Disarm Americans? Venezuela sending ex-convicts, paramilitary to cross U.S southern border, according to former Venezuelan army lieutenant


US-MEXICO BORDER- The crisis at the southern border could be getting far worse and that spells trouble for the rest of the United States.

According to a retired Venezuelan army lieutenant and political exile, Jose Antonio Colina Pulido, Venezuela madman Nicolas Maduro is taking advantage of the porous US border with Mexico and sending convicted criminals who were released from jail after promising to emigrate to the United States, according to ADN America.

Colina said he has been alerting US government authorities through both an online program and social media accounts of the information he has been receiving from inside Venezuela.

US Customs and Border Patrol (CBP) reported that between Oct 2021 and July 2022, over 130,000 Venezuelans have had encounters with agents at the southern border after illegally crossing into the United States. That number does not include so-called “gotaways,” who escape into the country without having contact with CBP.

“I have received information about these thugs coming in different ways,” Colina told ADN America in an interview Monday.

He told the outlet he has spoken to “people who had to cross through the Darien jungle and have encountered this type of individual.”

There are rumors circulating among some Venezuelans currently in exile who have expressed concern about the arrival of Venezuelan paramilitary groups who are also entering the country, according to a Twitter post.

Colina, who previously served in the Venezuelan Armed Forces (FANB) during the regime of Hugo Chavez, said when “migrants cross the jungle they tend to interact, and many of them have told others they were released from prison to come to the United States, and that they were released under this condition.”

The Department of Homeland Security is apparently aware of the issue, but for whatever reason, Secretary Alejandro Mayorkas has chosen to turn a blind eye to this dangerous development. However last weekend, Breitbart Texas published a report from DHS whereby it alerted border agents “to be on the lookout for inmates,” including some who were convicted of murder, rape, and extortion. There has been intelligence that Maduro has indeed been releasing inmates from prisons to send them to the United States.

“I also have information that when these people arrive, they don’t come disorganized, Colina said, while adding that some of the illegals coming into the country “come with a unit commander [or] a block commander who gives them instructions. It’s not something that takes place spontaneously or that they organize on the road.”

Continuing, Colina said:

“There are groups that come established, and when they are sent to states like Washington or New York they are regrouping as a structure or a cell with a certain order, so this is not something that comes spontaneously or from people who found [another] in the jungle and decided to agree,” Colina said.

Colina had organized against Hugo Chavez in 2002, and has been subject of a Venezuelan arrest warrant since Feb. 2003.

Colina has also expressed concern for the security of Venezuelan exiles, whom he warned may soon be subject to death threats, stating that there is a distinct possibility some of the released convicts are members of the Venezuelan intelligence services (SEBIN).

“They tried to do it in the past, so I have no doubt they will do the same now,” he continued.

Why would Maduro seek to do this? The answer is simple. Create chaos.

Colina said the move by Maduro is intended to “create chaos or a negative opinion matrix around the Venezuelan [exile] community like the one crated in Colombia or Chile.”

Colina, who now lives in the United States is concerned about the future of his new home, and also about his fellow Venezuelans, some who came to the country to pursue legitimate asylum claims. He is asking members of both political parties to take action to fix the border situation.

Colina also addressed the recent decision by Florida Gov. Ron DeSantis to send 48 Venezuelan nationals to Martha’s Vineyard, a move which was popular with those who see the abject hypocrisy in the Democrats’ response to the border siege. He believed DeSantis made a mistake in his decision.

“The system is not working because people crossing the border are sent to a shelter, some are taken to a center, and then, as with Venezuelans, it is known that there is a crisis, [but] they are released without having passed the credible fear test or even knowing if they have relatives in the United States,” he said.

“Those failures in the immigration system are what causes governors like Texas and Florida to take this as a political tool because the controls are not being carried out, and that is a big difference between how the system worked before…and the immigration crisis that there is now.”

Meanwhile, Texas Rep. Troy Nehls (R-TX) said DHS confirmed that Venezuela is sending “violent criminals” to the US across the southern border, according to ADN America.

“DHS confirms Venezuela is emptying prisons and sending violent criminals to our southern border,” Nehls tweeted. “President Trump warned us about this years ago.”

