This trooper shows us what it means to truly live a life of service…


BOSTON, Mass. – He was a cancer survivor. A veteran state trooper. A pillar of support for children. A hero in every sense of the word.

This week, Massachusetts State Trooper William Coulter passed away at the age of 68 after a brief battle with an illness.

Now, police officers and civilians from all over are praising his name and honoring his memory.

Coulter was called the ‘leading force’ behind the “Cops for Kids With Cancer” charity, an incredible organization that sought to provide love, care and financial support to families of children who are battling their severe illnesses.

(Massachusetts State Police)


The veteran law enforcement officer had originally signed onto the Massachusetts State Police department in 1974, serving in a number of different roles over his career, including working with gang units and as an investigator. Most recently, he served in the Division of Investigative Services at General Headquarters.

Additionally, he was an avid runner and competitor within triathlons and would routinely complete the Boston Marathon, according to CBS Boston. 

A spokesperson with the State Police said that Coulter’s death “leaves a tremendous void within the MSP family and beyond.”

“His energy and dedication to this part of his life’s journey knew no limits.”

Coulter was coming up on his 45th year of service within the Massachusetts State Police in November. 

The veteran officer was a key player in the Cops for Kids With Cancer charity, serving as chairman on the board. 


Rest in peace, Trooper Coulter. The legacy that you leave behind will echo throughout the world for years to come. You are never forgotten.

Funeral services for Coulter have not yet been announced.

Another American hero who thought he would be alone when he died had countless strangers show up to his funeral this week. 

Two sentences were all that was written and published in the Naples Daily News on September 29th for an 80 year-old-veteran.

No story about his life, no story about his service, nothing more than the date he passed, and a date, time and location for his internment.  The final sentence read:

“This Veteran has no immediate family all are welcome to attend.”

Edward K. Pearson

Edward K. Pearson


For everything bad that social media has created in recent years, every once in a while the platforms come through to catapult something worthy into the spotlight. The veteran has no known family or many close friends, and social media has taken on the cause to get people to his services.

Edward K. Pearson passed away in August of 2019.  Since the obituary of the U.S. Army veteran hit the internet, in less than 24 hours it has gone viral and hundreds of people across the country, and even in Canada have vowed to attend the services and pay their respects for a man who served his country.  

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A tweet by CNN’s Jake Tapper help to propel the story to gain momentum on social media.  Many individuals have also started to show their respect for Mr. Parson on a legacy website for posted obituaries.

There is not much that is known about Mr. Pearson. 

Records indicate that he served in the U.S. Army from 1962-1964 (Vietnam Era) and that he was honorably discharged.  Records also show that he an engineer who worked for Marriott Hotel Services Inc.

The director of the funeral home where Mr. Pearson’s body was sent stated that no family came forward to claim his remains after his passing.  Finally, a friend of Mr. Pearson’s came forward to make arrangements to lay him in his final resting place.  

Knowing that Mr. Pearson was a veteran, the friend reached out and made arrangements through the Sarasota National Cemetery.

The Legacy Options funeral director Michael Hoyt commented on the social media phenomenon:

“I’ve certainly never seen anything like this, it’s good to know people are coming to support this veteran who has served and probably don’t even know him.”


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