A local veteran has taken the removal of the thin blue line flag from the Capitol building into his own hands.

Micah Welintukonis posted a video to Facebook on Thursday showcasing the area where the officer-made thin blue line flag had been removed after Democrats complained that it was racist.

In its place, the combat vet and former candidate for Connecticut Governor taped a printed photo of the flag with a message to the public.

You can watch the full video here.

“This spot is reserved for the police memorial and the Capitol Police had donated a thin blue line flag. So what we did here was put something up.”

In addition to the image of the flag, Welintukonis added a photo of TFC Kevin Miller, a friend and Connecticut officer that died in the line of duty last year.

Welintukonis left a note with the two photos.

“The next time you hear someone potentially stigmatizing this symbol of our law enforcement and what it truly means, tell them they can put on a bulletproof vest, kiss their family goodbye, and try enforcing the laws put in place by politicians that we elected.”

For those that think the flag was a symbol of racism and hate, let us remind you of the artwork that used to hang in the United States Capitol building back in 2017.

An artist’s depiction of the Ferguson riots in Missouri show police depicted as wild pigs with guns.

Now THIS is an example of ‘controversial artwork,’ the same label NBC Connecticut gave to the thin blue line flag.

Rep. Dana Rohrabacher (R-Calif.) was one of those responsible for having the painting removed, after a major back-and-forth controversy was unfolding.

“If someone wants to do this in a private gallery they have every right with their freedom of speech, we support freedom of speech. But you don’t put something attacking policemen, treating them like pigs, here in the Capitol.” 

Last night, CT Democrats reversed their decision due to the overwhelming support in favor of police and their families, but the flag has yet to be rehung in the memorial area.