Nehls retweeted a post by Fox News contributor Sara Carter that read, “This is exactly what I’ve been warning about. All of our opponents are exploiting us on Biden’s chaotic and determined border policy.”

Former President Donald Trump has repeatedly warned that foreign countries were “emptying their prisons” into the United States, a statement that was panned by Democrats and leftists alike.


The crisis at the southern border is not sustainable. For our recent piece on the invasion, we invite you to:


WASHINGTON, D.C.: Internal documents from the Department of Homeland Security show that immigration authorities are reporting the highest ever amount of daily migrants entering the U.S.

Can you guess the amount? 500? 1000? 3000?!?

Try 8… 8,000 migrants are entering the U.S daily now, according to Border Patrol logbooks. This is the highest recorded number in United States history.

Illegal migrants crossing the southwest border - YouTube screenshot - NBC News
Illegal migrants crossing the southwest border – YouTube screenshot – NBC News

That’s what happens when the Biden administration touts an open border policy.

But Biden officials are claiming they are not at fault for the unprecedented number of migrants strolling right into the U.S. unchallenged.

According to a Free Beacon news column, its stated:

“The record number of migrant encounters highlights the little progress the Biden administration has made in solving the border crisis.

The news comes as the White House blamed former president Donald Trump for the crisis earlier this week, accusing the previous administration of leaving President Joe Biden with a “broken” immigration system.”

The column continued:

“White House press secretary Karine Jean-Pierre defended the president and claimed the Biden administration is taking ‘unprecedented action’ at the southern border.

Those actions, according to the White House, include new border technology and anti-smuggling task forces.”

Disarm Americans? Venezuela sending ex-convicts, paramilitary to cross U.S southern border, according to former Venezuelan army lieutenant
President Biden jokes about U.S. weapons systems killing Russians. YouTube screenshot courtesy ‘Tucker Carlson Tonight.’

Just now they are allegedly taking unprecedented action?!?

The issue is not new and has led to a slew of other problems.

The overdose epidemic has reached to critical levels as thousands of Americans are dying every day from fentanyl laced painkillers crossing over the southern border.

Police departments across the country are inundated with overdose calls and are forced to shift their attention towards the dangerous drugs.

Biden’s ‘unprecedented actions’ are hardly proving effective. These incredible numbers are an uptick under Biden from the previous daily record of 7,700 migrants entering daily. That was back in September of 2021.

The numbers for 2022 are already staggering. According to The Press Beacon column, it stated:

“Monthly migrant encounters, according to public CBP data, are already higher in the 2022 fiscal year than in any previous year. Border Patrol typically sees an uptick in migrant encounters during the fall and winter because of favorable weather conditions.”

The column continued:

“Immigration authorities have already logged two million border encounters this fiscal year, a record high. The previous record holder was the 2021 fiscal year, which saw just under two million migrant encounters.”

VP Harris Speaks Out- Inaccurately

Adults are in charge- VP Harris refused to let ambassador to Germany fly home on AF-2
YouTube screenshot

According to the Vice President, the border is secure. She either has her own definition of ‘secure’ or is completely in the dark about the situation.

In a recent Fox News field investigator interview of migrants exiting buses, multiple migrants replied to his question of whether the border is open or closed.

All respondents replied with, ‘it’s open.’

According to the Free Beacon column, it stated:

“Vice President Kamala Harris claimed the ‘border is secure’ earlier this month, prompting outrage from both Republicans and Democrats. Sen. Joe Manchin (D., W.Va.) called Harris ‘dead wrong.’”

 It continued:

 “‘For … the vice president, or anybody [to] say our borders are secured, that is not accurate. I’ve been there,’ Manchin told Fox News. ‘It’s wrong.’”

How The Migrant Crisis is Being Handled

Texas has been the primary recipient of the migrant crossing into the United States. Their border communities have struggled to manage and process the skyrocketing number of migrants crossing over.

Texas Governor Abbot has been sending bus loads of migrants to ‘sanctuary cities’ such as New York, Washington D.C. and Chicago.

However, the affected city leaders have, in an ironic and hypocritical twist, have condemned Gov. Abbot’s moves.

