Veteran: The left continues to meltdown over the Rittenhouse verdict, but is actually protecting the Waukesha terrorist


WASHINGTON, DC – Just minutes after the news broke about an individual driving his SUV into a crowd of people at a Christmas parade in Waukesha, WI, Chris Wiggins was busy tweeting.

Somehow, he managed to intertwine the fact that Kyle Rittenhouse was cleared of any wrong-doing in his trial in Kenosha and the tragedy unfolding 50 miles north. It appears that trial’s outcome is completely unrelated to the event that cost 5 people their lives and wounded more than 40 others

“It’s okay. The driver in Waukesha was afraid for his life and defending himself from the unarmed holiday crowd. That’s Wisconsin law now.”

In an apparent shot at the outcome of the trial, Wiggins, who is an alum of CBS News, decided that the loss of life was secondary to him getting a few more followers and likes. Sadly, it wasn’t the only tweet he issued to share his disdain with the verdict. 

“If what happened at Atlanta airport were in Wisconsin, someone could have started shooting in fear after they heard the initial gunshot and anyone they killed would have been legally justified.”

Apparently, Chris is either unaware of how self-defense works and why it even exists, or he just doesn’t care. 

As if he wasn’t wrong enough in his own personal beliefs…he even retweeted other people’s stupidity. 

“Breaking: House Judiciary Committee chairman, Jerry Nadler is calling for “federal review by DOJ” of the Kyle Rittenhouse verdict. He’s not wrong, but the right is going to light itself on fire over this.”

Actually Chris. He IS wrong. 

Here is what Nadler said, proving that his suspenders are on way too tight and that he is completely oblivious to the evidence presented in this trial. 

“This heartbreaking verdict is a miscarriage of justice and sets a dangerous precedent which justifies federal review by DOJ. Justice cannot tolerate armed persons crossing state lines looking for trouble while people engage in First Amendment-protected protest.”

Keep in mind, that this is the same Jerry Nadler that once said that Antifa isn’t a group, it is an idea, that Antifa was burning buildings and wreaking havoc in Portland was a myth. 

Oh, Jerry…are you ok? 

Rittenhouse didn’t carry a weapon across state lines. He didn’t cross state lines to intervene in a situation that had no bearing on him.

He wasn’t there looking for trouble. The activities of many of the Kenosha “protestors” was not protected by the 1st Amendment.

The actions of Rosenbaum, Huber and Grosskreutz were not protected. 

The actions of Rittenhouse were protected. 

But none of that matters to the unhinged left. 

Why should we be surprised when the leader of the free world, President Joe Biden, admits that he did not watch the trial but was angered and concerned by the verdict. 

Yep…much like Jerry “belts and suspenders” Nadler, the President of the United States of America, Biden doesn’t care that justice was served and that the system meant to protect all Americans did exactly that. 

Nope. All that matters is that the narrative is advanced. Truth is of no consequence. 

The truth. What was true about the events of surrounding Rittenhouse from August 25th, 2020? 

One of the men who attacked him was a convicted child sex offender.  He was caught on tape using the “n-word” as if it was someone’s name. Wait, isn’t it racist for white people to use that word? 

Only if it advances the narrative. 

The other man who was shot and killed that night was a convicted felon who had multiple convictions for domestic violence. 

But, I thought Democrats were all for the removal of the patriarchy and toxic masculinity.

Oh, that’s right…the narrative. 

The third man shot that night was illegally possessing a handgun, which he criminally lied about having on more than one occasion. He drew it and pointed it at the head of the now 18-year-old. 

But the narrative has deemed that he has had no charges filed against him. Not one. 

But, it isn’t just media and political types, Hollywood needed to get in on the act. 

“I want to live in a country where Colin Kaepernick is seen as a hero and Kyle Rittenhouse is seen as a terrorist.”

Luckily, we live in a country where Kaepernick is seen as the race-baiting joke that he is and Kyle Rittenhouse was cleared of all the charges against him because the evidence clearly showed that he acted in self-defense. 

But, the unhinged left cannot handle that justice was served…because of that pesky narrative. 

So, they will keep pedaling the same bogus information.  

First Reese, he didn’t illegally purchase or possess the weapon and he didn’t carry across state lines. As to the rest of your question…the fact that he was allowed to go free for defending himself makes all of us safer. It reminds us that good can ad will triumph over evil in a Constitutionally protected America. 

Mark Ruffalo took it a step farther…trying to make us believe that Rosenbaum and Huber were just normal law-abiding citizens that were innocent victims of a blood-thirsty teenager with too much time on his hands. 

JoJo? He even provided us with a cute nickname for the pedophile. 

“We come together to mourn the lives lost to the same racist system that devalues Black lives and devalued the lives of Anthony and JoJo.”

Also Mark, just a quick grammar lesson. Black, when used as a noun or an adjective, it is not capitalized. It is not a proper noun. So, unless it is used at the beginning of a sentence or it someone’s name, it is spelled with a lower case ‘b.’

But, I digress. 

So what does the “not guilty” verdict really mean? 

Luckily, we have Josh Gad to set us straight. 

