Veteran Navy SEAL fights CT mask mandate for students: ‘Let’s let the actual science and law prevail’


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GREENWICH, CT – In Connecticut, a veteran Navy SEAL is taking on school mask orders from the Governor in a fight for medical and bodily autonomy for students.

Carl Higbie, author, veteran Navy SEAL, and conservative political activist, currently hosts the weekly Newsmax program, “Saturday Report.”

He is also an elected member of the Greenwich’s Representative Town Meeting (RTM), and in that position, he has proposed an ordinance that would remove the mask mandate for students in both public and private schools in Greenwich.

In September 2021, the heavily Democratic Connecticut House of Representatives voted 80-60 to extend the emergency powers of Connecticut Governor Ned Lamont a sixth time since the start of COVID.

This extension meant that Connecticut schools would continue to require face masks for all K-12 students in attendance, until at least February 15, 2022.

Higbie, as an RTM member, has put forth a proposal that seeks to place Greenwich in local control of the mask measure and permit students to attend school without masks.

Higbie told Greenwich Time, “‘I don’t trust the government to ever come off’ mask requirements.”

He continued:

“And I’m going to make sure at a town level I’m going to do everything I can to make sure our kids don’t have to wear this. I have two kids in school, both of which hate these masks.”

According to Greenwich Time, the paperwork for Higbie’s proposal was signed by over 40 residents of Greenwich, which is more than sufficient to put the item on the RTM’s agenda for its scheduled December meeting.

With this proposal, Higbie is focusing on personal choice in medical decision-making.

He told Law Enforcement Today:

“No one working with me on this is telling you that you can’t wear a mask.  

“What we are saying is that you can’t make anybody else wear a mask that doesn’t think that’s the right medical choice for them….

“You want to send your kids to school with a mask?  Go ahead; I don’t care.

“My kids don’t like it, and my kids are suffering from it.  My kids have come home crying because of it.”

In keeping with this focus on personal choice, Higbie’s proposal makes it impeccably clear that the ordinance does not forbid masking, but rather leaves medical decision-making for children in the hands of parents.

It reads:

“This Ordinance is intended to leave the choice of making children wear masks or face coverings up to the parents….

“This proposed ordinance gives rights back to the parents to decide if masks are appropriate for their children and reduces the detriment that masks have caused to children over the last 18 months.

The ordinance adds:

“We ask that the Representative Town Meeting to require both the private and public schools that domicile in the Town of Greenwich shall not require its students of any age to wear masks or face coverings.”

The proposal also specifically takes on state-level and federal-level edicts by calling for Greenwich not to enforce “state or federal orders, regulations or statutes requiring such coverings for healthy children.”

Higbie is also squarely taking on “the science” that is often claimed to support mask wearing in children.

He told us:

“The liberals’ only argument is, follow the science; it’s undisputed.

“Well, that’s not the case.  It is totally disputed.

“There is zero science to prove the mask mandates on any age group have any effect.”

In keeping with Higbie’s assertion, the proposed ordinance states:

“There is no scientific evidence shown by any member of any school board that masks reduce the spread of COVID in any meaningful way.”

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The ordinance further points out that “children have a 99.999% survivability rate from Covid and less chance of spreading Covid than adults,” and adds that the town of Greenwich currently has an infection rate of 0.079% (less than 50 out of 62,840 residents) and has reached the CDC definition of herd immunity.

Accompanied by an extensive list of supporting references and studies, the ordinance continues:

“Masks are only causing detriment to healthy children, including but not limited to, overall health and breathing, learning and ability to focus, and emotional interaction with their peers.”

Higbie’s proposal has been met with resistance from Caroline Baisley, the town’s Director of Health, who has said that masks are “needed for public health.”

According to Greenwich Time, Baisley claimed that “the benefits of masks are well-established,” and she cited the wearing of surgical masks during surgery.

Baisley told the Greenwich Time:

“We have seen the value masks have in keeping the virus from transmitting from person to person.” 

She also asserted:

“We know that … in a pandemic when you have a highly contagious and transmittable disease, and the delta variant is highly contagious, it doesn’t make any sense whatsoever to stop or eliminate or block (the use of masks). 

“A lot more people will get sick, especially children who are not vaccinated.”

Higbie responded by pointing out that comparing surgeons to children is most assuredly comparing apples and oranges.

He told us:

“A trained doctor in a sterile operating room that never touches his face mask is your baseline?  When kids are snotting and breathing and sweating into this thing, and they wear the same thing for a week?

“They’re not even in the same ballpark.”

A potential roadblock for the proposed ordinance comes in the form of the legal question as to whether the RTM can override the state-level executive order.

According to Board of Education Chair Peter Bernstein, school mask mandates will stand whether or not the ordinance passes, because of the order from Governor Lamont.

He stated:

“We will continue to follow the governor’s executive orders, which have the force of law across the entire state.”

Greenwich Town Attorney Barbara Schellenberg was unable to comment on such legalities pending consultation with attorneys who work with the RTM.

However, approximately one year ago, when Higbie put forth a similar proposal, then-Town Attorney Vincent Marino stated that “he did not believe the RTM could defy an executive order from the governor.”

Higbie, on the other hand, considers Governor Lamont’s executive orders to be “guidance.” 

He told Greenwich Time:

“I don’t think the state government has the authority to tell my kids to put a diaper over their faces.”

Another hurdle is the lack of support of local Republicans for the measure.

Higbie told us:

“There are washy Republicans in Greenwich who are trying to keep this from going to a vote because they don’t want to be forced to go on the record for or against it….

“They don’t want to be put on the record for it because they are worried about offending people.”

These local representatives are also trying to object on legal grounds as well.

Higbie explained:

“They are trying to say that it’s not in legal order, and they are hiding behind this catch-all shit, which is, oh, this is not in legal order and therefore we can’t vote on it.  And that’s how they are dodging this.”

Such resistance is not stopping Higbie, who is prepared to fight this battle in court if necessary and force the state to prove its case for forcing schoolchildren to wear masks.

He told us:

“But my point is, I don’t care if you believe it’s in legal order or not.  Democrats do shit that’s not in legal order all the time.  

“Let’s vote on it.  If it doesn’t pass, then who cares?  If it does pass, make the state sue us.  Make the state argue their point in court, where they have to show actual data.  They can’t say, ‘Oh, the science is undeniable.’

“They have to show me that it is.  And I have all the science to say that they’re morons….

“Let’s put it out there, and let’s let the actual science and law prevail.” 


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