Bus drops off migrants in front of Harris' home - suddenly Biden asking for Mexico to stop border crossings
Migrant bus lands at VPs house. Screenshot image of Fox Business YouTube Channel.

According to the Free Beacon column, it stated:

“Texas governor Greg Abbott (R.) has for months been busing migrants to Democrat-run cities, such as Chicago, New York, and Washington, D.C. Mayors in those cities have attacked the move as “inhumane” and asked the federal government for aid.”

Other migration issues have come from deportation of illegal immigrants who have broken American laws. ICE officials faced challenges under the Biden administration when it came to deporting ex-convicts back to their native country.

Now the U.S. has additional problems with criminals staying on U.S soil.

The migrant crisis doesn’t seem to be heading in the right direction any time soon. Despite the Biden administration’s public declaration to the contrary by now taking ‘unprecedented steps’, most Americans have no faith in it.

Just keep this unending crisis in mind when it comes to election time.


Disarm Americans? Venezuela sending ex-convicts, paramilitary to cross U.S southern border, according to former Venezuelan army lieutenant


A recent VP Harris story with migrants.

Bus drops off migrants in front of Harris’ home – suddenly Biden asking for Mexico to stop border crossings

Posted September 15, 2022

Washington D.C. – Multiple buses drop off migrants right in front of VP Kamala Harris’ Washington DC residence- this just days after she claimed the border is secure.

Coincidentally, the Biden Administration is now begging Mexican officials to stop the migrants from crossing the border into the U.S.

Oh, the hypocrisy.

MSNBC YouTube Screenshot VP Kamala Harris Under A Microscope | Zerlina.
MSNBC YouTube Screenshot VP Kamala Harris Under A Microscope | Zerlina.

It seems that the Democratic leaders of the country all want open borders and the free flow of migrants… into Texas and Arizona only.

Now that illegal immigrants, many of whom are re-entering the U.S for the second- sometimes third or more times, are landing on the front steps of Harris’ home, Biden is asking for Mexican intervention.

It’s an all too familiar story that is being played out. Sympathizers of a given hot topic pursue an agenda- until it affects them.

It can be compared to Democrats who believe in letting criminals out of prison. It’s an agenda they believe in. But as soon as a criminal robs them- their tune changes.

Now the Biden administration wants Mexico to help stop the flow of migrants walking right into America unopposed. But now that it affects them, things just now need to change.

Disarm Americans? Venezuela sending ex-convicts, paramilitary to cross U.S southern border, according to former Venezuelan army lieutenant

But sources report that getting Mexico to cooperate is no easy feat.

According to a Post Millennial column:

“Reuters reports that Secretary of State Antony Blinken has raised concerns about the stark increase in illegal immigrants coming from the countries during a visit to Mexico City. Mexico, however, did not promise any specific action.”

Too little too late.

This issue has been raised by conservative groups for many months now, even longer- citing major humanitarian, criminal and economic concerns.

There seems to be a swift change in attitude now that migrants are landing on members of the Biden Administration’s front door. The next stop may just be the White House front lawn.

This desperate plea for Mexico to assist the Biden Administration didn’t go unnoticed. The hypocrisy is just too overwhelming.

In an editorial column on twichy.com, the writer stated:

“We are freakin’ LOVING watching southern governors send illegal immigrants to various sanctuary cities around the country. Hey, if they want to continue calling people who want something done about the leaking southern border racists and xenophobes, it’s time for them to put their money where their mouths are.”

The column continued:

“You want to allow illegal immigrants to pour into the country? Fine, then you can take care of them, pay for them, educate them. That only seems fair, right?”

The column went on to criticize Harris’ ignorance of the state of the southern border. It called out Harris’ previous statement that the border was secure.

Now Harris can see for herself just how secure the border is.

After over 2 million illegal border crossings last year, Biden team halts most prosecutions

The Democratic stance on maintaining an open border policy is being challenged with the migrant crisis. Their request for Mexican intervention is a clear indication that the Biden Administration overstretched themselves. Just like Democrats recent push to ‘refund the police’, Biden is about to completely backpedal on the open border policy.

