Revealed: Verizon promotes anti-police speakers and pushes Critical Race Theory in employee training


The following article contains editorial content written by a current staff writer for Law Enforcement Today.

According to a report from City Journal, Verizon has put together an internal program that is pushing the likes of critical race theory on employees, as well as championing ideas like defunding the police and the concept of “white fragility”.

Investigative journalist Christopher Rufo was able to obtain some of the internal documents from a whistleblower from the company, outside of the already heavily populated “Race & Social Justice Action Toolkit” Verizon hosts on their website pushing similar concepts.

There was a time where new hires and employees at a company would go to work and be trained on work-related tasks, company policies, and other areas relevant to ideal job performance.

Verizon is of course a wireless network operator – meaning the company’s bread and butter comes from various iterations of wireless phone services. Yet, City Journal contributor Rufo found that Verizon is dipping its toes into indoctrinating their employees for matters not related to the work Verizon does:

“According to documents that I have obtained from a whistleblower, Verizon launched the ‘Race & Social Justice’ initiative last year and has created an extensive race reeducation program based on the core tenets of critical race theory, including ‘systemic racism,’ ‘white fragility,’ and ‘intersectionality’.”

According to one of these crash courses being taught to Verizon employees, dubbed as “Conscious Inclusion & Anti-Racism”, employees are asked to “deconstruct their racial and sexual identities and, according to their position on the ‘privilege’ hierarchy, embark on a lifelong ‘anti-racism journey’”:

From there, employees are reportedly asked to list their race, gender, gender identity, ethnicity, religion, education level, profession, and their sexual orientation on this official company worksheet.

Apparently, then employees are supposed to take that information on the worksheet and apply it to the theory of intersectionality, which is a huge part of critical race theory that determines whether someone fits in the category of the oppressed or that of an oppressor.

This is what some people jokingly coined as the Oppression Olympics, which simply reduces an individual to their immutable characteristics to see who could be thought of as more oppressed.

Basically, this train of thought would deduce that a straight black male is of higher victimhood status than perhaps a gay white female, but a black trans woman would trump them both on the victimhood status.

Needless to say, it’s not only shoddy social science – it’s dangerously divisive rhetoric that needlessly segments people into group identity, which leads to group-think.

In one of the videos related to the Verizon curriculum around this effort, former Global Chief Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion officer Ramcess Jean-Louis is featured on a video titled “Let’s talk about privilege”, where he asserts the following:

“As a black man in [America], we are viewed as less than. We are viewed as inferior. We are viewed that our life is not as valuable as anyone else.”

The sort of rhetoric Jean-Louis is peddling in the video is an instance of speaking in absolutes, which is the habit of describing a feeling or a circumstance in concrete and absolute terms – such as when he’s saying all black Americans “are viewed as less than”, “viewed as inferior”, and “viewed that our life is not as valuable.”

This is absolutist nonsense, as it completely shows a cognitive bias that’s characterized by completely ignoring nuance – because it asserts that all non-black Americans see black Americans as lesser.

Rufo’s report noted that Verizon is also teaching employees about “microaggressions” and how they may be unconsciously doing harm to coworkers by engaging in actions or speech that no normal person would recognize as offensive:

“The diversity trainers explain that employees should not commit ‘microaggressions’ and ‘microinequities,’ defined as ‘indirect expressions of racism, sexism, ageism, ableism, or another form of prejudice’ that are ‘seemingly innocuous’ and often ‘unconscious or subtle,’ but make members of certain racial and sexual classes ‘feel different, violated, or unsafe.’ Members of the privileged classes must instead engage in the ‘lifelong process’ of demonstrating ‘accountability with marginalized individuals.’”

In a sense, Verizon is warning employees to stop doing/saying potentially offensive things that no reasonable person would raise an eyebrow at – as both the concepts of microaggressions and microinequities aim to address general non-issues or non-inflammatory language.

For instance, a prime example of what a “microaggression” would be is someone talking about a date they had not going well because their date seemed “kind of dumb” or “air-headed” – well, in the world of microaggressions, that would be an infraction showing one’s “ableism”.

And Verizon also hosted another contentious topic with this social justice indoctrination: police defunding. According to Rufo’s report, Verizon hosted a criminal justice reform speaker that championed defunding the police.

Adrian Burrell from Verizon’s speaking event stated the following about policing in America:

“I feel like over policing doesn’t work. And I feel like those same resources that are aimed towards hiring [police officers] with racist biases…need to be aimed at bringing more resources to the community at a at a root level, and then you just won’t need so many police.”

“If you want to call that ‘abolishing the police,’ or if you want to call that ‘defunding the police,’ so be it.”

