Veteran: “Journalists” claim Trump called dead Marines “losers” and “suckers”. These people are getting desperate.


In a recent article for, “journalists” Sonam Sheth and David Choi dropped the statement that President Trump referred to dead Marines (during the D-Day ceremonies) as “losers and suckers.” 

I immediately scoffed at the notion, considering I paid close attention to the several ceremonies honoring the living and the fallen from that heroic and historic time that changed the future of World War II.  And if the president had muttered the words “losers” and “suckers,” with as close as the leftist media waits with baited breath to magnify any slip-up Trump makes, we surely would have seen a firestorm of stories, articles, and rage. 

We didn’t, of course, because it never happened.

Now we’re 60 days from the election, Democrats have allowed major cities to burn and be looted, people are injured and dying because of the out-of-control riots based on false narratives, and the Dems have largely remained silent until recent polling showed that it was hurting them.

Think, think, think…if you were a couple of no-name partisan hacks pretending to be journalists, what could you do to throw the proverbial wrench into Trump’s proverbial bicycle spokes? 

Why, you could manufacture something so offensive that even the educated portions of the masses might believe it, and it could possibly send the military (in general) into a frenzy. 

After all, we veterans are a strange lot in that we can hack on each other and our branches mercilessly, but would stand back-to-back should anyone from the outside talk trash on our brothers and sisters. 

I’ve personally seen a roast session that pitted Army vs Air Force vs Marines and it got downright ugly, but a rude civilian stepped in and said something stupid, and all of a sudden, the military folk were banded together as if with super glue.  You just don’t talk trash about our brothers and sisters.

We certainly must be aware of attempts like these to muddy the waters further during this election season and call people out when you see something that is blatantly false.

Here’s my email to these two “reporters” –

My dearest Sonam and David,

I’ve seen wanna-be “journalists” troll the president and other conservatives.  People like Chris Cuomo and Rachel Maddow regularly spin and embellish actual storylines to fit their narrative and attempts to make the president look bad.  I get that. 

I understand that there are people who want to see Trump, and conservatives in general, lose as many elections as they enter – just like some media types on the right do towards leftist politicians and activists.

Rachel Maddow, for example, tried to sue a conservative group for slander because they said she was falsifying and embellishing things to the point of being “fake news” – a judge in California’s 9th Circuit ruled against her suit (with prejudice) because the judge determined that her lies and embellishments were so over-the-top that she couldn’t be taken seriously, and therefore, had no basis for a slander suit.

Enter David Choi and Sonam Sheth.  What you two have done surpasses the ratings hogs like Cuomo and Maddow – you damned well knew that Trump never called DEAD MARINES “losers and suckers”, yet you ran the story anyway. 

Seems that you’re both stuck on that “loser” word, as I’ve seen it come up several times in your “work.”  That word…”loser” strikes anger into military hearts and minds, because we veterans are all taught that to lose means to die, so there is no losing in our sport. 

You also (obviously) know that military people support the conservative choice this election, mainly because this president has resurrected the military of old in massive spending to rebuild a fighting force that Obama and Biden gutted in favor of social programs and social experiments.

David, you especially are reprehensible in this action since you served in the Army and choose now to lie against your commander in chief for whatever gain it gets you.  Despicable and cowardly.

I’m sure you’ve both received mail and message on this topic, both in support of your false words by those ineffectual hipster beta fools who may follow you and conservative military people who look on you with disdain.

I know two things that you’ve clearly taken advantage of here: 

(1)  People generally stop at the headlines and run with it, not reading the text of an article – I found that out after seeing ignorant comments on the several hundred articles I’ve written where people didn’t read past the headline and started talking without understanding, and

(2) Cognitive bias of the anti-Trump and anti-conservative crowds is strong, and because they WANT this to be true, to them, it is.

Here’s where you truly fouled up – 60 days out from the general election, you publish a patently and boldly false article with no supportive statements, and sit back and watch the world burn. 

You’re not journalists, regardless of your education and previous accomplishments – you’re typewriter terrorists who have given up the ability to be reporters and have turned to subversion to overthrow a government.  

I doubt you have any shame, but if you can muster any at all, I hope you feel it.  You’re both cowardly liars who aren’t journalists or reporters – you’re partisan hacks who are worse than Cuomo or Maddow – at least, in their defense, Cuomo and Maddow START with a truthful story and lie about it after-the-fact through their amateurish and “sky-is-falling” techniques – you both started with a bold-faced lie and never blinked an eye.

James E. Lewis, M.Ed., CDS

Columnist / Author

Technical Expert Witness

A word to the people like David and Sonam who choose to begin an article or statement with a lie – those of us who know the truth are paying attention and are looking for your “work.”  And we read much more than the headlines.

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