According to the Post Millennial column, which stated:

“The Biden Democrats’ request for Mexico to play a role in slowing the flow of illegal immigrants shows the level of concern within the Biden administration about the border crisis.”

It is apparent that Mexico is, too, worn out by the migrant crisis.

According to the column:

“Mexico has already played a role in accepting migrants from Guatemala, Honduras, and El Salvador. ‘So far this fiscal year, 299,000 people from those countries have been expelled at the border, compared to 9,000 returns from Cuba, Nicaragua, and Venezuela,’ Reuters writes.”

Mexico has responded to the Biden Administration’s desperate pleas with demands.

They have made it very clear that they want the U.S. to lift the crippling economic sanctions against Venezuela. By doing so, it will reduce the number of migrants traveling from the South American country.

Biden and his cronies plan to get Mexico to solve their problem when they have the solution right in their hands- close the border.

They are trying to make a double-edged sword out of a stick of butter but both keeping the border open while having Mexico control the flow of migrants into the U.S.

Good luck with that.

Disarm Americans? Venezuela sending ex-convicts, paramilitary to cross U.S southern border, according to former Venezuelan army lieutenant

Two million migrants, that’s a lot.

Report: Biden immigration policies cause nearly 2 million illegal immigrant crossings since taking office

Posted September 15, 2022

UNITED STATES – Since President Joe Biden has taken office, the United States has seen an historical flooding of immigrants illegally crossing the southern border.

Now, the Biden administration is allegedly allowing so-called “legal” immigrants to receive Medicaid and food stamps without becoming a “public charge” and losing their green cards; all of this is said to be effective in December.

Official Customs and Border Protection (CBP) numbers show that there have been more than two million “migrant encounters” under Biden just this past fiscal year.

CBP data also show that 912,575 migrants have received Title 8 processing and are not part of the American system. The U.S. saw approximately 1.7 million migrant encounters last fiscal year.

At the end of July, Senator John Thune (R-SD) released an op-ed shaming the Biden administration for the southern border crisis, labeling it a “National Security Nightmare.”

According to his op-ed, in June, CBP encountered 207,416 individuals attempting to cross the southern border illegally. That number is the highest June number ever recorded in the history of the United States.

Thune stated that in the first nine months of the fiscal year, the country has already exceeding 2021’s record number of apprehensions. He wrote:

“The situation at our southern border remains out of control, although you’d never know it it hear the president administration. The flood of illegal immigration is so great that huge numbers of CBP officers have been pulled off the border to process immigrants, further straining enforcement.”

With nearly 60 percent of CBP agents being assigned to process migrants, that takes them away from field work, which leaves the borders open to illegal activity including drug trafficking that is flooding the nation with fentanyl. Thune wrote:

“It also means that even with all the apprehensions the Border Patrol has made, many more individuals are getting through unstopped. It is a security nightmare.”

On his very first day in office, Biden rescinded the declaration of a national emergency at the southern border and halted the construction of the border wall. He also revoked a Trump administration order that called for the government to faithfully execute the country’s immigration laws.

Biden then had his Department of Homeland Security (DHS) issue guidelines pausing deportations, except under certain conditions. As Thune indicates in is op-ed, al of these day-one decisions effectively declared to the world that the United States’ border is open. Thune wrote:

“The president has also sought to significantly limit the ability of Immigration and Customs Enforcement to enforce immigration laws. Deportations dropped precipitously during fiscal year 2021, as did arrests in the interior of the country.”

He added:

“Illegal immigration, especially the kind of out-of-control illegal immigration we’re currently experiencing, has serious consequences. With CBP overstretched, it is easier for bad actors, including gang members, drug traffickers, and human smugglers, who prey on vulnerable migrants, to cross the border into our country.”

The president has talked about wanting to build a “fair, orderly, and humane” immigration system, but there is absolutely nothing humane about this current situation. Thun concluded his op-ed by saying:

“Encouraging illegal immigration, as the president’s policies have done, has contributed to a humanitarian crisis that saw at least 557 migrants die attempting to cross the southern border during fiscal year 2021. Just last month, 53 migrants died in an un-air-conditioned tractor-trailer after being smuggled across the border.”

He added:

“It was a sobering reminder of the human cost of policies that enable illegal immigration.”

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