Running a true grassroots campaign is tough. Even harder when your social media platform is against your conservative principles and shuts you down…


That’s the battle Daniel Merritt is facing after Twitter shut down his account for seemingly no reason.

Merritt boasts a large list of accomplishments and is now setting his sights on bringing his experience to the political playing field.

Merritt is a father of four, a combat veteran, has served with the Military Police and is 50% owner and co-founder of the patriotic clothing company, Nine Line Apparel. 

Next on his list of goals? Become a Congressman in Georgia’s first congressional district. 

But because of his conservative views, this hardworking American is finding his road to the race isn’t exactly paved in gold…. or even paved at all, for that matter.


Daniel Merritt signed up to fight for freedom. But since he set his sights on a political seat, someone is silencing him. (Daniel Merritt)


After announcing his intention to run for Congress, Merritt received a message from Twitter Legal, telling him that his @MerrittforGA account had been deactivated. 

He immediately appealed the decision. What he got back wasn’t much of an explanation. 

Here’s the message from the social media giant in all its vague glory.


We received your appeal regarding your account. Please reply to this message and confirm that you have access to this email address. Once we receive your confirmation, we’ll review the information you provided and will respond as soon as possible.

We typically suspend accounts for violations of the Twitter Rules ( or Terms of Service ( Additionally, repeat violations may result in permanent account suspension.


Twitter Support”

Just a few short hours later, Merritt received a followup, providing the reason for why his account had been deactivated.

Again, the communication was extremely vague.


Your account has been suspended and will not be restored because it was found to be violating the Twitter Terms of Service, specifically the Twitter Rules against managing multiple Twitter accounts for abusive purposes.

You can learn more about our rules around multiple accounts and against abusive behavior here:

Please note that creating new account(s) to evade this suspension is also against the Twitter Rules and will result in additional account suspension(s).



So what was going on? Did he break the rules? Or did Twitter just decide that they didn’t like the content he was putting out and took matters into their own hands?


Merritt has his own theories as to why he’s being censored.

“When I started the account, it grew from 0 to 20K followers in 60 days,” Merritt said. “My loud and proud 2nd Amendment stance was not liked by Twitter. They would destroy my reach on anything involving 2A.”

He says as his base continued to grow, Twitter finally decided they’d had enough and deactivated the account.

“Killing the reach was no longer good enough, so they dreamed up a reason to kill my account indefinitely.”

Because of Twitter’s rules, it would essentially violate their terms if he created a new username and profile and alerted his followers to it. So in reality, the social media platform rendered him completely without a voice online.


Merritt felt betrayed by the very country he signed up to protect. 

“As a Military Police Officer (Major in the US ARMY Reserve) someone who has risked my life for our country I should have the right to speak my mind and run for office un-interrupted,” he said.

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But with the support of another conservative news outlet getting his story out, he’s back online, having his Twitter account officially reinstated.

“If it were not for National Review & Fox News I would have been silenced forever and my campaign would be critically wounded,” Merritt said.


He’s a father of four. He’s served his country and his community. Now he’s running for Congress. (Daniel Merritt)


Now that he’s back in action, Merritt is encouraging others who feel as though they’ve been silenced to raise their voices along with him.

As a fellow member of the Thin Blue Line (MP), law enforcement is a brotherhood that is unmatched or unlike another,” Merritt said. “It is the sacrifice of our law enforcement officers and their family that keep this country safe. We are lucky to have a president who supports our Thin Blue Line and we need our elected officials to do the same. When I am elected to Congress we will have one of our own in office and I will support members of law enforcement above and beyond, just as they do for us.”

Anyone looking for some more info on the congressional candidate can visit his Twitter, back in its full glory.

“I would ask people who are listening who want a pro law enforcement, pro wall, pro Trump, pro life, combat veteran in Congress, consider going to and dropping some support in the till.”


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