UPDATE: Veteran builds non profit with adventures to recreate adrenaline pumping feeling


UPDATE Feb. 19, 2023: The original Eventbrite platform has taken down the event from their website for unknown reasons. However, the event is still going on as planned according to Alpha Elite Performance Founder, Travis Wilson, who said:

“For some reason, Eventbrite took down our event. Whoever has registered with them can re-register with us on AEPOutdoors.com.”

He continued:

“People can get their event tickets there and their Staccato P optic ready raffle tickets there as well. We just hope those that signed up will re sign up after being cancelled just two weeks out from the event.”

The event is a fundraiser for Travis’ non-profit organization Alpha Elite Performance Outdoors, who arranges adrenaline-pumping activities to special operations warriors. These high functioning veterans relied on this adrenaline to survive countless combat missions. The purpose of recreating similar activities is to help these veterans re-live the experience and to connect with fellow veterans as a way to improve their mental health and combat veteran suicide.

To register or re-register for the 5k March for our Military Event, visit AEPoutdoors.com

End of Update—

After Losing Too Many Brothers to Suicide – Nonprofit Founder Travis Wilson Sough Out A Unique Way to Change That to Recreate Adrenaline Pumping Feeling

Nationwide: There are thousands of law enforcement, first responder and veteran non-profit organizations across the United States. Some nonprofits offer counseling, others offer free tickets to sporting events, hunting excursions… you name it – the list goes on and on.

But there is one universal truth to all of them – they each have a unique story to tell.

We have yet to speak to a non-profit organization that picked the idea for their organization out of a hat. It has always been something much deeper, much more intimate and heartfelt.

Alpha Elite Performance Outdoors is no exception.

After learning of their mission, we sought out to find out more – to find truth.

About Alpha Elite Performance Outdoors

AEP Outdoors offers unique, adrenaline pumping trips for veterans from the special operations community.

According to their website mission, it states:

“At AEP outdoors, we honor the service of our special operations veterans by providing them with adrenaline outdoor adventure and fellowship. It was that brotherhood while they served that kept them alive and it’s the brotherhood that will continue to do so.  We’re not here to raise awareness, we already know what the problems are, we’re just here providing a solution.”

UPDATE: Veteran builds non profit with adventures to recreate adrenaline pumping feeling
AEP Outdoors logo. Image courtesy of AEP Outdoors.

We then learned that one of their adventures included a multi-day fishing adventure in Cabo. Another adventure of hunting hogs from a helicopter (wow – where do I sign).

Now those are adrenaline pumping activities for sure.

But AEP Outdoors focuses on serving the special operations community, and for good reason.

The Special Operations Community

Members of the special operations community are a unique breed. This doesn’t take away from other servicemembers who pursue more mainstream service. But in order to survive special operations, one must be aggressive, train non-stop, and always look for ways to improve because the lives of their teammates depend on it.

They are often sent on complex, sensitive and dangerous missions where death follows them into battle. These critical, frontline missions require a healthy dose of adrenaline to stay alert, mission focused and fully aware of their surroundings at all times. There is no room for complacency because complacency kills.

But what happens when those special operators leave the military and go back into the civilian world. The transition is often a difficult one and one that many veterans don’t do well at.

UPDATE: Veteran builds non profit with adventures to recreate adrenaline pumping feeling
Pictured above is the image of Travis’ first experience losing a teammate in combat.

No one knows that more than the founder of AEP Outdoors, Travis Wilson.

He’s a special operations veteran and understands what it means to be in such a high functioning military unit and what it’s like transitioning back into the civilian world.

Travis Speaks to LET

When asked about it, he told LET:

“Adrenaline triggers the body’s fight or flight response. We loved that feeling as operators during missions. It’s something we can all relate to. We neeeed that excitement and adrenaline.”

And Travis found that he can help other veterans relive that experience and get the therapeutic effects from it.

He continued:

“Our goal is to reunite these war fighters and heroes with like-minded individuals. To experience adrenaline again. To experience the brotherhood again through adrenaline outdoor adventure. It’s absolutely healing and lifesaving. We’ve already been told that. One female marine after a heli-hog hunt said she had contemplated suicide just a month earlier. She needed that hunt and that introduction to like-minded people.”

Travis came up with the AEP Outdoors idea after speaking with other veterans about their stories of combat while on a hunt. It was there where he realized how he could help veterans.

The Life-Changing Experience

He told LET:

“I was invited on a bear hunt with other SOF veterans and witnessed what sitting around a campfire telling stories about the day’s events did for these guys. That conversation led into stories about combat and the similar adrenalin feeling. Then it led into deeper conversion about loss in the brotherhood. Loss in families and hardships these men all seemed to have experienced.”

He continued:

“I didn’t say much but I could relate because I too have lost a son, I have lost two families and many brothers to combat and suicide. I saw these men cry with each other and another conversation that purely said, ‘This is the best therapy I’ve ever had.'” 

UPDATE: Veteran builds non profit with adventures to recreate adrenaline pumping feeling
Travis injured his back on a military free fall accident – it nearly killed him. But after treatment, he went to jumping out of planes. Image courtesy of Travis Wilson.

Just The Beginning

Travis’ devotion to the veteran community is unmatched – and he’s just getting started. Travis and his team are putting together their second annual 5K Ruck fundraising event in March. They are raising money for AEP Outdoors so they can organize other adrenaline- fueled events for out nation’s veterans.

And you can get involved and help. Just go onto the March 4 Our Military Ruck website. From there you can register for the event. And if you cannot physically make it to the event, you can still purchase a virtual ticket to support the AEP Outdoors organization.

There are also sponsorship opportunities available, but you must act fast. Contact Travis at [email protected] for sponsorship inquiries.

Remember, our nation’s special operations community are a special breed of warriors. They often require special types of activities to receive the full therapeutic effect – which could very well save their lives. And AEP Outdoors is just the organization to provide it.

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UPDATE: Veteran builds non profit with adventures to recreate adrenaline pumping feeling

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