Veteran: “Squad” member Ilhan Omar is a traitor to America and needs to resign


Some would argue the enemy isn’t at the gate… she’s already been voted into office. 


The Queen of minimalization has struck again. Representative Ilhan Omar, of “some people did something” fame, is now referring to the President of the United States as “the occupant of the White House.”

After commenting that the “Democrats are dealing with an irrational administration”, therefore Congress MUST reassert its power to declare war, the freshmen Congresswoman from Minnesota said,

“We owe it to the American people to prevent war, and not prepare for more war. This is what is needed to keep our country safe. The occupant of the White House has not done a single thing to stabilize the region. He has done everything to create more attention. We are no more safer today than we were yesterday.”

A few things to point out to the gentlewoman from the 5thDistrict.

First, the President of the United States is not merely the “occupant” of the White House. You can oppose his policies. You can hate who he may be as a person, but you have to respect the office. By minimizing the office, you madame, are the one attempting to create attention.

Veteran: “Squad” member Ilhan Omar is a traitor to America and needs to resign
The freshman lawmaker has been allegedly holding closed-door fundraisers with groups linked to terrorism. (Flickr)


Next, take a look at what is actually destabilizing the region.

A terrorist regime that seeks to force its will on its people. A governmental system that hangs gay people, deny freedom of speech and expression and execute juvenile offenders. And speaking of executions, Iran carried out 5,228 of them between 2010 and 2017. By comparison, the US executed 256.

In case you were wondering Congresswoman, here are some of the crimes that lead to death in Iran. They include cursing the Prophet, certain drug offenses, murder, and certain had crimes, including adultery, incest, rape, fornication, drinking alcohol, “sodomy”, same-sex sexual conduct between men without penetration, lesbianism and “being at enmity with God.”

These are just a few of the things that are destabilizing the region.

Now, to your claims that the President has done nothing to stabilizing and hellbent on leading us to war, let’s take a look at the last 8 months.

May 2019 – Iran attacks oil tankers in the Gulf. The US did not respond.

June 2019 – Iran shoots down US drone. No response.  

July 2019 – Iran seizes a British oil tanker. The US did nothing.

September 2019 – Iran attacks Saudi state-run oil company. The US does nothing.

December 2019 – Iran attacks US military bases in Iraq. Still nothing.

Later in December, Iran attacked the IS embassy in Baghdad. The US responded by placing a well-placed drone strike that killed General Soleimani, a man responsible in both the deaths and planning of attacks on US personnel.

January 2020 – Iran launched missiles at a US air base.  President Trump responds by enacting economic sanctions.

And yet, Omar and the other Democrats would lead you to believe that the “occupant” is leading down a path to war.

Iran puts $80 million bounty on President Trump, prepares ballistic missiles
Iran puts $80 million bounty on President Trump, prepares ballistic missiles


Yet no one on that side of the aisle were complaining about the “regional destabilization” that drone strikes cause when President Obama authorized 542 of them, killing nearly 4,000 people, including 324 civilians.

Hmmm…it seems that the Democrats hypocrisy is showing.

So, back to Omar. Let us not forget that she was the subject of a censure from the House of Representatives for her anti-Semitic statements.

She has proven in her short time in Washington, with the baggage she brought with her, that she is the antithesis to everything we believe in as Americans.

Here is what a veteran had to say about her. 

Traitor: NOUN – A person who betrays a friend, country, principle, etc.

Ilhan Omar has created a firestorm of controversy and disgust through several statements and tweets dating back several years. 

Her most recent comments, however, are the most inflammatory. 

While we use words like “inflammatory” to describe her words, and in other politically correct descriptions, she is “controversial” or “aggressive” in her speeches and written communications, but many Americans, veterans, patriots, Jewish people, and police officers see her words as subversive and traitorous.

Several of her statements have especially elicited strong rebuke, although the Democratic party as a whole has failed to call her out, citing political correctness.  Or perhaps they fear retribution?  Ironically, Jewish Americans largely vote Democrat, and her verbal daggers seem aimed directly at them.

I loved history classes.  I especially found high school civics and government classes interesting. 

Call me a geek, but anything to do with this great country of ours, from how it was formed, to how it is governed, to the very people we elect has always compelled my attention. 

I’ve always had a strong respect for anyone in public office, regardless of party or position, since they serve to help keep our country on a successful course.  My military oath strengthened and supported my thoughts on that point. 

It disturbs me greatly, to the point of boiling anger, however, that someone can literally and figuratively blaspheme against the very tenets and precepts that our country was founded on.

I’ll again use those words “subversive” and “traitorous.” 

Subversive is the action verb version of “subversion.” Subversion directly references “undermining of power and authority of an established system or institution” – she does this both in her words against Americans and her deeds – advocating for Sharia Law – we’ll get into that in a moment. 

The word “traitor” is thrown around constantly and has lost the depth of its original meaning.  A traitor is someone who betrays a friend, country, or principle.

News Point posted a video reference where Representative Omar has been found to have laughed at Americans and their fear of al Qaeda after 9/11.  The Somali-born Congresswoman remembered taking a terrorism class and laughing at Americans fear.  Her quote from the video:

“The thing that was interesting, in the class, was every time the professor said ‘al-Qaeda,’ his shoulders sort of went up.”

In the video, she smiled and emphasized what was said.

Court testimony: "Squad" member Omar was recruited by foreign government, leaked info to Qatar and Iran
Court testimony: “Squad” member Omar was recruited by foreign government, leaked info to Qatar and Iran


An explosion of emotion, mostly from the families of 9/11 victims and first responders was seen in the past week where on a talk show, she described the 9/11 attacks as “some people did something” and went on to play the victim card about how Muslims were treated or looked upon differently after we lost more than 3,000 Americans in those attacks – attacks carried out by only Muslim men.