So, not only are Verizon employees learning how to do their job, but they’re also learning that they’re either oppressors or oppressed, that America is systemically racist, and that police should be defunded.

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Princeton offers “Black Lives Matter” course taught by neo-Marxist critical race theory advocate

(Originally published August 11th, 2021)

PRINCETON, NJ- The indoctrination of our college youth continues, this time at Princeton University (no surprise there) where students can take a course called “#BlackLivesMatter.” The class will teach students about the growth of the Marxist movement while reading from an avowed Marxist, according to The College Fix.

“This seminar traces the historical roots and growth of the Black Lives Matter social movement in the United States and comparative global context,” the course description reads.

One of the texts students will read is by Marxist Angela Davis, a terrorist with the Black Panthers who provided weapons used in the kidnapping and eventual killing of a federal judge. She was also given an award by the former Communist country of East Germany in 1979, the “Lenin Peace Prize.”

Davis came into prominence in the 1960s as leader of the Communist Party USA and had the “honor” of being the second black woman to accede to the FBI’s Ten Most Wanted List for her role in the death of Judge Harold Haley in a courtroom shootout.

Breitbart notes the course description goes on to describe BLM as well as the course as “committed to resisting, unveiling and undoing histories of state-sanctioned violence against black and brown bodies.” You know, kind of like Critical Race Theory.

It continues that the course will offer “a critical examination of the prison industrial complex, police brutality, urban poverty and white supremacy in the US.”

The course is being taught by a far-left radical professor, Hanna Garth who is a self-described committed advocate of critical race theory, an ideology which teaches the United States is “fundamentally racist,” and every social interaction must be viewed in terms of race in order to be an “antiracist.”

“All my research, teaching, and mentoring is designed around my commitment to feminist methodologies and criminal race theory,” the radical leftist explains on her personal website.

Garth’s interests include long walks on the beach, looking at the stars…wait, who are we kidding? Her interests include all the hot-button leftist issues—”inequality, race and racism, social justice and activism,” her website says.

The College Fix said they reached out to Garth via email, asking for her definition of white supremacy, what she hoped students would take from her “class,” and a copy of the course’s syllabus.

Hoping to contact someone, The Fix reached out to Patricia Lieb, department spokesperson who didn’t reply but an automated reply was received that said to contact a woman named Carol Zanca.

Zanca, an administrator in the anthropology department at Princeton didn’t return an emailed request for comment from The College Fix.

For an examination into Garth’s mindset, one need only look at a book she wrote called “Black Food Matters: Racial Justice in the Wake of Food Justice,” which actually examines “Black food and the challenges it faces today.” Yes, food is apparently racist. Given recent events, when students at the University of Wisconsin-Madison called a rock racist, this is hardly surprising. 

A summary of the book says, “For black Americans, the food system is broken. When it comes to nutrition, black consumers experience an unjust and inequitable distribution of resources.”

Continuing, it says the book is a “comprehensive look at black food culture and the various forms of violence that threaten the future of this cuisine, Black Food Matters centers blackness in a field that has too often framed black issues through a white-centric lens, offering new ways to think about access, privilege, equity and justice,” the summary said.

Clearly, these people have way too much time on their hands.

What else is Garth’s claim to fame? She has taught courses on “Postcolonial and Decolonial Theory,” “Race and Racisms,” and “Anthropological Perspectives on the Human Body,” according to her personal website.

Garth has recently looked at the connection between food systems, inequalities and overall health, studying “how food scarcity and reduced access to affordable food influence individual distress, and household and community dynamics.”

If that’s the case, she must be thrilled with the Biden administration’s driving up food prices over the past seven months, some health areas which have increased by double-digit amounts.

Parents have finally awoken to the Marxist critical race theory being taught now in grades K-12 and are none to happy about it. According to Fox News, more than two dozen states have introduced legislation banning its introduction in public schools.

Critics of the Marxist ideology claim that teaching it is divisive and encourages students to view people through the lens of race rather than judging them as individuals.

In other words, it’s the anti-Martin Luther King way of looking at things. Instead of judging people by the content of their character rather than the color of their skin, critical race theory does precisely the opposite. It teaches that whites, by virtue of how they are born are oppressors, while blacks, also by the same virtue are oppressed. It’s an evil ideology intended to divide.

Florida Gov. Ron DeSantis (R) has been one of the leading voices speaking out in opposition to this evil philosophy.

“Some of this stuff is, I think, really toxic,” DeSantis said. Florida banned the teaching of this ideology in June.

“I think it’s going to cause a lot of divisions. I think it’ll cause people to think of themselves mor as a member of particular race based on skin color, rather than based on the content of their character and based on their hard work and what they’re trying to accomplish in life.”

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