with over 100 Afghans, Biden waited six hours to come out and make the claim that he “accepted responsibility” for the attack before quickly blaming Trump.

Now of all places, the Associated Press basically assigned four Pinocchio’s to Biden’s claims. When a leftist like Biden loses the AP, you know something is off.

According to the AP:

“As President Donald Trump’s administration signed a peace deal with the Taliban in February 2020, he optimistically proclaimed that ‘we think we’ll be successful in the end.’ His secretary of state, Mike Pompeo, asserted that the administration was ‘seizing the best opportunity for peace in a generation.’

“Eighteen months later, President Joe Biden is pointing to the agreement signed in Doha, Qatar, as he tries to deflect blame for the Taliban overrunning Afghanistan in a blitz. He says it bound him to withdraw U.S. troops, setting the stage for the chaos engulfing the country.

“But Biden can only go so far in claiming the agreement boxed him in. It had an escape clause: The U.S. could have withdrawn from the accord if Afghan peace talks failed. They did, but Biden chose to stay in it, although he delayed the complete pullout from May to September.”

In other words, while Trump had made an agreement in principle with the Taliban, they had not fulfilled key parts of that agreement, thereby rendering it null and void.

The Taliban was committed to achieve certain benchmarks and when those benchmarks were not reached, the deal should have been called off. But Biden, ever the feckless one, kept the U.S. in the deal and put the Taliban in charge.

Never before in American history has a president ceded our position to the enemy, least of all a group of virtual goat farmers. Yet here we are.

Continuing the AP said:

“U.S. officials made clear at the time that the agreement was conditions-based, and the failure of intra-Afghan peace talks to reach a negotiated settlement would have nullified the requirement to withdraw.

“One day before the Doha deal, a top aide to chief U.S. negotiator Zalmay Khalilzad said the agreement was not irreversible, and ‘there is no obligation for the United States to withdraw troops if the Afghan parties are unable to reach agreement or if the Taliban show bad faith’ during negotiations.

“These negotiations were intended to begin within a month of the deal being signed but were delayed amid disputes between the Taliban and the Afghan government over prisoner releases.

Amid fits and starts, the negotiations had not produced any outcome by the time Biden announced his withdrawal decision in April. Nor have they done so since.” [emphasis added]

On Thursday in an interview with Breitbart News, the former president said the deal he signed in 2020 with Taliban leader Abdul Ghani Baradar was based on the condition there would be no American casualties.

“And the people that I was doing a very good job of dealing with—remember, we haven’t had a soldier killed in a year and a half,” Trump told Breitbart. “That was part of—that was a condition. No soldiers were killed—no American soldier was killed.”

Trump laid the blame for the chaos in Afghanistan squarely on Biden.

“When you have something that’s so obviously stupid and everybody else goes along with it, he must be to a certain extent calling the shots,” he said.

“Take a look at what happened. He came up with a plan so crazy, and stupid. And the people can’t be that dumb they would go to approve it. So he must have said this is what he wants to do, and they went along with it.”

“All he had to do is a similar thing—what I was doing just taking the military out last, and when everybody is out, when all the equipment is out, and everything is gone, and then we just take the military and we wave ‘bye bye,’” Trump said.

“Call it a bad experience. And we would have got out with great dignity, and we could have even claimed victory. This is a pure loss.”

Trump also slammed Biden for removing the military before all the civilians were out.

“Because everybody knows. A child would know, you take the military out last. You get everybody out, then you get all the equipment—you take your $83 billion worth of equipment—then you blow up the bases.

And perhaps you stay at, you take a certain area you may want to keep like Bagram [Air Base] and keep the base Bagram because it’s next to China and Iran.”

As the AP noted, Trump’s proposed withdrawal of US forces was “conditions based,” yet there was no clear-cut obligation for the US to pull out all the troops if the Taliban and Afghan government couldn’t come to an agreement on a coalition government.

Trump also, the AP noted, threatened the Taliban that he’d “rain fire and brimstone on the Taliban” if they tried any “bad stuff.”

The AP concluded that what this whole mess boiled down to was that Biden wanted the troops out of Afghanistan even though he wasn’t obligated to do so. Our thought is he wanted a notch under his belt to have all troops out of the region before the 20th anniversary of the September 11 terrorist attacks next month.

Biden and his advisers clearly didn’t care at all about the consequences of such a reckless and hasty withdrawal of troops from Afghanistan.

Only when ISIS attacked the perimeter of the Kabul airport did Biden acknowledge “some” responsibility for the withdrawal, however still trying to pin it on President Trump, where clearly the decision was his to make and his alone.

He has shown no hesitancy in overturning other executive orders, policies, and agreements made by President Trump, so his excuse that he had “no choice” in this matter is laughable.

Thirteen American heroes paid with their lives for his incompetence. That is the legacy Biden will leave behind.


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