Recent FBI information indicates that her district holds the dubious honor of having the highest terrorism recruitment and radicalization numbers in the nation.

She wants to defund and disassemble the Department of Homeland Security (DHS).

She is fully in support of the Anti-Israel and Anti-Jewish BDS (Boycott, Divestment, Sanctions) Movement, a Palestinian-led movement for “freedom, justice, and equality” that pressures Israel to comply with their ridiculous demands and give up their territory, being assimilated into Palestine and the rest of the Arab/Muslim world.

American leftists flock to defend her, but they simply don’t realize the intent and plan of the Islamic faith.  This isn’t a conspiracy theory, it’s a fact stated by many of their leaders.  It is their intent to take over the world and assimilate or KILL those who won’t join them.

I shake my head when people like this jump on the bandwagon.  “Climate reporter” for the Huffington Post, Alexander Kaufman tweeted today: 

“The bad-faith attacks against Omar … are predicated on the notion that Omar is already presumed guilty. She isn’t afforded the presumption that she would find the 9/11 attacks just as abhorrent as anyone else ― all because she’s Muslim.” 

I learned a great deal about the Islamic religion while serving in the military, and since then with my constant studies of politics and religion.  Before someone starts throwing out words like “Islamophobic” and “racist,” please allow me to shut you down. 

A “phobia” is a fear.  It would indicate that I fear Islam, and I do not. 

Also, Islam/Muslim isn’t a race.  In some aspects, it’s hard to see how it’s considered a religion.

When I think of religion, I think about Baptists, Catholics, or Jews who try to live a certain way, go to church on Sundays, and say grace before meals. Islam is a cradle-to-the-grave life where everything, and I mean everything, is controlled by this ideology. From when you wake up in the morning, until you go to bed at night, every single aspect of your life is dictated and controlled by the Quran, from what you eat, when you pray, and how you do business. 

We could compare, in some ways, Islam to the Amish. The Amish separate themselves from other groups and parts of society, practice their religion, and carry out every aspect of their lives based on their faith. 

We need not be concerned about the Amish, however, because it wasn’t the Amish who flew aircraft into the World Trade Center towers, the Pentagon, and a field in Pennsylvania. 

It wasn’t the Amish who shot and killed 50 people in a gay nightclub in Florida. 

It wasn’t the Amish who killed the very people they worked with in San Bernardino. 

And it wasn’t the Amish who have carried out hundreds of terror attacks against non-Amish people, causing death and injuries to thousands.

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Veteran: “Squad” member Ilhan Omar is a traitor to America and needs to resign


One thing that struck me straight in the heart and the brain was the Islamic practice of “taqiyya,” or their practice of lying to infidels, non-Islamic believers, in order to obtain their goals. And we already know what their goals are – but still so many in our nation, in the name of diversity and inclusion, fight tooth-and-nail to allow these people to lie to them and infiltrate our society and government – with that single goal in mind.

Something else that is both ironic and anger-producing is that in knowing the Islamic/Sharia culture, women like Ilhan Omar could have never run for public office, or even spoken in public, in Somalia or other Muslim countries. 

It is forbidden to speak to a man other than your husband without your husband present. A woman could be stoned to death just for doing so. 

Yet, in our country, this woman gave speeches, held fundraisers, and ran for her US Representative position, and won.  And now she spews hate and contempt for the very country that allowed her to achieve this goal that is impossible in her home country.

A word on Sharia Law.  I feel that most Americans seems to have the “NIMBY” (not in my back yard) attitude when it comes to many things. 

From halfway houses that allow convicted felons to return to society, to facilities housing illegal immigrants, to people honoring and practicing Sharia Law, people are all about welcoming the ideas and methods – until a facility or practice moves into their neighborhood. 

Veteran: “Squad” member Ilhan Omar is a traitor to America and needs to resign


We’re not there yet in most places in our country, but one only has to travel to Dearborn, Michigan or Minneapolis, or Great Britain, Germany, and France to see the huge impact of Sharia Law as it conflicts with Democratic rule and law.

Sharia Law must be put above any other law. Period.  That’s the plan.  That’s their mission.  There is no other faith but Islam and no other law but Sharia. 

This is the same law and ideology that allows female genital mutilation – a horrific practice of cutting out a young girl’s clitoris so when she’s married, so won’t seek sexual pleasure and be tempted to cheat on her husband.  There are also honor killings. 

We’ve seen them here in the US.  A Muslim girl was seen talking to or dating an American boy or man, and her father or brother killed her for the honor of their family.  Women are degraded, beaten, and treated like dogs. 

It’s especially ironic, given the huge changes in women’s rights here in the US that foolish leftists fully support allowing Sharia in our country.  Woman have no rights under Sharia, except to live in a restricted, covered, hidden manner and have no defenses or guards in place.

We need to wake up.  Again, I’m not Islamophobic.  I don’t fear Islam or Muslims.  I do fear that the spineless, ignorant and uninformed cowards we have in the liberal sects of our country will blindly allow Islam and Sharia to attempt a coup on our country and way of life. 

I know for a fact that most patriots, veterans, police officers, and community leaders would bring a civil war like none ever seen should that happen, but loss of life and property will be devastating under that scenario.  Again, though, that very thing has happened in many countries Muslims have taken aim on.

A better response is to prohibit people who wish to bring Sharia Law to our country, in any form, amount, or manner, from holding public office.  Islam and Sharia are NOT compatible with our constitution, laws, and our way of life.


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