Spec ops veterans poised to take beer industry by storm- all to help LEO’s


Ultra high speed patriotic veterans are poised to take the beer industry by storm and stand ready to support the LEO, 1st Responder and veteran community

By Eddie Molina 

Virginia: What do veterans do after they leave the military? Well, that depends on the individual. After having a cold beer, some find a new job, others get involved in charitable work and some had entrepreneurship in their blood and start a business.

And that’s exactly what a few veterans are doing.

But these vets aren’t your average door kicking grunts with an idea for a business. They have a much more extensive and impressive military background with a far more grandiose business plan.

And they’re all setting the stage to take the beer industry by storm with the Armed Forces Brewing Company.

Meet Some of the Veterans

AFBC includes some of the most highly trained individuals the United States military has to offer on their team.

The most notable among them is Rob O’Neill, former SEAL Team 6 member. He’s only known for taking down the world’s most wanted terrorist, Osama Bin Laden- and he is the face of the company.

But this doesn’t take away from some of the other impressive AFBC team members.

That takes us to Ray “Cash” Care, former Navy SEAL and social media influencer is known for his passion and drive. Ray puts that into everything he does- no exceptions. He will motivate you like no one has ever done before, guaranteed- and now he plans on putting that same level of dedication to AFBC.

Spec ops veterans poised to take beer industry by storm- all to help LEO's
Some of the leadership, ready to serve again.

Another one we must mention on the team is Dave Bray, who goes by Dave Bray USA. A talented patriotic musician and Marine, his dedication to the law enforcement community is unmatched. He, too, intends to apply that same dedication to this new company.

These are just a small handful.

Their entire team is loaded with veterans from all branches, with differing backgrounds, who are now all on the same mission to change the landscape of their industry.

And their plan is to feed America beer.

But it goes way deeper than that. They intend to help veterans and first responders along the way because they, more than most companies, understand their struggles.

LET visited AFBC during a recent event held in Virginia and spoke to some of the key players. We needed to know exactly what their plan is and the direction they’re headed.

Running a business is difficult and we wanted to know if their plan will lead to success. After visiting with them- the simple answer is:


The Beer

The first thing we (and everyone else for that matter) want to know is- how does the beer taste?

The beer industry is busting at the seams with micro-breweries. Brewing beer sounds easy and fun. But the fact of the matter is, most micro-brewed beer is simply not good. It either lacks full bodied flavor, it’s bland, there’s no satisfying aftertaste… you name it.

But I can say firsthand- their beers stand out above the rest.

Spec ops veterans poised to take beer industry by storm- all to help LEO's
The initial beer products, click image to learn more.

AFBC has developed their first three core beers; the Preamble, the Cat Shot (both lagers) and the Special Hops IPA. Since then, they have developed three more beers.

The Beer Expert

After the first sip of the Cat Shot, we were hooked. After speaking with Chad Ellis, one of their beer experts, he broke down the beer-brewing process.

He told LET:

“The Cat Shot lager is a full-bodied pre- prohibition style lager. Very malty, very full bodied, and a lot of flavor to it.”

He continued:

“The Special Hops is an east coast IPA. We use azaca, centennial and Simcoe hops, so it’s not a real ‘kick you in the teeth’ IPA like some of the west coast style IPA’s. It’s very well balanced, a lot of flavor, you get hops but you get a lot of malts and it’s real easy to drink.”

A Unique Business Model

It was easy to drink. But I wasn’t yet satisfied- with knowledge that is. I wanted to know more about their strategy and business model.

From what we already knew about AFBC, it was a growing, but not yet fully established brewing company.

AFBC is still in a building phase and offering anyone an opportunity to invest in their company. People can buy into their stock, own a slice of AFBC and contribute monetary funds to help expand, build and fully centralize their own brewing system.

The starting investment amount is only $200. Or you, like many others have already, can go in for more.

They currently have contracted third-party brewing companies to make their delicious beer while they raise funds to go public.

One of their noble goals is to use the money raised from selling stocks of the “yet to be” official company and go from there.

They make no promises to their investors and remind them that the exact plan is still a work in progress- and one I’m very confident in.

Our Investment

Knowing that nothing is set in stone did not stop me from chipping in and investing.

The decision to invest came from a variety of reasons. It wasn’t just the taste of the beer, or the cool promotional videos or wanting to be involved in something tied to Rob O’Neill.

Spec ops veterans poised to take beer industry by storm- all to help LEO's
Armed Forces Brewing Company- all things America.

It was everything.

But one of the main reasons is that I have confidence they will succeed is because their strategy is to employ many veterans.

Veterans are among the most dedicated, hard-working and selfless people America has. They are treasured within the corporate sector and regularly recruited. Corporate American businesses also understand the value they get with a veteran employee.

Add to that the impressive list of highly skilled veterans sitting on the upper echelon of the organization like Ray “Cash” Care, Darren “McB” Burnett and Rob O’Neill, all Navy SEAL’s, who know more than most in the world how important teamwork and leadership is to an organization.

It was an easy decision to invest.

A No-Brainer

And that’s exactly what I did. After going on their website and entering my personal information and answering all the questions, out came my debit card and a hefty investment to AFBC.

I was also relieved to see that one of the requirements were to enter my social security number. It gave me a sense of legitimacy and was another reminder that these guys are for real!

But according to investor relations manager Stephen Boerenko, entering such personal information as a requirement to invest is an obstacle to some people. But he assured me that it is not only safe, it is to everyone’s benefit.

Stephen told LET:

It is secure. It is encrypted. We take every effort possible to make sure that we are protecting our investors. That information does not go to Armed Forces Brewing company. That information goes to cultivate who is managing our offering. And that’s part of their SEC requirements and that they handle all that.”

It seems like AFBC is doing everything possible to ensure they build a great company. They’re dotting every “I” and crossing every “T”.

But that’s not all. They’re doing something extremely important.

Spec ops veterans poised to take beer industry by storm- all to help LEO's
AFBC has just launched three new beers for 2023. Pictured is one, the Ground Pounder.

AFBC Commitment to Charity

Every veteran across the country knows that veterans, law enforcement and first responders’ often struggle.

Post-traumatic stress comes with the territory for our line of work. Officers, veterans, EMS… you name it, have dealt, and many do still deal with trauma on a regular basis.

From facing death firsthand, having another person die in your arms to having to investigate disturbing cases involving children, these routine tasks add to a lot of stress. It takes a toll on person and could have debilitating physical and emotional effects- and could lead to suicide ideation.

With as many veterans involved with the AFBC as there is, they know it all too well.

That’s why part of their mission is to give back.

Major Ed Pulido

Major Ed Pulido, a combat veteran and important part of the AFBC leadership, took the time to speak to LET about their commitment to charity and their commitment to the law enforcement community.

He stated:

“I’m a big proponent of law enforcement just because of the fact that my brother was in law enforcement- I understand it. I live it and I know it. And as a supporter of it, I think that Armed Forces Brewing Company and giving back, we’ll be able to- if someone goes down in the line of duty- we’re going to take care of their family.”

He continued:

“But also, the fact that the first responder community is also really, truly connected with veterans, because a lot of them are veterans and they served, they did their duty. I think what we’re going to find here is that Armed Forces Brewing Company is about giving back and about understanding that we can’t leave anyone behind on the field of battle and on the home front.”

Get a Piece of the Action

We’re really excited to see what the future holds for Armed Forces Brewing Company.

If you want to get involved directly, consider making a safe, secure investment directly on their website,  www.OwnArmedForcesBrewingCo.com/ourmission.

Get involved today with a brewing company that will change America and the veteran & LEO community.

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