“It has now been put out there that vigilantes can just go out there and kill people protesting issues like racial equality whenever they want and get away with it. Think about that for a second.”

Dear Olaf, Kyle Rittenhouse did not kill people for protesting issues. He defended himself against 4 individuals who were intent on causing him grievous bodily harm and possibly death. Think about that for a second. 

Meanwhile, Pedro Pascal continues to push the false information that good ol’ JoJo and Huber were murdered. 

Sadly for Pedro, a jury that actually reviewed hours of testimony and evidence of everything that happened that night, decided that they were in fact, not murdered. They died committing violent crimes against another person, whom we can presume they would have actually murdered if they had the chance. 

Twitter is full of people, both regular and blue-checked alike, continuing to post false and defamatory information…and not one single “fact-checker” has tagged any of their posts. 

Could it be that the left is all in bed together to spin this idiotic narrative that white people are all racists, and that Rittenhouse is a white supremacist because he shot and killed a guy. A white guy.

A white guy who also happened to be repeatedly using racial slurs, threatening Rittenhouse and try to take his weapon from him? 

Don’t forget, none of that matters. Just stick to the narrative.

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Christmas attack suspect identified as cop and Trump hating, BLM supporting sex offender who was just released on bond

WAUKESHA, WI- More details continue to emerge about the moment a driver rammed his vehicle into a Christmas parade on the evening of November 21st, killing at least five people and injuring 40 others.

Police have taken into custody a person of interest, since identified as 39-year-old Darrell E. Brooks Jr., who reportedly has an extensive rap sheet dating all the way back to 1999. Brooks recently posted bail on reckless endangerment charges.

He has been found to have multiple social media posts promoting anti-white racism, slamming the police and Trump, promoting Black Lives Matter and denouncing Kyle Rittenhouse.

Brooks is being questioned in connection with the incident involving a red Ford Escape that plowed through barricades and into the crowd at the Christmas parade in Waukesha, Wisconsin, sparking panic and unleashing mass bloodshed. 

Public records show Brooks has a significant criminal history in Wisconsin that spans well over two decades.

Just this past Friday, November 19th, he posted a cash bond in connection with charges including resisting or obstructing an officer, bail jumping, recklessly endangering safety with domestic-abuse assessments, disorderly conduct with a domestic-abuse assessment, and battery.

On Monday, November 22nd, the Milwaukee County District Attorney said that Brooks should never have been released on such an “inappropriately low” $1,000 cash bond given his past charges. 

In the most recent case, dating from an incident on November 5th, the complainant told police that Brooks had deliberately tried to run her over with his car. He of course, pleaded not guilty to those charges. The DA added that investigators are conducting an internal review of the bail recommendation in that case.

In July 2020, police charged Brooks with three other felonies, including reckless endangerment and being a felon in possession of a firearm. He is also listed as a Tier 2 registered sex offender in Nevada. 

Fox News reported that a background check from Wisconsin’s Department of Justice came back with over 50 pages of charges against Brooks, stretching back to the late 1990s. In 1999 he received his first felony conviction for taking part in an aggravated battery, for which he received three years of probation.

He was convicted of obstructing an officer in 2003 and 2005. In 2002, he had another felony marijuana charge. In 2010, he pleaded no contest to felony strangulation charges after allegedly attacking a woman during an argument about phone calls.

In 2012, he pleaded guilty to misdemeanor bail jumping and marijuana charges. A year earlier, in 2011, he pleaded guilty to felony marijuana charges and resisting arrest.

According to court documents, Brooks also appeared to have used the pseudonym “Math Boi Fly” in music videos and is also associated with the aliases Darrell Eugene Brooks and Quinton Feilcein.

Brooks appears to have used a number of other stage names throughout the course of his aspiring rap career, including “Jay Fly,” “Math Bio,” and “B.L.A.$.” A reverbnation page linked to Brooks via email and Twitter accounts describes him as “the next breakout artist from the Midwest” who’s “finally ready to put Milwaukee back on the map.”

Reportedly, one of Brooks’ videos, which has since been removed from YouTube, showed a red Ford SUV that resembles the one seen plowing into the crowd at the Christmas parade on Main Street in Waukesha. 

Witnesses described the chaos of blood and bodies thrown into the air and strewn about the street before bystanders rushed to try and help victims as paramedics raced to the scene. Since the incident, local authorities have set up a temporary memorial for the victims at Veterans Park, located just west of the scene.

Former President Donald Trump released a statement about the Waukesha tragedy, calling it “devastating, horrible and very very sick. He added:

“My heart goes out to the people of this great, beautiful, and hardworking community. We must find answers to this terrible crime, and stop these violent and depraved acts from happening again. I am with you Waukesha and always will be!”

Editor note: In 2020, we saw a nationwide push to “defund the police”.  While we all stood here shaking our heads wondering if these people were serious… they cut billions of dollars in funding for police officers. 

And as a result, crime has skyrocketed – all while the same politicians who said “you don’t need guns, the government will protect you” continued their attacks on both our police officers and our Second Amendment rights.

And that’s exactly why we’re launching this national crowdfunding campaign as part of our efforts to help “re-fund the police”.

For those looking for a quick link to get in the fight and support the cause, click here.

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