Soros-funded DA drops charges against suspect who assaulted elderly woman in police-defunded San Francisco


SAN FRANCISCO, CA- This is going to end well…defund the police and stop prosecuting criminals.

Is it any wonder why violent crime is out of control in Democratic run cities? The latest outrage comes to us from San Francisco, where prosecutors have dropped felony charges against one of the suspects in a violent carjacking attempt which left a 75-year-old woman injured last March.

ABC-7 reported they were told by sources that the district attorney’s office, headed by far-left Soros-funded acolyte Chesa Boudin had charges against a juvenile, a 16-year-old girl in the case dismissed.

The victim responded to the news while speaking through her son, and a Good Samaritan who came to her aid is also outraged by the development.

“This is cut and dry. I watched them beat this old woman and drop her across the concrete,” the Good Samaritan, who doesn’t want to be identified said.

He told ABC-7 he saw the woman walking to her car at a Richmond District Safeway store when she was accosted, grabbed by the hair and dragged across the pavement in an attempted carjacking in broad daylight.

“I just punched through the back window and it was loud. Loud enough and kind of scary enough to freak them out,” he told the station back in March when the incident happened.

Both the victim, as well as the Good Samaritan were treated for minor injuries by first responders, according to

Police say multiple individuals were involved in the assault, including one minor who was arrested shortly after the incident and was charged with robbery, elder abuse, aggravated assault and conspiracy.

However, Lim found out that Boudin’s office had dropped all charges for the minor, using the totally bogus claim that there was a lack of DNA evidence, which is a crock.

There appeared to be copious other available evidence, yet that doesn’t meet Boudin’s progressive leftist agenda. When he found out the charges had been dismissed, the Good Samaritan became incensed.

“I really put myself in a position where I could have lost my life…I would have hoped we could have seen some kind of justice,” he said.

The victim was also incensed.

“That is truly pathetic. Give a bunch of thieves some gloves and let them loose to do whatever they want and to enjoy stolen money,” she said through her son.

Lim said he reached out to Boudin’s office to get an explanation on why the charges were dropped. Boudin’s director of communications, Rachel Marshall responded that the office was “legally prohibited from discussing anything related to a juvenile case,” while cautioning that shouldn’t be “interpreted as confirming or denying anything about the case status.” She apparently follows the Jen Psaki school of not answering questions.

However Lim said that multiple “high-level” sources confirmed that Boudin’s office dropped the charges.

In fact, the source within Boudin’s office described the move to drop charges against the juvenile “illogical” due to the presence of substantial condemning evidence, including surveillance video taken from multiple angles and witness accounts, which included that of the Good Samaritan.

“I believe in restorative justice and I understand Chesa [Boudin} has a model but…his way of going about it is not working,” the Good Samaritan said.

ABC-7 said they reached out to Marshall to find out the status of the other suspects, who are not minors but as of publication had not received a response.

As with neo-Marxist left-wing Los Angeles County District Attorney George Gascon, Boudin is also subject to a recall petition. SFiST reported a second group has come forth in an attempt to recall Boudin.

San Franciscans for Public Safety Coalition is a “broad-based coalition of San Francisco community, neighborhood and small business leaders” who have formed in order to work on getting Boudin recalled, the San Francisco Chronicle reported.

The original recall group, Recall Chesa Boudin is led by a local Republican commentator and former mayoral candidate Richie Greenberg, along with tech investors David Sacks and Cyan Bannister.

Both groups will need to gather 51,325 signatures by August 11 in order to get the recall petition put on the ballot. Currently, the groups are far short of that number.

As in much of the country, San Francisco has also seen a spike in anti-Asian crime, along with some bold daytime robberies which is contributing to the perception that San Francisco is turning into Beirut.

In fact, one reporter from KPIX has been mugged at gunpoint twice in recent months, and had his cameraman’s camera stolen both times. The camera was subsequently recovered, police said.

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SAN FRANCISCO, CA– As Law Enforcement Today has continuously reported, billionaire left-wing donor George Soros has made it his mission to back left-wing candidates that share similar “progressive” views with him. 

One of those individuals that he threw his money behind during a 2019 campaign, was San Francisco’s District Attorney, Chesa Boudin.

Boudin is just one of the radical left-wing prosecutors that Soros has funneled money to in an effort to overturn the criminal justice system in the U.S.

Boudin has created quite a stir with Women’s groups however, as they are expressing major concerns over the fact that DA Boudin has decreased the rate at which domestic violence charges are filed against suspects, allowing many of those that are accused to go free.

That has could have a potentially dangerous impact on the women and children who are making the accusations.

In addition, Breitbart reported that Boudin is also the son of two members of the Weather Underground, regarded by the FBI as a domestic terrorist organization.

According to reports, Boudin’s parents “were getaway drivers in a 1981 armored car heist that led to the deaths of two police officers and a guard, the UK Guardian recalled.”

After taking office, Boudin began cutting prosecutors and dropping charges in serious cases, notably one in which a man allegedly attacked police officers with a vodka bottle.

The San Francisco Chronicle reported that women’s advocates are alarmed by Boudin’s tendency to release domestic violence offenders. They discussed one such instance where a man who was arrested on suspicion of killing a seven-month old baby, and was released.

That article stated:

“The news itself was crushing. A 7-month-old baby boy named Synciere Williams died Tuesday. The man charged with taking care of him that day, Joseph Williams, 26, was booked by police for allegedly murdering the child.

And, it turned out, he’d been arrested twice recently on suspicion of felony domestic violence, in January and March, before being released without charges.

But when Kathy Black, the executive director of La Casa de las Madres, a shelter for domestic violence victims in the city, read how District Attorney Chesa Boudin’s office had explained the tragedy, she felt even more devastated.

His spokesperson said the woman in the previous cases had refused to cooperate with prosecutors, so he couldn’t file charges.

The notion that charging cases hinges on whether battered victims will stand up in court against people with whom they’re in a relationship — and may rely upon for income and housing — is so old-school, Black was surprised to hear the famously progressive district attorney use it as justification for dropping the case.

It’s true that such a lack of cooperation can make proving a case more difficult, but it certainly doesn’t make it impossible.

‘It’s so archaic,’ Black said. ‘Oh, my God. It’s just shocking to me.'”

The Chronicle also notes that in 2020, the District Attorney’s Office only filed charges in 15% of felony domestic violence cases. From 2016 through 2019, the average charges filed in felony domestic violence cases was between 20% and 27%.

To date, 2021 is on track to follow 2020 with a similarly low percentage. 

As Breitbart noted, Boudin is charging felony domestic violence even more rarely than his left-wing predecessor, George Gascón. Gascón is now the Los Angeles County District Attorney, after being supported by Soros in his own election race in 2020.

He is pursuing similarly radical policies, over the opposition of his own prosecutors, who have taken him to court.

Both Gascón and Boudin face now possible recall elections. Gascón’s political action committee recently donated $100,000 to help Boudin fight the recall effort.

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